February 5, 2013

i LOVE love

Iono about y'all but there's just something that immediately fills my soul when I walk into every store in America this time of year to find it lined in everything from lips and hearts to pink and red. I think I speak for millions when I say Valentine's Day is definitely a woman's holiday...even if it was created by none other than Hallmark. ;)

If it were appropriate for a 26-year old woman to hand out Valentine's day cards...I would. Specifically the kind with Channing Tatum on the front...

WHEW! Now that we're all hot and bothered...

I just love love. Who am I kidding? I also love any reason to buy gifts. With Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to share some gift ideas for anyone in your life...from your co-workers and furchildren, to your in-laws and even yourself. Because treating yourself to something nice every once in a while is a total necessity, right? Right.

While wine and presents are fun and all, I must say one of my absolute favorite Valentine's I ever spent with Beau was waking up that morning with a shiny little rock on my left hand and someone to call "my fiance". And to think that was THREE years ago already. Where the hay does the time go?!

I'm still not 100% sure what I'm getting my Valentine since I kinda spoiled him for his birthday, which, I might add, was less than a month ago. Any creative ideas are welcome!

What has been your favorite Valentine's gift to give to your guy?!


  1. Obsessed with that arrow bracelet!!!

    Jason and I actually don't gift on this holiday. We put our efforts into a fantastic date day, and let the gift be our quality time. As cheesy as it sounds, it's actually really nice to be wrapped up in finding the gift and be more wrapped up in enjoying each others company.

  2. February and October are my 2 favorite months... just because you can buy so much piiiiinnkk in stores!!

  3. Love this! and LOVE that you love Valentine's day! I feel like I keep reading about people who don't celebrate it or don't like it...so lame. I love it!
    Our first Vday I made him a jar and put heart shaped post-it notes in there (a ton), one for him to open each day. Each of them had something I loved about him or a fun memory or something I was looking forward to. It was fun, but a lot of work.

  4. I guess I will be seeing that bracelet on my doorstep in a week or 2? yes?

  5. I hear ya on guys gifts, they suck! We actually won't be together for Vday, the husband will be out of town for work, waaah! And it's our 6 month wedding anniversary that week - HOW RUDE ;) My favorite Vday together (so far) was actually when we went to HOUSTON for vacay! We had a picnic at the Water Wall, and then went to Papasitos(I think that's how you spell it..) for dinner, and it was straight out of a MOVIE in there! I always make him homemade gifts, this year we gave each other a $30 limit, which actually makes it harder! Boxers always work? Or one of those pinterest "guys baskets," with booze, favorite snacks, that kinda thing? Have fun in vegas lady!

  6. That arrow bracelet? NEED! Love this list!

  7. Such cute ideas...I think some heart boxers may be in order this year! Best gift I gave Jason was a trip to Arizona to watch their bball team play on Valentines Day! He was a spoiled boy before baby-boo came along. :)

  8. Okay wait his birthday was a month ago? So when are ya'll getting that puppy? Hopefully soon, can't wait for puppy pictures :)

    1. She's still in her momma's belly...due at the end of this month so we should have her at the beginning of April :) Trust me...you'll probably be annoyed with puppy pics once she's here lol

  9. Love the gift guide! We don't do presents anymore...just a nice dinner and I usually get flowers. I like to save the gift money for bigger/better birthday presents! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  10. Super cute ideas! For my man I am doing a gift basket full of some of his favorite things/things he wanted. Boxers are included.

  11. Love this gift guide!! I think I should get my co-workers some nail polish too :)

  12. Can I apply to be your co-worker, in-law, and sibling?? ;) I love all of your picks!

  13. I'll take one of each, thanks :) such cute picks!

  14. Really cute Ideas! I'm totally stuck on what to get the hubs this year so if you get any great suggestions, feel free to pass them on! I'm headed to Houston for the weekend sans the hubby so hopefully I can get some shopping done for him without him finding out!

  15. Cute gift ideas. Last valentines day was pretty sweet, my fiance suprised me with a trip to the shoe department where I picked out a pair of red bottoms. Shoes are the way to my heart <3

  16. We got engaged on February 12th, so yeah...that V-day was awesome! I actually still give out Valentine's at work. I figure better to do it than not and wish you could!


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