November 14, 2012

Oh heyyyyy, that's Pinteresting!

Happy humpday little bugs!
Linking up with the beautiful Michelle today for Oh, How Pinteresting! Is it just me or does anyone else find her linkup absolutely genius?! She's my link-up idol...juz sayin'.
 Let's get started...mmmkay?!
Old, rustic ladder to organize all your blankets. Genius!
Christmas mantle...oh how I love thee!
Love the simplicity of this mantle decor. And the wood frame around the TV..I die.
Can you tell Beau and I are really looking forward to having a fireplace?!

Wine cork + succulent + magnet = heaven on my fridge

Wooden fence behind the wreath-just gawgeous!

Oh-and speaking of gawgeous...

Hot diggity dawg...Beau I love you but this guy...I kinda want to lick his teeth. ;) Ok I'm really kidding about the licking the teeth part. I'm not licking anyone's teeth. Ever. If you know me, you get this. If not, just ignore it.

Get ready for mine and Katie's 4th week of the Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up tomorrow!! I still have a few ideas in this noggin of mine so hopefully I can nail something down tonight and just absolutely blow your minds tomorrow. Kidding. ;)
Oh-find me on the Pinterest and link up with Michelle today. DUH.


  1. I LOL'ed at my desk about the licking the teeth comment. Saw that comment... so weird! HAHA :)

  2. That mantle makes me want to start decorating for Christmas!!!

  3. hahaha, licking teeth. that's hilarious. have no idea what the inside joke is but i can imagine that it's pretty funny. i'm so gonna tell hubs tonight that he is so hot that i want to lick his teeth and see what he says.

  4. Haha I saw that teeth licker too. Awkward. He certainly is gorgeous though that Channing. And I'm loving the framed tv!

  5. Bahahha!

    I have pressies for you from Aussie land!!

    Can you please see me this week?? We need to catch up and I need to shower you with gifts. Okay maybe only a couple. But still!

    I love you!

    And who the hell licks teeth??? I mean Im all for licking abs, but not teeth! ;)

  6. I have an old rustic ladder that holds my quilts and blankets and looove it. I say DO IT!

  7. if you were ever to lick anyone's teeth, they would need to be Channing's. i mean, whew! he's delicious!!

  8. Thank you for the Channing dose- holy guacamole he's beautiful!! I'm glad you are anti teeth licking. I'm all for licking anything else he wants me to. Too much? Never. And those fireplaces are to die for.

  9. Lol I had to share the Channing licking with my cousin who loves him and she said shed lick his teeth lol And let him go all 50 shades on her lol

  10. I totally have that ladder thing pinned... I mean who woulda thought! It's so cute and practical! I also ADORE that christmas mantle.... Now if only I had a mantle... Haha

  11. I pinned that blanket ladder too. I thought it was quite genius!

  12. I posted the fence behind the wreath pic on my momma's facebook. I know she'd like something like that!! :) Good finds girlie!

  13. Love you Mamas! Thanks for making me laugh as always!


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