November 29, 2011

Food For Thought

This morning, the president of my company challenged us in our weekly staff meeting with a very intense, open-ended question that took a whole heck of a lot of thought.

More than I imagined, anyway.
[Not to mention I was only half a cup of coffee in...]

She had us go around the room and ask 3 colleagues the following:

If money were no object, 
what would you be doing today?

With less than 2 minutes to think about this, you can only imagine the ideas that were running through my mind...

Full-Time Blogger
but the idea of running out of topics to write 
about scares the living daylight out of me
Stay At Home Mom
then I considered the fact that I would not only be bored 
to death but I would spend every last penny in our bank account shopping online.
But hold on-if I say this, will my boss think I'm quitting soon?
Oh wait-no. We don't even have kids. Moving on...
Wedding Planner
scratch that-I'm never working weekends again
Professional Honeymooner
still not a bad idea but it wouldn't be very self-fulfilling
Dental Hygienist
Sports Announcer
Erin Andrews as my competition?
Aaaand having to learn a TON more about sports?
No thanks.
And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

Duh! I mean the only thing I'm lacking is time and skills.
...and photoshop. And more skills.
...and knowledge of the industry. And more skills.
Oh-and a big fancy camera with a tripod and extra awkward zoom lenses.
(Hello, Stephanie. Minor detail.)
So today, friends, I challenge you with this same question:

If money were no object, 
what would you be doing today?


  1. That is a very hard question!
    I think that I would work from home and craft all day but I would also volunteer as much as possible.

    I'm going to be thinking about this question for awhile now until I figure out a definitive answer!

  2. What a great question! I love your answers! I would answer just like you! I have a million and one things I want to do with my life and I always feel that If money wasn't an object I could do whatever I pleased! Too many things out there to just pick one! :)

  3. Such a good questions! For me, I'd definitely go to college out of state (say somewhere in the Carolinas) and be a teacher!

  4. I would be an interior designer or a photographer for sure!!

  5. Oh man, such a great question. All I have ever wanted is to be a stay at home mom....but I'm with you on the boredom and I'm especially with you on the excessive spending! :) But, I would love to stay at home with the kidd-o's and spend my extra time volunteering. xo.

  6. Good question love. I'd def be a Health and Fitness Blogger, no doubt.

  7. That's a hard question!! I'd definitely be a photographer (probably specializing in babies/ families), and maybe something to do with paper crafts as well!

  8. Why are you so insightful so early miss Howard? You're making me think! hehe :) Ummm....I'd probably say work part time, stay at home part time. I'd want to get out of the house a few days out of the week, but working part time would give me that flexibility. I'd love to volunteer at a cancer center with kids :)

    fyi-photographers have to work weekends too you know ;)

    love you!

  9. I love all of these ideas! :) Except maybe the dental hygienist one. EWWW. LOL

    But for real. You got some good back up plans girlie. :)

  10. this is a good post girl!! I love all your ideas!! The plan is for me to be a SAHM when we have kiddos but since we dont have them yet...if money were no object I would be a stay at home wife! Blogging, crafting, cooking :-) hehe that would be the life!

  11. good question!! My husband and I talked about "if we were loaded" last night.. My answer would be... My 5 year anniversary is Thursday.. So i would be planning to leave with my husband on a suprise getaway..:)

  12. I really like that's hard to answer, but I'm definitely going to think about it. I read somewhere (probably a quote on Pinterest..haha!) that what we do when we procrastinate is what we should be doing full time :)

  13. I love all of your ideas! I would definitely be a sports broadcaster. I used to joke with my ex about being a stay-at-home gf maybe one day haha :)

  14. wow. what a question to start your morning! i think i'd have to agree with you. i dream of shooting professionally someday. shooting photographs that is. the thought of taking that leap leads me to a lot of anxiety. right now, i can hide behind my "i'm not a professional" mask.

  15. Girl... you are going to LOVE that camera! I am in love and have been trying to snap everything!! I can't wait until you get it!!

  16. I honestly would love to be a Stay at Home mom one day, or part-time stay at home mom and a cute little boutique owner. That may be a few years off. I guess at this point in my life, if money isn't an object, I would be a Vacation Reviewer. May not exist, but someone needs to travel to beautiful places, stay at amazing hotels and resorts and report back to the homeland, right?

    I love this post!

  17. If I had to have a job, I'd be an interior decorator or florist. If I didn't, I'd be a stay at home mom with two children...but never be like the Duggar's! Eeek!

