March 18, 2013


For today's weekend update, we're traveling back in time to last weekend to recap my blogger friend turned BFF's stay here in the Lonestar State. Pretend your in the hot tub time machine, would you? There's a LOT of ground to cover so our weekend with Katie & Billy will be recapped via TONS of pics and over the course of a few different posts. K? K!

Let's take it from the top...Beau & I picked up Katie & Billy on Thursday night around 10pm. Let's just say it didn't even take them being on Texas dirt for an hour before we had Katie (who's been a vegetarian for 2 years now) eating meat. A cheeseburger, to be exact, from none other than Whataburger. If you're from TX, you know what I mean. If you're not from TX, and have no clue what fancy ketchup is...I'm sorry.

For obvious reasons, we documented every bite and clearly-they loved it...

The rest of the night was spent chatting, catching up, drinking wine on the front porch, and finally crashing sometime in the wee hours of the morning. We soaked up every single minute of it.

I woke up the next morning to none other than Katie hopping in my bed, with the sweetest, most thoughtful card & gift...

Her note...oh the note...was just the sweetest thing ever. She may or may not have shed a tear or two because since we've both lost a parent before, we just have a thing for pennies. Her gift: a penny keychain that says "Lucky Us" meaning lucky us to have angels looking down over us and placing each other in our lives. I could not be lucky enough, that's for sure...

And as if that weren't enough, when I walked into our kitchen to make coffee, this is what greeted me on our bar:
A housewarming gift all the way from Ohio packed with new home goodies, toys for a new little baby Oakley, and a couple of infamous Buckeyes (YUM!)! Precious...right?! Yes-she had the bucket packed in her case you were wondering. ;) She has a full tutorial here!

As soon as we realized how pretty of a day it was, we immediately went outside and went for a long walk around our neighborhood. (You know you're getting old when "long walks around your neighborhood" are a highlight of your day...)

Katie, on the other hand, couldn't get over the fact that there was no snow on the ground. Damn Ohioans...don't they know there's never snow in Houston??

Our next stop on the list was the visit my sister-in-law, Julie, who's pregnant with triplet girls. She was put on mandatory bedrest the same week Katie came into town so it was mandatory we go visit her! ;) Julie blogs too and has heard about Katie for the past two years so it was SO fun seeing them actually meet in person!

After spending time with the momma-to-be, we hit up Top Golf. It's basically like a 3-story driving range mixed with an adult daycare. Pure aweseomsauce, that's for sure. Billy was so fascinated with it I wouldn't be surprised if he opened up a franchise in Ohio, while Katie & I discovered that we both officially SUCK at golf. The end.

Later that night, we invited friends and family over so everyone could meet. :) I'd been hyping this moment up for SUCH a long time I was convinced people were going to start asking for Katie's autograph. ;)

...where Katie also got to meet Kristen (All in my Twenties) & Shay (So Shay) in person...FINALLY! I must say, seeing blog friends meet for the very first time is one of the coolest things to witness because though they've never met, it's like they've known one another forever! Kristen and Shay kept saying to Katie "You're real!" LOL...yes...she's real.

The second coolest feeling ever is witnessing your real life friends meeting your blog friends! I'm pretty sure 99% of my real life friends still think this whole blogging thing is a crock and that I have invisible friends these days so it was so nice to prove to all of them that Katie and Shay are, indeed, legit. 
L to R: Kristen, Shay, Me, Katie, Ashley, Chelsea, Casey

The rest of the night was spent visiting, sipping on a little moonshine (duh), and playing games. ("What are yours like?" was our game of choice. I HIGHLY recommend it if you've never played it before! So much fun with a big group of people!)

It goes without saying a good hearty breakfast and fresh mimosas were necessary the next morning...

Saturday was probably one of my most favorite days of their trip here because it was like they were a part of our every day lives. Shay & Drew were staying with us from Austin, and Katie & Billy from Ohio, so waking up together, drinking coffee and making breakfast together, to me, was one of the best feelings ever.

That afternoon, we finally took Katie & Billy to their very first rodeo! Ohio really needs to get with folks from the South have been doing this since we were in diapers!!

I think I speak for Katie when I say it was complete and utter culture shock for them. Camel rides, fried everything, big hair, kids riding on sheep, kids tackling cattle, pigs giving birth, lots of bling, cowboy boots galore, parking lots FULL of nothing other than pickup trucks, BBQ sandwiches, more cowboy boots, sausage on  stick, etc. The list goes on and on!

The whole gang: Beau, Katie, Me, Brian, Mom (double-fisting?), Shay, Drew & Billy :)
It was only appropriate that on the same day they went to their first rodeo, we also take them to their first ever honky-tonk...Mo's Place. (Pic from above was taken right before we left.)

