July 1, 2014

Showered With Love

Throughout these whole 30 weeks, I can honestly say, it has been pretty surreal. From a positive pregnancy test, to seeing our little girl on the ultrasound screen, to hearing her perfect little heartbeat and picking out nursery colors...it has all been a pretty unreal feeling. Almost like...is this really happening? To me? To us? 

You feel like you see everyone else's pregnancy announcements, you dream of seeing your baby on the ultrasound screen and hearing that tiny (but quick!) heartbeat for the first time, you imagine picking out the colors of your very own baby's room and then...it all starts happening for you. And you're immediately reminded of just how real, how incredible this whole journey is and that soon enough, you'll be bringing a brand new life into this world.

I know I already said it but this entire process has been so incredibly surreal from the very beginning and this Saturday, at my very first baby shower, it made it seem even more so.

You know...you get everyone else's baby shower invitations in the mail, you go to the nearest baby store and pick out the perfect gift and then you show up as a guest and shower the momma-to-be with lots of love and gifts for her and baby but when it's your turn...it really hits home and you're immediately reminded of just how precious this time in your life is. 

Maybe it's the hormones (Ok. It's definitely the hormones.) but I just felt the need to put that out there. To say that all of this pregnancy stuff still feels a little unreal to me at times. And from what I hear from other moms, it feels this way up until the moment she takes that first breath, lets out that first squeal and the nurses place that precious little pink bundle in your hands and then...THEN it hits you. You're a momma.

Ok ok...I can't write much more or tears may start flowing so here's a glance at my very own, my very first baby shower. It's hard to put into words just how thankful I am for friends willing to throw such a fabulous get together and those who were willing to take time out of their hectic schedules to come and show Miss Paisley just how excited we're all for her to get here. I hope she looks back on these pictures and is filled with love. :) ...because that's exactly how I felt when I was there.

Also, you'll probably notice my dress hiked up well above my thighs at one point when I was opening gifts because thanks to these awesome hormones goin' on, I broke out with the most ridiculous hot flashes ever known to mankind. Though I didn't post the pictures of it, know that there were definitely sweat marks on that maxi dress of mine...Pregnancy glories...

My sweet sister-in-law, Julie! 
(Yes...this is the mom of the TRIPLETS! She looks AMAZING, right?!)

Me & my very best friend until the end of time, Julie. :)

My lovely hostesses and I! (George Anne, Pam & Kitten)
These ladies know how to throw a baby shower!

My momma

Both grandmas!! Excuse me...Meme & Nonna, as they are wanting to be called! :)

Me & some of my girlies 
Julie, Ashley, Kelly, Kathie, me, Selena, Casee, Casey & Chelsea

Daddy showed up at the very end (beer in hand, of course!) to open a special gift from his parents...his baby blankets, books and rattle. It was so neat to see all of his baby stuff come back around full circle! And I'm excited because my mom gave me my baby blanket, too, so now Paisley will have both of our baby blankets passed down to her!

Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family for all of your love and support over these past few months and for the next couple of months. Words cannot describe how incredibly blessed you have made our little growing family feel!


  1. What an amazing shower! Everything looks perfect and you look like you had a great time! Hope Paisley, mommy, and daddy got spoiled!!! =)

  2. You are absolutely glowing, mama! So glad that you enjoyed your shower. Looks like miss Paisley is going to be one very loved little lady. :)

  3. You had me getting all emotional reading this! :) Looks like a beautiful shower and you, as always, looked beautiful!

  4. What a fun and special day! You looked amazing and I'm sure sweet Paisley will love looking at these pictures. Umm and your mom is beautiful!

  5. You look great!! This shower looks like a special one and I totally agree about pregnancy feeling so surreal. I'm 24 weeks and I still can't get over it. Best journey ever. :)

  6. Aww the shower was gorgeous!! & You look great! Hot flashes & all!!

  7. Looks like you guys had a beautiful shower! And honestly...you will still find yourself feeling like it is unreal even AFTER baby girl arrives. It's crazy...you will look at her and just think she is too precious to be yours and I'm still feeling like that going on 2 years into this!!

  8. How sweet! All of you ladies look gorgeous.

  9. What a beautiful shower! Your legs look so skinny lady. Thanks for sharing these special moments with us!

  10. What a beautiful shower - so glad you enjoyed it! A very surreal 9 months in your life x

  11. i love that as i was scrolling through the pictures, as you were sitting, your long maxi dress was hiked up as high as it could go :) HA!

  12. What a great shower! I loved all the photos :) You looked great mamma..


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