November 1, 2011

The Time I Met A Gypsy

So here I am just making my way into the stadium at the UH game and 

 Guess who I run into?
Yup-Lil' Miss Kate from Every Mile A Memory!! 
(Ok-mayyyybe we planned it...)

Anyways-go ahead and be jealous. 
She's just as cool in real life as she is on her blog!

Not to mention her and her husband, Bryan, are 
gonna make some goooood lookin' babes one day...

As you can tell by my father-in-law's face, they became part of the fam real quick.

Sidenote: No-she's not a real life gypsy...
for those of you who don't know her she just travels...a lot
(Love ya Kate!)   ;)

  Switching rained (sideways, to be exact) like the entire game (okay-maybe only part of the game) and my lil Tar-jay raincoat that I was beyond excited about...

Real cute, right...
Oooh...yea....look at me in muh raincoat.

Yea....big fat freaking #FAIL.

Hair, shoulders, arms...sopping wet.
A leaky raincoat? Who knew???

Hence this little wad on toppa muh head....niiiiice.
Aaand because I know you're allllll dying to see what I looked like the next morning...


Thanks, faulty raincoat. Thanks.

Moral of the story: Kate's as gorgeous and sweet as ever. UH still rocks my socks off. (Yes, I just said that.) Me + wet hair = ew. And don't buy the cute raincoat from your monies!

Class dismissed.


  1. Hey! I love you blog - I am your newest follower and am so excited I found ya! Visit me sometime ;)


  2. 1. this is my third attempt of leaving a comment. Your page hates me

    2. you crack me up
    3. not a big UofH fan, but I give them some mad props and a big Way to go on the BCS poll

    4. your hair looked fine, mine when wet likes like a rats nest.

  3. jealous you and kate had a meet-up and now she's part of your family. i want to be a part of your family too. damnit if i don't live too far away.

  4. I wish my hair looked that good after it rained! Ha instead it just falls straight and gets all frizzy...bleh.

  5. That is awesome you got to meet up!! Where did you get your phone case? I love it!!

  6. So exciting your got to meet Kate! I also follow her blog. Well, even though you had a leaky raincoat it seems like your make up stayed in tact! My makeup fads almost immediately after I put it on! SO JEALOUS! You looked very pretty and looked like you had a wonderful time :)

  7. Seriously! I'm jealous of all these blogger meat and greets!!! You ladies just need to head to Minnesota so I can play too. K thanks. :)

    The rain coat is still cute even if it didn't work. haha

  8. You look cute with the mess on top of your head. I look like that 9 times out of 10 by the end of the day because I get sick of my hair being on my neck and face so I throw it up into a messy bun sitch on my head. You look pretty even soaking wet. And I love your white burnout tee. Super cute!!

  9. Haha, love it! Love that you and Kate got to meet up too! Your hair looks amazing in all of these pictures... not even kidding :)

  10. kate is GORG! and so are you

    and psshh you and beau will make sexy babies too one day. I know it! :-)

    ok so note to self...dont buy a target rain coat! but hey it was cute!!!! just wear it when your playing in puddles and its not rainign hahah


  11. Very cute pictures! I think you and Kate both will have gorgeous babies one day with your husbands! You both are beautiful! Even your next day, rainy hair! It looks curly and bouncy! Too bad the cute raincoat didn't work out for you though.

    Blogging Blondie

  12. aawww shucks! Now I have to be all jealous that you met Kate because I love her!

    I have a rain coat that doesn't even have a hood... I question the point of it EVERY. SINGLE. time I wear it. All women's raincoats should have hoods... what do we care more about than our hair? haha

  13. awesome that you met up with her and i love your iphone case!!

  14. 1. LOVE your phone cover!
    2. I think every adorable blogger lives in the south or in California...I feel like IT up north!
    3. Poor little target coat :( I got a cute rainjacket that looks trench coat-y and makes me feel like paddington bear.

  15. Boo that stinks that it rained! I'm going over to check out Kate's blog now!


  16. OMG, I love you phone cover! Where did you get it?

    I am having my first ever blog giveaway! Please stop by and check it out! :)

  17. Look at me!! I'm a gypsy!!!! LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!!!!!

  18. you and kate are beyond gorgeous! and both of ya will make some amazingly cute babies ones day! And your raincoat was very cute till it was leaky ha!

  19. What a fun weekend. Love that raincoat, too bad it didn't work so hot. Love that you met up with Kate, how fun!

  20. love all the pics!!! sorry it rained on ya!

  21. lesson learned! haha. looks like you still had a great time, though!

    i have something for you on my blog today, stephanie! i hope you check it out and accept it! :)

  22. Jealous you got to meet Kate! Sad about the rain coat :(

  23. whaaaaa?? you met Kate? I love both you guys! I HATE LIVING IN SMALL DUMB TOWN WHERE NO ONE ELSE BUT ME BLOGS!


    well I am jealous.

    and you are a hot piece of ass coming morning time.

  24. A Leaky Raincoat, that's like an oxymoron :)

    I do love your hair tho, wavy and all

  25. I actually think your hair looks really pretty with the waves! BUT I've been there and I know what lookin at yo'self in the mirror feels like...a mop on theee head. Haven't emailed you in a bit lady fren, I mish you! :)

  26. so so so soooo jealous you met miss kate. adore her and think you are pretty great as well :-)


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