March 4, 2013

Weekend Snapshot (+ Talking Eyebrows)

one. admiring my guy before a night out at the Houston rodeo. That hat...yummmm...
two. view from my Friday afternoon 3-hour nap sesh. Oh yes. It happened.
three. Saturday morning happy feet!
four. prepping for our house guests this weekend!
five. Essie - "Mod Square"...still madly in love with this color!
six. Brantley Gilbert with my girl Casey!
seven. enjoying one too many glasses of champagne in the Houston rodeo wine garden!
eight. love of my whole life. :)
nine. more progress on the home decor!

Who's ready for tonight's episode of the bachelor, "Women + Tierra's Eyebrow Tell All"??!! Don't know it's the only reason you look forward to Mondays!

I have LOTS going on this week with several VIG (Very Important Guests) coming to stay with us...not to mention a FIVE day weekend ahead of me.

That being said...

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  1. ooo I love that nail polish color. pink is my go to for nail polish, so I think I might have to go buy myself that color ;) And I LOVE that photo of you and you man, such a great looking couple :)

  2. It's the only reason I look forward to Mondays! haha

    Did I know you guys live in Houston?!? I'm from there! SO jealous of all the rodeoness you guys are enjoying...missing it!

    Love your pretty beds all made up.

  3. Can't wait for Women Tell All tonight!

  4. I can't wait for Tierra's eyebrow tonight either!! I'm counting down the hours till Women Tell All!

  5. can't wait for women tell all!! so excited! and i have my nails painted the exact same color!!

  6. Okay, LOVE the bedding in picture #4! Did I see you say on Insty that is from Overstock?!

  7. I love the comforters and the socks!!! Oh and did you hear that Tiera got engaged???

  8. Pretty nail color!!

    I cannot wait to see tonight's episode! It is gonna be a good one :)

  9. Ah the eyebrow!! My aunt told me I did that yesterday.. hilarious. can't wait for tonight!

  10. Haha @ Tierra's eyebrow!
    I love your cute socks, I wear fun knee socks like that almost every day in the winter!

  11. I must go get that nail polish color and I must admit that shows like The Bachelor make my Monday's so much better

  12. Love that nail color! & I agree... I absolutely melt when my man puts his cowboy hat on! Can't wait for the women tell all tonight... it's going to be quite interesting with Tierra there!

  13. That Tierra pic. Frickin priceless.

    And yes, as a matter of fact. That is the ONE AND ONLY reason I look forward to Mondays.

  14. I haven't watched tonight's episode yet but Tiarra is all sorts of crazy. "I don't have control over my eyebrow!!!" Nutso!

  15. I did not get to see women tell all last night but I have it recorded to watch! I cannot wait... PS love the photos sounds like you had a blast from the looks of things :)

  16. Love the bachelor! Tierra is crazy! I thought Ashley was bitter at the woman tell all!

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  18. I am loving the bedding in pic four! & that polish your wearing is a must have!! You and your cowboy look so cute! cant wait for summer and that means rodeo season around here!!
    New follower!!! loved coming across your blog!!


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