May 6, 2011

I have a little something to share with you.

Since Blogger is being a real a$$ right now by not uploading ANY of my pics, I have something better for you.

Although we did not hire a professional videographer for our wedding, Beau's sweet cousin Todd volunteered to tape our entire ceremony (yes, all 16 minutes) from the balcony of his hotel room.

It my not be thee most perfect, high quality video but dangit, I got to watch the past year of planning come together, I saw myself look and feel more beautiful than ever and last but definitely not least, I will be able to watch myself marry my best friend over and over and over again and that, my friends, is what it's all about.

So I hope you can excuse the little bugs, which, for the record, I never knew about until this video, and the glare from the sunlight and enjoy this as much as I do! :)

A few side notes (in no particular order):

1. At about 10:43, you see me giggle. I must spill. When we were repeating our vows Beau said (I quote),"With this wing, I the wed." I die.

2. I am absolutely LOVING the sprays my florist put on the gazebo. That woman is the shizz.

3. At 11:35, when we walk off to the right side of the screen, we decided to do a sand ceremony rather than a unity candle. This, by the way, was thee longest sand pouring experience I've ever participated in... (ok so it's the only sand ceremony I've ever participated in but still...) Also, this is what you see the mom's doing at the very beginning of the ceremony.

4. The 1st reader that stands is my uncle Mark, my dad's brother, who did a memory reading in honor of my dad. The 2nd gentlemen that stands up is Beau's uncle who led the Lord's Prayer.

5. For my music selection, I went with acoustic versions of the wedding party processional and for the bridal chorus. Best. Choice. Ever. And the song that comes on when Beau and I exit is a string quartet version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" :)

6. We never practiced "the kiss" so I was a little shocked when he planted a second one on me. ;)

7. I don't know whose bright idea it was to put the microphone in front of my bridesmaids but that idea sucked. Period. I mean, really? (My only complaint...)

8. Why did I hold my bouquet at boob-height the whole way down the aisle AFTER both coordinators specifically instructed me to hold it further down?! Jeee-sus!

9. When Beau took my hand from my brother, he whispered in my ear "You look beautiful." *tear* It was so sweet!!

10. I must say I was very proud of myself for not completely losing it. I remember 1 tear falling as my brother walked me down the aisle and a couple more when we repeated our vows but other than that, I did WAYYYY better than I ever thought homegirl could EVER do!

For future brides, I think you will be very surprised with yourself the moment you see your's such an overwhelmingly happy and exciting moment that you can't do anything but smile! Once you're hand is in his, it's like the whole world disappears. Literally. This probably explains why I never heard any of the music, noticed any of the flowers or even noticed many of our guests during the entire ceremony. It's such a special moment that only happens once :)

Love. Love. Love.


  1. I LOVE this post!!!! It is beautiful.

    PS. I went on your shutterfly site that I got from you twitter! Everything looked amazing.

  2. Steph, this is beautiful. I don't even know you (and I realize this) but when I saw you, I teared up! So happy for you :) Your wedding was beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!!! (ps I held my flowers awkwardly too. it must be nerves!)

  3. so beautiful. i can't wait to see more!

  4. Stephanie! I love your wedding video! I have to saw how I was debating on having one.. But now i got to have one. I think I would watch this over and over and over lol. Your video was so sweet! Your wedding was beautiful.

  5. LOVED this! Thank you for sharing your special day, it was beautiful! Congrats to you and Beau! :-)

  6. This might have made me cry a little. Dang it! I'm going to be a mess on my wedding day... It was beautiful!

  7. I was worried about having a friend record our wedding, but after seeing yours, I'm not as nervous anymore!

    You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! :)

  8. Awwww, so sweet! :) Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for those pictures....damn blogger!

  9. Love your wedding video! This is such a great memory to have!

  10. I had to fast forward to the "With this wing" part! HAHA I love it!!! You guys will be able to laugh at that (or him) forever. I'm shocked Billy and I didn't mess up during our vows..seriously thought I would for sure knowing how ditzy I can be sometimes!

  11. LOve!!!! "with this WING" so cute teeheehee

    <3, ur newest follower, NeenaJay

    follow me too please @

  12. Awww, love it!!! We didn't get a videographer either but had a few people work their camcorder magic...though I have yet to see any of it.

  13. I love this post, especially the paragraph at the end. You sound so in love and make that moment seem magical :)

  14. I love gazebo weddings. Beautiful! Congrats on coming up on your 1 year anniversary!


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