September 16, 2014

Help Baby Addison!

Hi friends! I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted anything, which is completely out of the norm for me so in case anyone was concerned, all is well on the Howard homefront and we are adjusting well to our newest little addition! :) Paisley has been more alert these days so its been a lot of fun getting to know her tiny personality and learning what all of her little noises make! :) Lets just say her loudest scream = wet diaper. ;)

I had to take some time this morning to post about a sweet new momma's story that really hit home for me. Being a new mom too, I immediately felt compelled to share her story in hopes that you'll pass it along also.

Stephanie, from The Vintage Modern Wife, had her sweet baby girl, Addison, 3 weeks ago and her precious little blessing has been in the hospital ever since. Since birth, Addison has been in the NICU and has undergone two surgeries - PDA Ligation and SCT Removal, and she has another operation in her near future. This week, Stephanie and her husband received the news that Addison will not only need another surgery, but they will need to transport her to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston (they live in Waco, TX), leaving Stephanie and daddy, Mathew, incredibly nervous not only about the procedure, but about the expenses involved with traveling to Houston for an extended amount of time, finances, taking off work, etc...

Needless to say, this is a very emotional and trying time for Stephanie, her husband, their families and of course, baby Addison.

While Beau and I have our own plans of helping out this sweet family, I wanted to let you all know you can help them out too, if you so find it in your hearts.

Stephanie's family members have set up an account that you can donate to that will help cover their traveling expenses, time off work, meals, medical expenses and everything else that comes with their baby girl's time in the hospital. Please go here to view their site and know that any penny, nickel, dime and prayer means the world to them. As you can imagine, any little bit helps!

Here is the direct link to their Go Fund Me account if you'd like to share it in a blog post or on any other social media site:

If you can, please share their story and lets help their little family out in this time of need. I average about 3,000 pageviews per day here so if everyone who reads this donates $5, we could help them raise $15,000! I hope you skip your morning Starbucks and put that $5 towards this precious little girl. It's the least we can do!


  1. Sharing this on my facebook page right now! Breaks my heart...prayers for baby Addison and family!! xoxo

  2. Prayers for the family!


  3. Wow! Such a small world! My cousins' new baby boy is in the same NICU as Stephanie's sweet baby girl, Addison, and posted on facebook late last night to pray over the Wolfe family. Praying for them!

  4. Praying for this sweet family! A girl I went to high school with in Albuquerque had her baby boy two weeks ago, and he was born with a tumor on his kidney. He recently underwent a long and successful surgery at Texas Children's Hospital as well. Baby Addison is in good hands! Small world!

  5. I know that first picture all too well after our little Ellie spent a week in NICU - and it is heartbreaking. Definitely going to help this sweet family and share as best I can x

  6. Prayers for her family, I have followed her blog for a while and had no idea what they were going through, definitely praying for them.

  7. I just saw this. Thank you so very much for posting about our family. It means so much to us that you would spread the word about Addison :) Heart you, friend!


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