April 4, 2011

Old photo series round 3: Two of a kind

So there's this girl.
And we're kind of just alike.
In almost every single way.
Which would explain why we're such good friends.
I get her.
She gets me.
(She actually physically made me this blog.)

We met back in college (wow that makes me sound OLD) and although she was a ZTA and I was a DZ, we became the bestest of friends for so many reasons.

While flipping through some old photos...lookie what I came across.

The EXACT same spring portrait.

Mind you-we went to completely different schools in completely different parts of town and never even knew each other...

Me-rockin' the pigtails & Kristen-holy bangs
I don't know who takes the prize for this hideous photo nor do I know why either of our mother's paid good hard earned money for this shizznit. Perhaps so their daughters could blog about it 15 years later? I don't know.

But on a side note...check out the natural highlights we had back then. Damn I miss those days...and so does my credit card...

Anywho, you can find her here where she posted this exact same photo a few months back.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's old school photo...it may or may not include strawberries and thunder thighs...yummm...


  1. hahahah! I love this!!! Those bangs were KILLER! Thanks Mrs. Carol for the Fing MULLETT!

  2. Ok that is hiliarous! Could you really drink those shakes? Or were they just props? :)

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha this is too much I love it

  4. Those photos are hilarious! You are both too cute!


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