  18. I would totally be a stay-at-home mom or a professional blogger. Seriously.

  19. - I work with sheltered children & broken homes; kids with disabilities & who are neglected of free life. -
    I'd do this if I knew I wouldn't be so attached to my work that it would pull me from my family time, which is so important to me - family home time... which leads me to being a stay at home wife-mom.
    I dream of being a PTO mom. Maybe not as soon as we have kids, but at some point in our lives. :)

    Great blog post!

  20. Stay at home mon/blogger/photographer
    Which I would turn into a small business..

    Now I want to do this!
    Damn you Stephanie! Back to work at my 8-5 job!

  21. I would want to be a merchandiser for J.Crew or be a professional hockey blogger/announcer. What a great question!

    xx Emily @

  22. Wow this is a tough one! A lot of the ones you named are definitely on the top of my list! I would love to travel the world as one of those travel channel people!


  23. yikes this is TOUGH!

    maybe i would be a full time texter. We could have chatrooms everyday and text about our awesome lives ;-)

    i think i'd have to agree with you on the photographer...there is so much you can do with it! savoring memories! learning new techniques EVERY DAY

    i think one day i would like to be a stay at home mom and just bake and craft and mold my kids future! wow im deep :-) But really...this was such an interesting, make ya think question and I LIKE THOSE!


  24. I'd be on vacation on a beach somewhere with a really hot body because I wouldn't have to work and could have a full time trainer and nutritionist and a chef. And I'd have a really hot husband. No kids (YET). THat's what I'd do.

    But if I could have a dream job, I'd be a full-time blogger or event planner. 2 of your ideas!!

  25. I'd love to be a full-time blogger, but I agree... the idea of running out of interesting things to say scares me to death! Ideally, I would work at a magazine like Time or Marie Claire, and write for them. :)

  26. I would definitely be a stay at home mom/blogger!

  27. What a great question! Love it!

    I love the idea of being a full time blogger or some other sort of writer. I'm a lawyer now and write a little column for a local livestock newspaper (redneck, I know) and I love it! I'd also live in the middle of nowhere and have a bunch of cows! :)


  28. I've been thinking the same thing personally lately.

    I would love to be a full time blogger as well as a SAHM but right now I'm on the way line as you. I'm really interested in Photography and kinda want to see where that can take me. This is only if Santa brings me that pretty little camera from Xmas. :) If not, then momma will have to start saving her pennies.

  29. I totally agree with you on the full-time blogger and stay-at-home mom!

  30. I would be a stay at home wife (no kids yet). I hate working. It is definitely not me. I would love to be a full-time blogger and photographer too!

  31. Easy peasy! I would have a house on a TON of land with a big ole barn and run a doggie rescue organization. I would save dog after dog after dog.

    OF course in this fairy tale all the dogs get along and never get adopted either because I know I would have attachment issues. Instead of the crazy cat lady...i would be the crazy dog lady.

    In all seriousness....I really would rescue and foster as many animals as I could. It has always been a dream of mine.

    Good bloggy subject doll!

  32. I love this. I think we all need to challenge ourselves with this qestion because our where we hold our passion. Kinda funny how one little question can solve a lot of problems :) Other than the fact does SADLY no grow on trees. I'm working on that invention!! Oh...and my answer, I'd be a stay at home mom and after they were grown (shit I need to have some first too) I would actually probably still be a teacher. Or something that CHANGES people. Good luck on your journey lady, you'll reach that dream....just you wait!


    stay at home mom? you would be BORED TO DEATH?

    Say wha?? and COME AGAIN?

    Oh no you just di'int miss thang.

    Bored? TO DEATH????

    I. am officially. so. officially offended.

    Hey I have an idea. Why don't you come to my house and take over my position of stay at home mom and then tell me if you are BORED TO DEATH THEN!

    ok you know I still love you. and I just playin' witchu.

    except not really.

  34. I love event planning (especially weddings) and am trying to go after that for my real career but the real answer to your question would be a travel journalist. I love traveling but don't have enough money to travel barely at all. I also love to write so it would be a perfect pass times during my travels as well.

  35. I Love this question....I would definitely be a writer and or an actress!

  36. I'm a dental hygienist. :-) (well, I haven't found a job yet but I'm getting there)

    If money were no object, I'd just be a part-time (1-2 days/week) hygienist (which I may have to be anyway starting out) and just be a stay at home girlfriend/furmom the rest. ;-) I do enjoy having time to get the housework done or have a lazy day if I want it. But I need a job, I'm going crazy.


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