November 15, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Burlap Banner

Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for days.
Give a Southern girl a yard of burlap and a roll of twine, and she's set for life.

Original pin:

While I would have LUH-HUVVVED to recreate the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the furniture and just about everything else in this picture, the only thing I could even remotely come close to recreating is the burlap "NOEL" banner. I'll get around to re-creating everything day...

Fortunately, I had some extra burlap, red paint, and an entire roll of twine just lying around so this project cost me zero dollhairs. (Thank the crafting Gods!)

What you'll need:
Letter Stencils
Red or black paint
Sponge brush
Hot glue gun

Decide what word you want your banner to say and print out your letters out on paper (cardstock is better than regular paper and my letters were size 550). Cut the letters out from your paper. This is what you will use as your stencil so try to be as precise as possible when cutting them out.

Measure and cut out the banner pieces from your burlap. You may want to draw your banner template on card stock and use that as your banner stencil so that each piece of your banner is the same size.

Center the stencil on the burlap and hold it in place while you paint in your stencil. Make sure you have something behind the burlap because the paint WILL seep through! Let your paint dry (shouldn't take long) and set aside while you work on the remainder of your letters.

After you have done this with all your letters, hot glue the banner pieces to a piece of twine that fits comfortably across your mantle, measuring evenly between each letter. (I put about a 1.5" space between each letter).

Hang from your mantle (or in my case, our window since our mantle is currently "under construction") and bask in all it's burlappy glory!

...and then go off and make one for every occassion...

Now I'm really gonna be pissed if we aren't in our new house by Christmas. Come hay or high water this banner WILL be hanging from our mantle this year...whether it's done or not! ;)

PS: it is pure coincidence that Katie and I both made some type of festive banner. I swear.

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Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.


  1. Ohh, I love it!! Turned out SO good!!

  2. I just bought burlap this past week, I think there is a banner in my near future!

  3. Your banner turned out so cute! I sure hope you get to hang it in the new house this Christmas!!! I've made some for our wedding & they are so easy to do! Actually doing one tonight for a baby shower this weekend! Can't get enough of burlap banners!!!

  4. I made a trip to Michael's last night. Big mistake. I found the roll of 6 inch wide burlap.... Looks like my tree will wrapped in burlap and not swag this year. I cannot freakin' wait!!!! I should have never discovered this. It could get out of control.

  5. This is SO cute!!!! You and Katie both made banners... I need to make one for my house too!

  6. This is too cute, girl! I love it and love that burlap is all the rage this year!

  7. I LOVE it girl!! Great job! I am so going to try this. Or buy one. One of the two.

  8. This is super cute but you need to be careful... you're going and getting all crafty on me now! I'm going to be the last non-crafter remaining!!

  9. The first thing I notice is that there is RED paint on something other than the burlap. This isn't part of your condo is it?! I see a CHARGE in the near future if SO! hahahaha. Looks so good and it WILL be hanging on that new mantle soon!!

  10. that banner is to-die-for! I love incorporating burlap into Christmas stuff. Here's hoping that ya'll are in your new place come Dec. 25!

  11. LOVE this!!! I wish my house looked like that pin for Christmas:( Your replica is perfect! Great job!

  12. So cute! I think I need to make one!

  13. Very cute!! What a cute and simple way to decorate for the holidays!

  14. That looks awesome!! Soon you can hang it in your new house :-)

  15. How adorable is this banner!! I actually made something similar, but a bit different I was planning on linking up with you shortly :)

  16. I love how this turned out!! So cute!

  17. that turned out great! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas!!

  18. I love that banner, it came out sooo cute!

  19. LOVE it! and I definitely plan to DO it next week for my new mantle :)

  20. I love how this turned out! I am going to have to at least tackle one craft project on my Thanksgiving break next week, you have inspired me to complete a banner!

  21. damn! i mean, how can you go wrong with some burlap! so versatile! love that shiz! yours looks amazinnnn!

  22. Adorable! I'll email you my address so you can send it to me, please and thank you :) xoxo

  23. looks so awesome!

    when do you do the pinterest-link up?

    you totally inspired me with this post, i did it! and a few other christmas crafts and posted about it :)

    check it out if you get a chance!


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