May 10, 2011

My life (and my collection) are finally complete!

I wouldn't consider myself a "reader" but I do read quite a bit. (Does that make sense? ...Don't answer that.) Anywho-I typically read 2 books a month for work: one business related and one health focused. Clearly, I prefer the health focused books more than anything but it's always nice to have a fun, non-businessy, non-healthy related book to kick your feet up to and flat out enjoy whilst I bake in the sun. ::sigh::

You may think I'm talking about Twilight or even the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue books...not so much. I've never even done so much as to open the cover of any of these.

I'm all about a good book.

You know-the quirky, mindless, make you laugh out loud kind of book. Books about real people and their lives. I'm just nosey like that...(this explains why I blog and read other people's blogs and only watch reality TV...true story.)

[[Insert: Chelsea Handler]]

I've watched her show (Chelsea Lately) several times but I've never intentionally stayed up to get my nightly dose of Chelsea in. It's usually because it's the only thing on other than the plethora of TV shows the Kardashians have these days or DVRd episodes of How I Met Your Mother (kill me). Oh-about her show...I like it. I like her. I like how vulgar she is. And I like that she calls Chuy her "nugget".

Her book(s), on the other hand, I love.

I've never literally laughed out loud at a book before until I stumbled upon her first "Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea". The title alone sold me and I'm in sales if that says anything.

Which soon resulted in my purchasing of "My Horizontal Life : A Collection of One Night Stands" where Chelsea reminiscences about her past sex-capades.

Which more recently were grounds for me to buy "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" which, by the way, I read cover to cover in 3 days. It's a collection of random stories from a more present Chelsea and her boyfriend "Ted" whom is the CEO of E!

Today, my friends, I complete my collection.

I briefly read the first few pages on my lunch break and I know, once again, I will not be let down by little Miss Handler's antics-or should I say "mishaps". I'm probably most excited about this one because it's stories told from her friends, family and co-workers, about Chelsea...not by Chelsea!

Have y'all read any of her books before?
Which one is your favorite so far?!


  1. She makes me literally LOL! I love her vulgar sense of humor too! Ive only read one of her books, but I will def be picking up the other ones:)

  2. I am Chelsea Handler book obsessed too! I literally die laughing out loud while reading! I've re-read all of her books and I must say, just as funny the second time! Can't wait to pick this one up!

  3. LOOVE Chelsea!! i agree with Sierra... I love her vulgar sense of humor! She's hilarious! Your blog is so stinkin' cute! :)

  4. ohhh, one more thing, i'm your newest follower! :)

  5. You know..I haven't gotten my hands on any of her books yet - I am holding off on making my big book purchases until we buy a Kindle. I cannot WAIT to read this book start to finish. Probably in one sitting. She is pee-your-pants funny, I would absolutely LOVE to see her Live!!!!

  6. Oh how awesome!! I have read all her books and died! I can't wait to get this one now! Yessss!

  7. Ive read all her books. I have never laughed until i cried while reading a book before. Cant wait to read this one

  8. I was just thinking about buying her most recent book, but wasn't sure about it. Now after reading your post I might want to read them all! Thanks for sharing I've been looking for something to make me lol!!

  9. My sister is very into her, and I really want to read her books... shoot, now I have more to add to my "want to read" list! I have heard great things about all of them!

  10. I lo-hu-hu-hu-oooooove Chelsea! I tivo her show every day, she is hilarious!!! Funny thing? have never read one of her books. after this little review here? totally going to!

    you were ONE beautiful bride btw...

  11. Hi, im a new follower! :)

    I only read "My Horizontal Life" and thought it was hilarious, so i would definitely be interested in checking out her other books too!

    Let us know how it is!

  12. I LOVE Chelsea HAndler.. I have read all of her books and have been to her show twice now.. She is hilarious and I love she just says whatever she wants to say.

    I just bought Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me yesterday and can't wait to sit down and read it. :) I'm sure once again you will enjoy her book!

  13. These titles are too funny!! You might have just sold me to go pick one up :)

  14. This might be a random comment and not really about Chelsea but I started blogging recently and am doing a post about the diet you told us about on your blog. I linked you in my post, so I hope you don't mind! I just wanted to share.

    Congrats on your wedding... you looked BEAUtiful! :)

  15. I pre-ordered this on my Nook and am SOOO excited it's finally here! Can't wait to start it!

  16. I LOVE Chelsea! Yes that is L.O.V.E. in all capitals!! She is hilarious! I watch Chelsea Lately religiously... and I am just working my way through "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang." Tried to get tickets to her upcoming tour, but she's not coming to Canada :(


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