July 14, 2014

Bringing Baby Home

Other than bringing home a sweet baby girl, I have to be honest when I say that I have probably been most excited about finding something to bring that sweet baby girl home IN. I swear I scoured Etsy for hours on end searching for the most perfect newborn hospital/coming home outfits. Hours.

While I haven't decided on the exact outfit we'll be bringing Paisley home in, I have a small collection to choose from. Hey...a girl needs options and if she's anything like her momma, she needs LOTS of options.

I found one hospital outfit at Janie & Jack but I think it's a leeeetle too big for a newborn (first time mom mistake: finding out "0-3 months" is not the same as "newborn"...). While I'll still be bringing that one to the hospital as an option, I have a few other outfits to choose from, too.

Her other hospital outfit is as precious (and girly) as ever and will definitely be worn while we're there, too! You can find this little number here

And the final outfit I've added to Miss Paisley's collection is this adorable monogrammed converter gown.

And if you're a first time mom, or have no idea what the heck a "converter gown" is...have no fear. I didn't either...until I actually got it home and realized that it "converts" from a gown into a onesie. #duh #genius

I instantly fell in love with the delicate light pink stitching and, of course, the monogram! Not to mention, it is THE softest pima cotton to ever exist. I swear I'm constantly asking myself "Do they make this stuff in my size!?" because it's just so incredibly soft!

If you are expecting a little one, or are anything like me and have seven girlfriends (yes...SEVEN) who are pregnant, you can enjoy 10% off your entire purchase from Monogram Maison through the end of August! Just use to code "Southernmess10" at checkout!

So there. A discount and I just saved you from spending hours on end searching high and low for the perfect newborn outfits. You're welcome. ;)

And if you're wondering...yes...I'm still a little shocked that in 8 weeks (or less?), there will be a precious pink little baby wearing all these outfits. Where on earth does the time go??!!


  1. So very cute. Question have you got your hospital bag packed? Would you do a blog post need some help as to what to pack in mine. Thank you! Going to go shop now😊

  2. If you think time is flying now, just wait til she is here!! Once you get past those first six weeks where you are so exhausted that you feel like time is standing still, suddenly it just passes by so fast that a year has gone by! And it doesn't slow down! :( People told me this before my little guy was here but it is so hard to imagine until you see it before your own eyes. And seriously, that converter gown is amazing!! :) It will be super nice because you can't really do a gown in the car seat going home since it won't let the strap between their legs, but gowns are the best for all those diaper changes.

  3. Look like she has plenty of great options to choose from when she comes home! ;)
    All are adorable!!

  4. Time is just flying by! I know you are so ready to get that little girl in your hands. Those outfits are adorable.

  5. Aww they are both so precious!! & that is awesome that the one converts!! It seems like just yesterday you announces you were pregnant! I can't believe it's so close already!!

  6. Oh my gosh, these are so sweet! Paisley is going to be one stylish little lady. Gowns are THE best baby invention ever. Besides the Nose Frida. Makes diaper changes so easy, especially in the middle of the night when you are so tired, no snapping or zipping required. OH and I was shocked that my 9lb baby still wore newborn clothes for 2 weeks, despite being so big

  7. Oh gosh the most precious things I have ever seen!! Makes me wish we had a name for our little guy so I could get some cute mongrammed stuff...ha-ha :)
    Renee @ www.thechiway.weebly.com

  8. Only 8 weeks left? Wow time flies! Those outfits couldn't be more perfect!

  9. Those are both adorable! Little Paisley will be so precious in whatever she comes home in :)


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