April 7, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday (Wedding Style)

Like it or not, I've got a ton of wedding crap on my mind so I'm here to throw it all up. Some things just need to get out.

I've been waiting for this very day for a LONG time now...yes, April 7, 2011. Why-you ask? Because the 10 day weather forecast is up today and April 16th marks day 10. I woke up this morning with knots in my tummy not really knowing why...until I realized today was the day I would be able to see the weather forecast for our outdoor ceremony. Dun dun dunnnn....0% chance of rain with highs in the mid 80's! Dear God, please don't change this. Pretty please-with not one but TWO cherries on top. :)

I think I've come up with my own company. You should all invest in me. I would be considered the Bridal Portrait Planner. My goodness. You have no idea what a j-o-b it is to take bridal portraits...especially outdoor bridal portraits. First of all, you have to have almost every vendor lined up like you would have the day of the wedding...with the exception of the caterer and the band. You have to line up your hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer, florist and your dress store (to make sure it's pressed in time). You need somewhere to change, someone to carry your train, someone to carry the bouquet, someone to carry your bag(s) full of hairspray, shoes and makeup, and then of course, you have to carry the front of your dress so it doesn't get dirty. Someone to fix your hair when it's out of place would be nice too. I had my mom and future mother-in-law with me this past Sunday and we could have easily used another 8 hands. Easily. (FYI to other brides...take this into consideration!)

On an amazing note...I got my bridals back on Tuesday and OH.MY.GOSH I can't wait to share them!!!!! My photographer is a God send. He deals with me AND takes fabulous photos. Sigh.

We turned in our final headcount today-2.7.5.-eek. Didn't know we had that many friends...Seriously?

Tomorrow we apply for our marriage license! Did you know that in Texas you have to get your marriage license within 30 days of your wedding but NOT within 72 hours before the wedding? Picky-I know.

Groomsman gifts, usher's gifts, bridesmaids gifts and out of town gifts are already wrapped and ready to go. Sweet success. (That was a job-foreals.)

I know you're all just absolutely beside yourselves wanting to know my something old, new, borrowed & blue so here goes:

Old: Daddy's wedding band sewn in my dress
New: Well, everything? Dress, extensions, last name...just to name a few.
Borrowed: My favorite Aunt's handpicked pearls from China. They're just perfect!
Blue: Sky blue lacey panties blinged out with "I DO" from my Aunt Pam-I know you were just dying to hear about my undergarments. I would be too...

And since it's way past my bedtime and my body is already hating me for the lack of exercise AND sleep...I'm off to hit the hay. Sorry for no pics...I know that's lame.


  1. Eeek! So exciting! I did the whole ring thing too..but it was my mom's wedding ring and it was on my bouquet! :)

  2. OmGG.. I had no idea a bridal portrait had that much into it! Holy crap lol! So I guess I need to do my trial makeup and trial hair the day of my bridal portrait!!



  3. Thanks for the sweet comment! I am such a fan of your blog! The zebra print and the pink, just fabulous!!

    It's sooooo exciting your wedding is just around the corner! Congratulations hun! And I love the idea of your Daddy's wedding ring sewn into your dress! That is so cute!! Happy Friday!


  4. Seriously I was stalking weather.com leading up to the big day!! So glad that it is a sunny outcome:)


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