May 31, 2011

I can play housewife, too!

Random day off was the best decision homegirl coulda made. Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with river boozin' so a day entirely devoted to, well, ME was absolutely perfect!! ((& mucho productive!)) as my day of playing housewife is coming to an end, all in all, I feel pretty damn productive.
  • Hit the gym at 8am (don't get me wrong-this is a first.)
  • Laundry
  • Waited OUTSIDE at the DPS to make this whole "Mrs. Howard" thing official (BTW: I feel so dirty when I leave there...) Oh-not to mention it was 97 outside today.
  • Lunch with husband-my fave...Pappa's Burger.
  • Took his truck to be washed
  • Grocery shopped
  • Prepared my lunches for the week (yes-I'm psycho about taking my lunch to work everyday)
  • Caught up on The Bachelorette (is it just me or was the whole "fake wedding" date extremely odd??
  • FAT CAT NAP x 2
  • Ordered an adorable floppy hat from Marley Lilly (thanks Allison!)
  • Cookied din-din with ma honeybee: grilled steaks, steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus & zuchinni
Although it's not something I could do everyday, it's nice every once in a while to have zero work stress or have to make any big decisions (I'm acting like I'm some kinda big wig or something...)

I mean, the most stressful part of my day was when I got to the register at HEB and realized I totally forgot the Feta. People don't take you too seriously when you're racing through the grocery store in a hot pink sundress and a miraculous bra. just sayin'

PS-total respect for stay-at-home-wives...being THAT productive wears a girl out!

...and I don't even have kids-dayummm.

Until next time, girlies...


  1. Agreed- the fake wedding was out of control... I almost turned off the computer (hulu)

  2. I am so over the Bachelorette already. I don't know why I don't like Ashley...she just seems like such a child, not a woman looking ready to settle down and find true love. I dunno, I am stereotyping her of course..........but if Emily were the Bachelorette, the storyline of this show would be COMPLETELY different!


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