March 24, 2011

A lil' DIY token of thanks!

I knew I always wanted to do something "different" when it came to gifts for our hostesses, wedding party and out of town guests but just wasn't quite sure what until two things occurred:

1. I realized that Sutter Home wine's logo (SH) is my future initials


2. I came across a gem of a website. (
*No-I am not being paid to blog about them. They just have great stuff. Period.

I put the two of them together and have the most precious little token of thanks to give my bridesmaids and shower hostesses!! These were so incredibly inexpensive (mayybbeee $2.50 each) so it was just a little "extra" I was able to throw in without breaking the bank!

[[PS-sorry for the shoddy iPhone pics...clearly you can tell I went with the new Mac rather than a new high tech camera...ha!]]

Step 1: Pick your poison
(I chose the mini's)
(Emphasis on the "SH"!)
Step 2: Whip out trusty old Goo Gone
(or go buy some-can be found anywhere...)
Step 3: De-robe your wine mini's and use Goo Gone to remove any leftover residue.
Step 4: Apply your personalized wine labels made from
*Once again, they are not paying me to say this.
(Just a close up!)
We put our favorite engagey pic on them!
Step 5: Apply labels to clean mini
Step 6: Top it off with some ribbon or rafia and...

These were seriously so easy and I cannot be more excited to share these with the girls on the day of the wedding!! We also had larger labels made and are putting them on full-sized bottles of wine to leave in our out of town guests' hotel rooms!

Happy Thursday girls!! I can smell the weekend already!!!


  1. so cute!
    i love this idea!
    definitely will have to bookmark this page for when i get married =]]

  2. I love this idea!!! SO CUTE!!!!

  3. Awesome idea! I love it! Almost makes me wish I was getting married right now! :)


  4. thats cool. thats my fave wine!! luv it!

  5. what an adorable idea! i really like this :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. FABULOUS idea!!! Way to be creative :)

  7. That is such an awesome idea! May have to try it out myself :) Love your blog btw!

  8. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the site! I had a 6 month engagement and I was still in school- so I didn't( have time to) think of cute things like this! very creative girl!

  9. This is so cute, girl!! So creative and I love that the SH is your new initials-to-be!


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