February 19, 2013

Accessorize this. Accessorize that.

I may not be a fashionista but I'm a firm believer in accessorizing every aspect of your life for every outfit of your life. From your wrists and your ears to your eyes and, yes, even your cell phone...boring accessories just don't do it for me.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure I hit the cell phone cover jackpot with the new Jonathan Adler iPhone case from Lifeguard Press.  I've had my fair share of phone cases (6, in the past 14 months) and this is, by far, my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Lilly phone case but this one is SO much more durable and fits like a glove! Not to mention, it's bright floral pattern makes me wishing it was spring like yesterday. 

Also swooning over...

Our new pup needs this in her life. Yes?!

Moving right along...lets talk sunnies.

I feel like I've spent the last 10 years of my life wearing the complete wrong sunglasses for my face. That is, until I found aviators this past year. (Seriously? Am I the last one to every party?!) I bought my first legit pair of Rayban aviators last summer and just recently received a silver pair of Roxy aviators from Sunglass Shop and holy love! Don't get me wrong...I love my Raybans...but the Roxys fit my face SO well. Plus-are perfect for the days I wear all silver. See? Accessorize this. Accessorize that.

Not gonna lie...if someone secretly put these gems in my mailbox, 
I wouldn't be hating it.
I die. Gold. Aviators. Hearts. T&Co...yes, yes, yes and YES.

Surely you didn't think I'd forget to cover your wrist, did you?

Meet Alex, the tortoise.
Okay, kidding. Kinda...because this fine piece of arm candy is really called the "Alex Tortoise" and you need it on your wrist stat. I love me a good watch, I really do. However, I haven't yet had the juevos to drop $300+ on one. (That's like 3rd base in my relationship with watches and right now, I'm stuck on first.) The Alex collection from Wristology is so perfectly reasonable. Big face, 5 finishes, waterproof, surrounded in crystals, and free custom sizing. (No trip to the watch repair guy = a win in my book!) Did I mention a portion of every purchase goes to a charitable cause of your choice? Pretty sure that's like 6 wins people.

And because y'all all know by now I saved the best part for last, are you ready for a total game changer when it comes to your accessories?

I'm sorry? Was that a "yes"?


That's www.sammoon.com...got that?

I swear, every time I leave there, I walk out with baggggs full of accessories for less than $50 and a TON of their stuff is the EXACT same schtuff as what I've seen at Francesca's, but for a fraction of the price. (Sorry, Franny's.) More than just jewelry, they have purses, clutches, shoes, scarves, knitted headbands, sunnies, watches,  iPhone cases, you name it...they have it. 

Everything you see pictured above...less than $10.

You're welcome.

And though their stores are only in Texas, you can shop online...or just make a trip down to the Lonestar State.

Oh ya. You're welcome again.

And on that note, I'm gonna go ahead and leave now. I'm pretty sure I'm about to have some UPset husbands after their wives max out their credit cards from online shopping.

My bad.


  1. love accessories, and jonathan adler- he can do no wrong! and i LOVE sam moon. i have one right down the street from where i work. guess where I end up most lunch breaks?!

  2. Cute phone case!! Love it!!! And I haven't been to Sam Moon in years. I think I need to get my toosh over there!

  3. Definitely get that dog mat! You have no idea how much easier it'll be to keep your floor clean by putting the pup bowls on that - promise!

  4. Completely agree that a girl has GOT to accessorize. My phone is my number 1 victim these days with all the cases I've somehow acquired- JA is next on my list!!

  5. love your accessories list!!! I have been wanting a new cell phone cover for months but cant find one i love. I drop my phone all the freakin time...does this one protect it? LOL
    sunglasses are so hard to find the perfect fit...they can make you look sexy or look like a fly haha! love the aviators on you. i have the wayfarers, thought theyd look goofy...but i get so many compliments, so Ill take that as a good sign ;)
    And umm watches...LOVE that tortoise one!!! :)

  6. That turquoise necklace is adorable!

  7. my coworker swears by sam moon. I need to give it a try.

  8. I have a Lily case on my iphone 5 and its a lot more durable than the ones that i had for my iphone 4. Its like the rubbery material!

    Also, Francesa's jewelry is overpriced in my opinion! So double thanks for sharing that website :)


  9. Dane got me those Tiffany sunglasses for Christmas and I died! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  10. I'm loving Sam Moon. I'm actually going there in search for a fake wedding ring in the next few days... I'm going on my honeymoon and I(More like my fiance) doesn't want me to take my real one with me. You think they have things like that there?

    1. Yes! They totally do!! They have like an entire case of fake rings!! Get a big ol' blingy one...why not?!

  11. Agreed! - Sam Moon is hands down the best place for fun cheap jewelry!

  12. i love the phone case and sunglasses!

  13. who doesnt loveeee accessories and so cheap too! cant say iw ill be making my way to the lone star state soon but i definitely will be looking at their online shop! thanks : ) PS I have a giveaway happening right now! hope you'll enter SO Fresh and So Clean Giveaway

  14. I want that phone case so bad! It's gorgeous. I'm definitely going to have to hit up Sam Moon this weekend!

  15. Are aviators da bomb or what? I need to get my hands on a Roxy pair. You're lookin' fly ;)

  16. Ok, you mentioned Sam Moon in a previous post not too long ago..so I went on over.. and OMG. I spent TWO DAYS going through everything! I'm obsessed lol I have a whole list of cute accessories that I must make mine. Thanks for the new obsession ;)

  17. I am in the market for a new watch and these are soooo cute! Everything on this post is pretty, pretty, pretty! :)

  18. In love with those Tiffany & Co. shades. If someone decided to randomly buy you a pair out of the blue will you send my info their way? So I just did my first Wedding Wednesday Post. I know you go gaga for weddings so I'm hoping you'll check it out and give me advice along the way. :)

  19. I LOVE those Tiffany & Co glasses and the watch! xo

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  20. Well, everything you posted, I absolutely loved...now I am having to back away from the computer in fear that I will go buy it all!!! Great post!

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