November 18, 2013

Weekends at the Ranch

Ohh weekends. Always toying with my emotions...

One day you're counting down til the suit and heels come off and the next thing you know you're clocking in and turning yet another page in your planner.

Such a love/hate relationship with these things that start with "week" and end with, well "end".

Anywho...since Friday, Saturday and Sunday have temporarily broken up with me for the next 4 days, I might as well relive the past 3 days of my life via iPhone photos. Right? Right.

One. Oakley and I mastered the backseat driver role on the way to our ranch this past Friday afternoon. And by "mastered" I clearly mean I was crammed in this little 1 foot by 1 foot sliver of Beau's backseat in his truck while she took up the other 90% of it. #bigdoginalittletruck
Two. Upon arriving to said ranch, I somehow managed to sedate my dog with enough bacon treats to get her to pose atop our ranch rock without falling into a bazillion cacti. Mission: accomplished.
Three. My awesome hunting getup. Workout clothes, Beau's XL camo backpack and little to no makeup. Such a fashion statement, I am.
Four. Refer back to #1.
Five. I'm convinced there is absolutely nothing more breathtaking than a South Texas sunset. Try me.
Six. Ranch-style sunflower seeds from a butter bowl whilst hunting from a deer blind on a Friday night. Something that I've done since I was a child and something that will never get old.
Seven. Oakie Bear sniffing out some old skulls on the fenceline. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore her curiosity?!
Eight & nine. A sunset photoshoot we had on Sunday evening with one of my sweet friends, Chelsea. She did incredible and I cannot wait to share all of them with y'all! More to come...I promise. (Unless you really...really...wanna spoil the surprise, I updated my "About" page after the shoot so here's a mini sneak peek!) ;)

How was your weekend? Surely it was spent eating sunflower seeds, crammed into the backseat of a truck with your 80 lb dog or running through open fields your guy. No?


  1. What a fun weekend!! Loving the new pictures in your About Me. So gorgeous!

  2. Such a blast! I just loves those pictures, and the one of your sweet Oakley on the rock - precious! Seriously, frame that sucker! Good luck with the next five days until your next weekend! ;)

  3. Weekends away from the hustle & bustle are the best! Yes, I went to see your pics! They are beautiful!!

  4. AHHH gorgeeeeous!!

    is this aunt francis' ranch?? I WANT TO BE BACK THERE NOW

    love that photoshoot...i just looked at the about me...meee ohhh myyy steph you look gorgeous! the hair...the eyes...LOVE the pink lips!! and love beaus shirt! hot couple


  5. OMG I had no idea you go hunting too! That's awesome, us hunting bloggers are few and far inbetween!! Love the pictures and I can't take surprises so I am heading over to your About Page now (:

  6. I think #2 was due to the puppy camp she went to :)

  7. I LOVE ranch sunflower seeds! Looks like a great and relaxing weekend :)

  8. eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk love that last picture of yall!

  9. Oh my gosh. I of course had to take a sneak peak and holy crap the pictures are gorgeous lady. I'm so proud of Oaks and her sitting on that rock. We are headed to Michael's parents next week and it's my favorite trip. They live in the panhandle and I just follow Michael and his dad around while they hunt. Hope you have a great, quick week lady.

  10. The last picture is gorgeous!

    Where is your ranch? We moved from Houston to Cuero a few years ago so I'm a South Texas girl now ;)

  11. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! And I agree nothing is prettier than a South Texas sunset

  12. I just creeped on the pictures and y'all are such a gorgeous couple :)


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