June 27, 2013

Vitamin V

If you've been reading this blog of mine for any amount of time now, chances are you are very well aware of my passion for healthy living. Working out is my ULTIMATE form of stress relief, the produce section in the grocery store makes my heart go pittah-pattah, the highlight of my week is finding a new protein bar that is free of crap, and taking vitamins, well, it just goes without saying that I firmly believe vitamins should be a part of your everyday regimen, no matter how your diet is.
That being said...yes, I believe you ARE what you eat but I also believe you should still be able to lead a healthy life AND have a social life without totally wrecking everything.
Enter Vitamin V.
AKA: Vodka
Also, if you've been reading this blog of mine for any amount of time, you are well aware of the fact that vodka is my go-to form of liquid courage because it's so low cal, low carb and not as sugary as the other liquors. Don't get me wrong-I'd LOVE me a beer every so often but the bloated gut that comes with it...no thank you.
While I LOVE me a stiff vodka sody, sometimes they get a little, well...boring, if you will, so for all the Vitamin V fans out there, like myself, prepare for your mind to be blown.
Welcome Smirnoff Sorbet Light to the line of liquid courage!

The flavors: Raspberry Pomegranate - Mango Passionfruit (THE best) - Lemon

Read it and weap...or jump for joy, like I did...because these babies are only 78 calories per shot. Which means only 156 calories for, ahem, a double. Not that I did the math or anything...
What better way to break out new vodka bottles than to invite a couple girlfriends over for dinner, drinks and the bachelorette?! 
Chelsea & Casey remain unpictured due to the fact that they were overachievers and actually worked out before all the shenans and politely asked "No pictures please!" but Oakie was ALL about it...per usual...
...and even assisted me in popping a few bottles. Literally.

Being the "retired" bartender I am, I was ALL about mixing up new concoctions!

Our first contender: Light Sparkling Pomegranate Berry
Prosecco + Raspberry Pomegranate Smirnoff Sorbet + a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

SO good! Well-anything with prosecco is amazing in my book but add a little fruity vodka to the mix and a touch of lemon juice and heavens to Betsy...y'all...SO light and SO refreshing! This would be the perfect mix for a bachelorette party brunch. Talk about getting the party started early! ;)

Next up: Light Tropical Sparkling Screwdriver - oh my word y'all...this was my absolute FAVORITE! Never been a screwdriver fan but the Mango Passionfruit Smirnoff Sorbet is like fruit a smoothie, but in vodka form. Just take my word for it, mmmkay?

And finally, the Light Lemonade
Lemon Smirnoff Sorbet + Soda + Lemon Juice + Stevia...mouth = watering!
The PERFECT summer drink!

While some of you are mommy bloggers, and other are fashion bloggers, I'm really trying to find my place in this blogging world of ours so I've decided that when you have 3 bottles of vodka delivered to your doorstep, either you've hit an all time low and should consider the 12-step program or you can start calling yourself the "Boozy Blogger". I'll take the "glass half full" approach here and officially deem myself as THE Boozy Blogger. There. I said it.


  1. YUM! I'm on Weight Watchers so finding alcohol that isn't super high in points is a big treat for me! I'm bookmarking this so I can remember your recipes for while my girls and I get ready on wedding day! Also, is that dress from Target? I've had my eye on one just like it there...

  2. ok this sounds delish. and my girlfriend who has a blog posted about those today too!


  3. These look delicious! That cupcake prosecco is my absolute favorite.

  4. So before I even started to read this little piece I seen the preview that popped up that said vitamin V & I seen the liquor bottles! I right then said hmm I wonder if V stands for Vodka & sure enough after reading this post it did.. Go me for guessing right! I love how Oakley girl is helping that is too darn cute :) I also would have loved to have been there & joined! It sounds great & those drinks looks so very yummy :)

  5. it's bad that my mouth is watering for a cocktail and it's only noon here. thanks, girl!! ;)

    i need to send this post to my maid of honor, so she can consider making one of these drinks for either our upcoming wedding shower or my bachelorette party! love!

  6. oooohhh these look amazing!! Just in time for July 4th celebrations (: Adding these to my grocery shopping list for when we head over to the lake! Everything sounds so delicious and these look like refreshing drinks for summertime instead of the sugary girly drinks that make me feel blah in this heat!!!

  7. No shame with the boozy blogger title ;) I feel like that sometimes too when I post about my weekend lol

  8. No shame in your game, girlfriend. Own that title! I'm also a lover of the vodka+soda beverage, and boy howdy, can I get behind a non-pineapple fruit flavored vodka.

  9. Nothing better than a little Vitamin V - and no one better to be called the "Boozy Blogger"! I think you found your place because those all sound amazing!!

  10. These sound so good! I'm not a huge vodka girl- but you mix anything with proseco, and I'm in!

  11. That lemon vodka sounds alluring. Perfect for my vacation next week!

  12. Umm.. I have a 4 day weekend starting in 2 hours. May have to start it off with one of these drink. Thinking the Prosecco and V.

  13. Oh yummy!! Those all sounds so good, especially the sparkling screwdriver. Might have to try this with pineapple juice.

  14. Yum I need to give this a try!

  15. Now these are some drinks I wouldn't mind mixing and drinking while getting my tan on. What time shall I come over on Saturday?! just kidding but YUM!!! I always like trying out new drinks so feel free to share anytime.

  16. oooooh Yum! ready to head to our nearest Bevmo and stock up for the 4th BBQ!

  17. All I have to say is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :)

  18. all of these sound AAAMMMAZINGGG

    also....prosecco is one of my favorites. SO FRESH AND DELISH!

    love how oakley wanted in on the action too


  19. I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS STUFF WHEN I'M NOT PREGNANT! Yes, I am that excited about this!! Goodbye baby weight, hello tasty beverage!

  20. I've been seeing so many people blogging about this (Smirnoff must have lost my address somewhere along the way...) and I can't wait to try some of these drinks, especially the lemon one!!

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