February 18, 2013

Ruffles. Omelets. Booties.

Also known as...my weekend in a nutshell.
one. My Friday morning, which consisted of ruffles, pink and kisses. Just the way I like it!
two. Sister finally got the new purse she's been DYING for. Thanks, Beau! #whatbabywantsbabygets :)
three. Organic garlic growing underneath our baby grapefruit tree! Grow babies, GROW!
four. Egg & almond cheese omelet with a side of OJ & fresh fruit. YUM in my friggin' TUM!
five. Baby shower plannin'
six. Bath time = my kinda heaven
seven. Obligatory girl's night photo...collection of bling on my girl, Chelsea's hand :)
eight. What NOT to eat. #ramannoodles #ithappened
nine. New pretties for my little ears. So. In. Love.

You know what else I'm in love with?

The fact that Katie will be here...in my hometown...IN MY HOME...in less than 3 weeks!! So so SO excited to have her and Billy here and show them all around the H!

Seriously. What did we do before emoticons?

Ok just ONE more thing...if you're looking for a good....and I mean goooooooood  booty workout, this one does NOT disappoint. I was absolutely, positively, without a doubt feeling the pain halfway through and I am absolutely, positively, without a doubt hurting this morning. Love me a good burn! (See below for complete workout.)


Hope your weekend was equally full of ruffles, omelets & Brazilian booties. :)
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  1. haha love the pic with all the rings. my girlfriends and I totally do that too!

  2. Ramen Noodles...they used to be an obsession and I've totally forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  3. LOVING your new MK bag! Way to go Beau! And my booty is hurting just reading that workout. Gonna have to give it a try!

  4. adore that bag, I am coveting one and making it my "you did it!" present when I meet my goal weight haha (motivation at its finest). And on that note, I am definitely adding that Brazilian Booty Workout to my list!

  5. That workout just makes me hurt, girlfriend!

  6. I love that MK bag!!! I have the white one that looks just like it. I had a hard time deciding between the two!

  7. I love the bow earrings and the ring pic! I'm the only married chick in my group of friends, so our ring pic would be umm just my hand? You won't hear my complainin' about it!

    And I love your MK bag! I got a similar style MK for Christmas and I plan to carry it every day until probably forever :)

  8. In complete love with your new purse! I am cracking up at the comment above mine because my pic would be one ring as well. I would try that brazilian booty workout but x3 might leave me to my death bed. Holy coooow.

    Happy MONDAY!

  9. LOVE the purse and the earings!

  10. Wow, that BAG. Amazing. I'm really going to attempt that booty workout on this day off, so, thanks for that in advance :) Also, those rings!!! I die.

  11. Found you from the blog hop...I may be spending the next 2o minutes googling the terms donkey kicks and frog jumps. haha Love the bag.

    1. Eeeek! :) :) :) :) love our nightly chats and YOU! LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AND I'm going to be SO so happy. your pretty face is on my blog today too (let's just talk about how much effort it took me TO blog-omg feeling worse this morning!)

  12. LOVE your MK bag!!!! What a nice hubby you've got!! ;) and yay for you and Katie to see each other in 2.5 weeks!! so fun! :)

  13. Have those same earrings. love them.


  15. I want a grapefruit tree!! And unlimited garlic from my yard. That would be awesome. I would never run out :)

  16. Cute earrings. Love random F21 finds! And there is NO SHAME in eating ramen. None. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  17. Growing garlic under your grapefruit tree cracks me up! It's just a combo that I never would have thought of!

  18. You've totally inspired me to have a garden! I want a house just so I can have one. (Well, other reasons too obvs)

    can I just ask why Katie sent you a picture of pizza poo???? haha!!!

  19. love love that bag.
    and that ring picture is adorable!

  20. I LOVE those earrings!!!

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! :)

  21. Look at you growing grapefruit and garlic.. how fun! I wish I was domestic or something like that haha. Ohh Ramen have not had that in a hot minute. Thanks for linking up doll! :)

  22. Great photos, the earring are super cute!

  23. Those earrings were a cute cute find!! And sometimes... A bowl of Ramon is just delicious! Great weekend pics :)

  24. I love the ring pic, so many fabulous diamonds, ladies best friends.

    Looks like a fab weekend.

  25. ummm okay so I actually read this post last night and was about to comment when I decided to try the booty workout

    my butt feels like Kurt and I experienced a DIFFERENT type of Wednesday night activity


    SO SO happy/excited/jelly that katie gets to come to texas!!! you guys are going to have a freaking BLAST IN A GLASS!! cant wait to hear everything about it!!!!

    ramen noodles. college guilty pleaseure UGH!



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