March 23, 2011

A Fake Sophisticate

That's me!

For today, anyway.

When I was fresh out of college doing business development for a staffing agency, no one took me seriously. No one. I mean, I can't say I don't blame 'em. I was a 22 year old blonde who didn't know the first thing about the real world...none the less "business development" or "staffing", to say the least. I got zero respect which didn't sit well with me. I decided to do something about it so I marched my 22 year old, blonde, non-respected self into Claire's (yes-Claire's) and bought an $8 pair of fake glasses. There is not one iota of magnification in these babies and since I have 20/20 vision (thank you daddy!) I would have never had the opportunity to wear such a cute accessory on my face. I cold-called my heart out with those babies and got more orders and more appointments than ever!! It really worked!!

Fast forward to now and I just found the good ole' fakers in my old car! I wore 'em for the first time today while working for my current company and got so many nice comments! Even one from the president stating they made me look "more authoritative"-ha! Not sure how they've affected my sales for the day but I can honestly say I feel so much more respected/intelligent/intuitive/authoritative than ever!

Behind this big brown eyed, 24 year old suit wearin' blonde there really is a smart girl...glasses or not...I swear!

Good job, fakers. Good. Job.

( pic. Wasn't feelin' all that cute sportin' a shiny forehead after I went to tan on my lunch break.)


  1. Seriously, when I wear my glasses to work, I get so many compliments. I feel like people take me more seriously and don't just think of me as a "cute young girl." Your theory definitely holds water...and I need a vision check anyway so maybe I'll get some snazzy new glasses soon ;)

  2. i have 20/20 and have always wanted glasses (just not the bad eyesight) because they make such cute ones now!

    and ps: i cannot wait to see your wedding pics so soon :)

  3. hahah this is amazing! I miss going to Claires. Might have to check it out on my lunch break!



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