April 12, 2011

After all is said and done, I'm convinced I could be an engineer.

Whoever said "wedding planning isn't easy" couldn't be more right. My-lanta. It. Is. A. Job!

I have truly enjoyed most aspects of it all but there are so many logistics to be figured out and guess who gets the job of making all the decisions??? Yours truly.

So no-it might not take a Rocket Scientist but darn it...it definitely takes an Engineer (with personality, of course!)

Fortunately, I am blessed to be off work tomorrow through the 25th. ((did I just hear angels sing?!)) And the best part of it all...waking up late to share coffee with my bug. ahhhhh...

To be perfectly honest...I have a shit-ton to do. (& here I am blogging...)

.finish slideshow
.get extensions low-lighted (all it took was one frantic phone call to my bomb.com hair chick)
.approve MOH rehearsal dinner dress (her request-not mine.)
.pick up cake cutting "tools" or whatever those fancy things are called
.attend beau's little league game (according to the team moms, I'm the "lucky charm"...)
.pack for honeymoon

.dentist appointment (who does this the wk of the wedding?? thanks, Beau.)
.p/u dry cleaning
.take reception/ceremony stuff to venue (candles, centerpieces, bubbles, etc...)
.nail appointment w/ MOH
.raffia tying party w/ MOH & Kris (don't ask...all I know is there will be 600 napkins involved)
.pack for entire weekend & honeymoon

.drop off ring to be cleaned
.pick up dress
.secret pit stop at Sephora (I've got a 15% off coupon that expires when I'm on the HM...it's only fair-ok?)
.beau p/u groomsman from airport
.meet parents at our house to load the cars (At this point I'm convinced we need a damn U-Haul.)
.arrive and check in to venue/hotel room(s)
.rehearsal (God help me if my wedding party is late...I just might lose it.)
.rehearsal dinner
.last minute details (you never know...)

....all of this and I haven't even gotten into what the day of the wedding will look like...


All I know is I will be SO happy when I finally get my guest bathroom back...
...not to mention I am in desperate need for a honeymoon. ((Surprise location TBA on Sunday!!))

We're down to the wire people!!

OH! & while my wedding planning journey is quickly coming to an end...this lucky lady gets to join in on all the fun!! Congrats to Annamarie on her recent engagement!! ((I'm sure she will post as soon as she gets back from paradise!!))


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! Have fun this week taking it all in and at the big day!

  2. I feel you!! The week of is pure MADNESS. Good luck chic!! i'm sure it will all go perfectly :)

  3. Hang in there, you are almost all done and then you will be wondering what you did with your free time before all of the planning. Enjoy all the madness and take a few moments to let it all soak in. So much fun!

    I am sure all will go fabulously, but good luck and can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  4. You can do it! You're in the home stretch! :) This time next week you'll be a married woman! WOO HOO!

  5. Enjoy it!!! I'm excited to see pics!! It goes WAYYY TOO FAST!

  6. EEEEK sooo excited for you and can I say love your writing style

    ie MY LANTA

    and Shit-TON

    I burstout laughing

    good luck yo.

  7. Seriously...I laughed out loud to the title of this post after reading it!! I completely agree. I probably should have taken a leave of absence from my job while planning...I probably would have been less stressed

  8. It will be awesome and so worth it! Glad I am not planning a wedding though whew! Can't wait to see your pics!!

  9. I feel like I've been reading for awhile now and your wedding is finally here!!!! ahhhhh!!! :) You will be an absolutely beautiful bride!

  10. Oh girl! I am so excited for you! It's a lot these last few days but in a short time you will be a MRS and will be chillaxin' on your honeymoon! Enjoy every minute, I can't wait to see the pictures and most importantly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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