Fried oreo | classic #OOTN | Katie choking down moonshine | pure love
Our time at Mo's consisted of the wobble, flaming Dr. Peppers, two-stepping the night away and Katie getting all types of flustered over a woman hitting on her man. #hothusbandproblems
Per usual, this was the end result...Katie sleeping in the infamous yellow pants, me using Katie's head as a pillow and Shay as my blanket.

Sunday afternoon called for the ultimate hangover cure: mexican food and more booze. Katie & Billy's FIRST tex-mex, beer-rita AND tres leches experience, might I add.
Saturday afternoon, Katie, Shay and I soaked up our last few minutes together before Shay would be on her way back to Austin. (Boo for distance!)
What? You don't lie in your driveway playing on Instagram?

Read Katie's version of her trip to Texas here and here. :)

Part II of #Kryshsdotexas coming tomorrow! ;)


  1. Ahhhh!! SUCH fun memories! You gals are all GORGEOUS to begin with, totally envious of your neighborhood, this TopGolf needs to be had in my life, and although the fairs up in Wisconsin are all about fried foods and cows, I think any non-Texas person would be in for a culture shock! Ps, also completely jealous you got to see King George last night - lucky duck. xoxox!

  2. Love this! You guys are just so cute! I would love to wake up and have my house filled with all my favorite bloggers! You guys interested in planning a Hawaiian reunion? ;) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Aww this is SO cute!!! I'm super jealous that you all got to meet up like that, how fun!! :)

  4. Love love love.. y'all are too precious for words and let me just tell you, I went to college in Oklahoma and I miss Whattaburger and fancy ketchup like nobodies business!

  5. Uhm so I absolutely loved this post! & I wish I could lay in our non-existent driveway but the weather in Ohio sucks.

  6. That housewarming bucket is ridiculously cute! Also? Those last two pictures are amazing... love them!

  7. Love this! Do y'all live in Katy? Oh Mo's! We used to hang there in high school and random weekends in college. My brother still visits on occasion. Everyone has to experience Mo's at least once in their life! ;)

  8. I'm so thoughtful, I know!! sigh. kidding. You deserve all that and more - you're so good to me!! (insert sigh face emoticon here) my heart just wishes we were back there right now with you and BBFT-We miss you both so much. Not lying at all.


  9. So fun!!! Loved seeing these pictures. <3

  10. Isn't it amazing how friendships develop all from blogging??? I can't live without the friends I have made through it. I am still trying to figure out how we live in the same city and still have not met? Seriously. Make this happen.

    I loved seeing about your trip on IG and think it is so sweet how close you and Katie are. And it's awesome that Shea came down, too!!!!! Many wonderful memories made!!!!! Have a great day!!!

  11. Looks like so much fun. I think the only thing that would have made it better was if you had your puppy then so Katie could have met her!! I guess she'll just have to come back.

    I love meeting blog friends but my IRL friends just don't get it. Glad yours could see it is real! :)

  12. It is truly wonderful the individuals you can connect with and the friendships you can make through this lil blog world. You guys have formed such an amazing friendship. Such wonderful memories!!

  13. I just love you guys, and that is all!

  14. And I continue to be jealous ;-) Y'all are the best!

  15. I love this! Four of my favorite blog ladies all in one place REQUIRES a comment :)

  16. Love this post. :) Looks like fun. I wish we had a top golf here in KS.

  17. This looks like the best weekend ever. Country music, mimosas, and tex mex?! Sign me up.

  18. LOVE love love this!! So glad you guys had such a great time! Now when are you crazy cats coming to Ohio again?!

  19. This post is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing all your pictures and everything you did together! That's so wonderful all of you could get together!! All of that food looks wonderful! I have a cousin who lives in Houston, and can't wait to go visit!

  20. Girl I have been here for a year and have never been to a honkey tonk! You need to teach me the Texas ways!!!

  21. Y'all's faces just scream "HAPPY BESTIES". I hope all 3 of you are reunited soon. I love seeing the blog friendships and how the distances makes your friendship even stronger. The friendships have been my favorite part of this little bloggy world. :) hope your sweet baby girl is adjusting to her amazing new parents. Have a great week friend.

  22. This post totally made me want to come to Texas and hang out. What an awesome time you all had. Such wonderful memories!

  23. I LOVE the pennies, my mom and I always pick them up because she always says its her sister sending a little message from heaven

  24. so much fun! you showed them the best parts of H-Town!

  25. Where did you get your denim jacket with the lace on the bottom?! I am IN LOVE with it!


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