March 28, 2011

I don't know how they do it??

I don't watch much TV-nor do I ever blog about it-but we've all seen the previews for the new TV series on Lifetime, Coming Home. I've been meaning to watch it all along but didn't really make a conscious effort to watch it until I read Megan's post on it.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I don't think I could ever in a million years be a military wife. Poor Beau probably thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown as I bawled my eyes out to this emotion-filled show. (He even asked "Is this going to be a show you watch every Sunday that you cry your eyes out too??") He thinks I'm nuts...

Anyways, I've always imagined it would be extremely difficult to have a husband leave for months on end but it really hit home last night how thankful I am for 1) the husbands that are pulled away from their families and are off fighting for our country 2) the men and women that have died fighting for this country and 3) the fact that Beau has absolutely no desire to be in the military.

I know that last comment sounds really selfish but I couldn't handle it. I can barely survive when he's out of town for a weekend, none the less for months at a time while I'm home alone with a couple of babays on my hips. And I do realize that this may make me seem "dependent" on him as well, which I most definitely am not...I just couldn't bear knowing that he would be millions of miles away with guns and weapons and tanks and that there just might be a chance he might not ever make it home. ugh.

There's nothing sweeter than a daddy with his little girls :)

Could you imagine?
I've come across a few military wife(s) blogs but never really had a connection with many of them mainly because I didn't really understand it all (and I probably still don't) but after watching Coming Home I have a whole new appreciation for these families.

I think I was crying as much, if not more, than the women on the show-evidence was found this morning on the floor next to the couch...wadded up tissues. Good Lord I'm a baby.

But on a real serious note-my heart goes out to those families with husbands and wives and family members in the military. Thank you for allowing them to serve our country and thank you for going through hell and back to make it possible.


  1. I didn't watch "Coming Home" but I did watch "Army Wives" before CH and I bawled my eyes out on that episode, too. I NEVER watch those types of shows, but after my FB page was bombarded with comments about it, I decided to check it out. I'm sad (sorta) to say, I think I may be addicted now :-/


    Love your blog! :)

  2. I was at a homecoming for my brother in law, and I bawled my eyes out the entire time!

  3. I love that you blogged about this! And I also loved that you bawled while watching it, even though you don't have kids yet :) I watched it and cried too!! SOOO sad/happy. A few people in my life are in the military and I am with you, it would be SO hard. My hubby works out of town most weeks and when he comes home, it's like the kids haven't seen him in months! LOVE this show.

  4. My ex-boyfriend served in Iraq for two years and it was unbearable. The strength that the people fighting and their families have is just incredible. I'm glad there is a show shedding a light on how truly amazing it is.

  5. I'll just say this, you never know what you can do till you have to do it. I was a military spouse the first 4.5 yrs we were married and my husband never went overseas or out to sea, so it's NOT the same (and I know that), but because of his work/training schedule there'd be weeks at a time we wouldn't really see each other. BUT at least we could talk to each other on the phone a little, and leave each other notes...I feel for the women who can't see their spouse for weeks or months at a time, talk to them, or even know where they are. That said, if I watched this show, I think I'd lose my marbles!!

  6. KSBJ is doing a thing for miliary families this month. You should check it out! It's an awesome way to give back to the families that are left at home. I think it's Military March on KSBJ's website. I couldn't stand it either!

  7. I've said it before & I'll say it again. "I'm not a crier". But stuff like this Like hysterical, puffy face, sobbing - gross. I can't watch shows like this... Just can't do it.

    There are strong women in this world, but you have to be made of seriously tough stuff to be a military wife. I give them more credit than I can imagine.

  8. I love this show and it makes me sob as well! IT's heartwarming to watch though.

  9. Wives are pulled away from their families to fight for our country as well.


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