February 2, 2012

Nine Fun Facts

I've noticed several new followers lately and want to, first of all, say HI!
I'm so, so happy to have you here!!
 (Pretend this is me saying "HI!") 

Second, I thought it's probably a good time to share some fun facts I think you should ALL know about this here girl. (aka: me.)

And for those of you oldies (but definitely goodies!), I think you'll be glad to know these very important and very necessary facts about little ol' moi, too!


1. I have to use spellcheck every time I type/write the following words: obsess, privilege, ridiculous and surprise. (If I wrote the dictionary, they would be spelled obssess, privelage, rediculous and suprise. Oh ya...and pumkin. These just make more sense, don't they?!...)

2. Now that you all know I'm a spelling bee delinquint, I'll blame it on the fact that I was always the jock of the family. (Clearly-not the brains.) I played softball for 12 years and volleyball for 5. (I gave basketball and tennis a try too. There's a good reason I didn't stick to either one...)

Me as a softball nugget.

Short shorts. 
Ribbon in the hair.
Full face of make-up.
Classic Stephanie softball look.

3. My first job EVER was at a sno-cone stand called "Turtle Island".
My parents should have known then that I was gonna make it big one day...
Me at work now.
Clearly, I've moved on since my sno-cone making days...

4. If I could have ANY celebrity as a best friend, it would absolutely without a doubt be Kendra Wilkinson. While Chelsea Handler is a close second, I fear she'd make fun of or call me out one too many times. That's a Stephanie/Chelsea brawl just waiting to happen...
 Pretty sure Beau wouldn't mind have those, I mean-her, around...

5. Besides a thick Southern drawl, I think Australian accents are super seksy. (Both of which my husband does not have...shucks.)
 Keith Uhh-ban, anyone?

6. If I could live anywhere in the country (besides Texas) it would be Colorado Springs, Colorado. Even though I've only seen snow twice and have no desire to ever ski. Ever. 
 A girl could really get used to this view...

7. My biggest fear is cancer.
Oh, and needles.

8. My husband and I will be flying to the other side of the country exactly ONE week from today to vacation with a fellow blogger and her husband!!
 Excited doesn't even BEGIN to explain it!

9. If any one person volunteered to pay for me to vacation anywhere in the world it would, hands down, be Bora Bora. (Taking volunteers now!)
Come on. You know you wanna take me here...
 Hope you learned something new about me today, class!

And for those of you who'll be leaving comments I'll take that as you signing up to send me on said luxurious vacay to the French Polynesian. :) How sweet of you!?


  1. Um, would you hate me if I pointed out that you spelled delinquent in #2 wrong, too? LOL


    Love this post! :)

  2. I have no desire to ski ever either! People think this is crazy?

  3. i'd tell you to come to tn and see some know but humm humm we haven't had any this year worth talking about!!

  4. I loved your #1. I have a list of words too. Your soft ball look is awesome. When I played t-ball, they had to tell me if wasn't safe to do cartwheels in the out field. Enter gymnastics instead. :) Love Keith as well.

  5. Love these fun fact posts! :) I also played softball all my life, and that was pretty much my uniform too. Except I rocked the knee high socks. You'd be proud to know that my high school coach called me Lashes because I always had mascara on, so he thought my lashes were super long. HAHA :) such a proud moment.

  6. love accents of an australian man;
    its bad how much i love it;
    if i went to australia my man would be in a bit of trouble;haha jk but no really i could listen to someone serenade me just talking bout the weather

  7. I love Colorado Springs too. My boyfriend lives there and I am going up there for a week in March. We don't ski either, but I want to try snow tubing down the mountain!

  8. Love the fun facts! I'm horrible at spelling too! I love Colorado Springs and Bora Bora! :)

    Have fun on your vaca!


  9. As far as the spell check thing goes- I swear every single time I try to spell restaurant I spell it wrong. I think I have finally got it down though haha. I completely agree on Kendra! I absolutely LOVE her & she seems so down to earth. I always tell my fiance I want to be friends with her lol. Have you read any of her books?

  10. Love the old pictures- they are adorable.

    Also love Colorado Springs (well anywhere in Colorado!)

  11. I always spell check definitely.. I think I actually spelled it right the first time just now..

  12. Apparently we are a lot alike...Love Australian accents, can't spell to save my life {in fact I spelled Australian and accents wrong LOL}, I am not going on vacay with Bill & Katie but wish I was, LOVE Kendra & Chelsea. And, DYING to go to Bora Bora. There is one difference though...the only sport I AM good at is tennis.

  13. Such a cute idea! I have quite a list of words that stump me. I mean, it's 2012 - by now, my computer should know I'm only capable of so much and just inject difficult words into my emails :)

    I'm literally want nothing more than to go on a trip to Bora Bora and stay in an above water hut. The movie "Couples Retreat" has made me obsessed with it!

    p.s. spelt literally and obsessed wrong, thank god for Spell Check!

  14. Great fun facts! I literally JUST started following you.. what a great 1st post for me to jump into. Look forward to reading more!

    I agree on having Kendra as a bff.. she seems so down to earth and fun. I'd love to hang out with her and Hank.


  15. I'm the worlds worst at spelling...
    sad to say 50% of the time I forget to use spell check {blogging} - which explains my horrible grammer.

  16. I actually caught a couple episodes of Girls Next Door, fell in love with Kendra, and started watching her show when it came out. She is so funny and easy-going, I always feel like she would be one of the few celebs I'd actually enjoy being friends with :)

  17. I am a delinquent blogger and blog reader. I miss you Stephie! Pretty professional picture up there :)

  18. Colorado is my DREAM state. However, I love to be on the slopes...minus the nose diving, frozen toes, and the hard work just to walk a few steps. Southern draws AND Australian accents are sexxxxxy.

  19. Triple loved this post. I grew up playing both volleyball and softball and am still very avid in the volleyball community :) and I'm super obsessed with guys that have southern drawls or an Austrailan accents. Melt my heart!
    Kendra would be a BAMF bestie! Me and her could totally hang.

  20. Spell check freak! i loves it!!! i am the same way and i re-type emails back to people at work in red letters to show them what they spelled wrong! haha!

    Kendra is hilarious! as well as Chels! you guys would totes be besties...I can see it now!

    I am looking for honeymoon spots..maybe bora bora is in the cards. I will stuff you in my suitcase and you can come with, then we wont have to worry about all the service fees

  21. Looooove me some Keith. And see you feb 9th ;)

  22. I always for get the r in surprise too. I'm a terrible speller. And ummm heck yes Australian is Sexy!!!

  23. I loved all these random facts and I totally agree with you about the Australian Accents/Keith Urban thing :) My husband and I visited Colorado Springs last year when we were living in Colorado and it's awesome! Xoxo

  24. I LOVE a sporty girl who always loves makeup, right on lady!! :)

    Also- sno-cone job? Psh-- I worked an entire CONCESSION stand as my first job. Sno-cones, popcorn, pretzels, ice cream and yeah... cotton candy maker RIGHT HERE! ;)

  25. LOL I love this! "It would be chelsea handler but I'm afraid she would make fun of me or call me out too often" HAHHAHAHAHA!!! ditto friend!

    ps. Ill take you to bora bora. You may have to give me some extra special "favors" tough...

    pps. you have some nice gams.

  26. Australians are gorgeous...both guys and gals! And Colorado Springs is amazing! My brother was stationed near there when in the army and I absolutely loved visiting him there

  27. I am about to become a Texan!! Currently the hubs and I live in Indiana so yes we are about to move 1,000 miles to a state we have never been! :)



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