July 17, 2014

Pregnancy Pillows - The End All, Be All

When I first found out I was knocked up, and after reality started to set in a little bit, I was quickly reminded of the fact that I had to start sleeping on my side ASAP. While I know you don't have to sleep on your back til you get closer to 20-ish weeks, as a prominent back sleeper, I knew I had to start right away in order to "train" myself to be a slide sleeper as my pregnancy progressed. (Let's just say at 32 weeks into this thing, I still prefer to sleep on my back!)

I've heard different things from different people and doctors and it seems like everyone has a different opinion when it comes to sleeping on your side so I figured it definitely wouldn't hurt baby (or me) for me to sleep on my side, so I might as well just go with it. To each his own, right?

Having 21 pillows (yes...we've recently graduated from 19 to 21 pillows) on our bed, I just knew I'd have no issues building a moat around my body to keep me on my side throughout the night.


'Said' moat shifted around like a moving target and it never failed, I woke up flat on my back and freaking the heck out that I had somehow hurt our baby...

Which was when the hunt for a long body pillow began.

Hi baby!

Little did I know...apparently I'm not the first woman to have issues sleeping on her side (shocker) and someone, ok a genius in my book, had already invented to pregnancy pillow. (Why can't I invent things like this??!!) But not just any pregnancy pillow. I'm talking about end all, be all when it comes to pregnancy pillows.

We're talking about le Bump Nest.

While "Bump Nest" is a fairly fitting name for this pillow, I prefer to think of it as the "Body Cloud". Oh my heavens...I wish I would have known of this thing before being pregnant! It literally wraps around your entire body, no matter which way you sleep, and you literally feel like you're sleeping in the middle of a cloud. And yes, even if you sleep on your back. 

I can honestly say, in my house, the Bump Nest is pregnant wife, husband and dog approved and I wouldn't be surprised if Beau made me invest in one for himself. Since this baby has made it's way into our house, it is never without a body of some sort laying smack dab in the middle of it.

Exhibit A:

I laid the pillow down on the rug to snap a picture and Captain Sassypants planted herself right in the middle of it and being 8 months pregnant, I wasn't about to try to make an 80-pound ball of attitude get off of it either.

While Oakley is not quite modeling the use of the Bump Nest the way she should, you can easily see that it's a family favorite and I'd be lying if I said I'll never use this again after pregnancy. I truly don't know how I possibly slept comfortably before without it.

It's been on road trips, plane flights (yes...plane flights) and moves from the bed to the couch on a daily basis. Not only is the Bump Nest as fluffy as ever ("It's SO FLUFFY!" -name that movie), the cover is incredibly soft and can easily be thrown in the washing machine. It comes in 8 different colors and they even have replaceable covers just in case your case gets a little worn out...you know...from your dog taking over it. ;)

And for the record...I'm not just saying all of these great things because I'm "supposed to". This is an honest to goodness review of a product that has exceeded every bit of my expectations and I just hope it reaches out to someone, pregnant or not, who might be looking for a little added comfort in their bed!

And on that note, I now want to jump back into that big ol' body cloud and go back to bed. ;) Who else is with me?!


  1. love my bump nest pillow! best invention ever.

  2. The response to the "It's SO FLUFFY" name that movie is DESPICABLE ME!!! My favorite movie EVER!

  3. I feel I need one of those right now. And I'm not pregnant. Yet. ;)

  4. Sounds like a great invention!! Definitely adding this to my list for one day when I am preggo.
    Oakley makes a pretty good model too, such a pretty girl!!!

  5. I did not have a pillow for my first, but definitely got one this time around! I just love mine as well, and plan to do a post on it (+ other maternity musts) soon! My dogs love it as well!

  6. Oakley is too cute, and that pillow looks like everyone needs one in their life, prego or not. =)

  7. You had the perfect model for these pics. Oakley is a hoot! That pillow looks A-Mazing. May have to purchase one BEFORE I'm pregnant!

  8. That's the cutest BUMP pillow I've ever seen! I love your style, miss! I love that Oakley loves it too!

  9. I am SO BUMMED that I didn't know about this pillow before I was pregnant. I kept telling myself "you don't need it - just use the pillows we have" - WRONG.

  10. I'm pretty sure I need one of those immediately! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and sleeping on my side has been SO beyond difficult. The pillows have started to overtake the bed (and, without fail, 1/2 of them are on the floor in the morning) so this looks like it would be a MUCH better solution!

  11. I had to laugh as I am reading about your pillow. I had no idea they existed when I was pregnant and I figured was easier to sleep on the couch at the time. Go figure. You have a much better solution than I had.

  12. I'm still using my pregnancy pillow now- just had my babe two weeks ago! I also use it to prop my guy up. He loves it. And my dogs love it too. It's a must have!


  13. I think Oakley girl might just love it more then you hehe... Too cute!

  14. Such a lovely idea and i agree with you because every doctor give us different types of advice and this article tell me how to use pregnancy pillow a pregnant women with easy way and how to comfort your body during the sleeping thanks for share it pregnancy pillow .

  15. I had pregnancy pillow with my first pregnancy ended up not using it because I could never get comfy. But this pillow has been the complete opposite. It was soft, squishy and supportive pregnancy pillow. Plus, being able to put the whole pillow in the wash was a bonus


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