October 31, 2011

Blackmail Collateral

What you won't find in this post is a recap of the weekend using Halloween as an excuse to wear a skantastic costume. (Sawwy!)

But don't get your panties in a ruffle just yet...

Because what you will find in this post is a recap of the past 5 years using Halloween as an excuse to wear a skantastic costume. (You're welcome.)


2005: Construction Worker
Beau was a hunter...shocker.

Holy bellybutton ring. 
Pretty sure I could have caught a small catfish with that thing.

2008: Sailor
(even though I look like a complete chunk, this might be one of my faves)

...any excuse to wear a tu-tu

2007: Thing 2 & Sheriff Cowgirl

That fake tan of mine...
...reminds me of something that rhymes with "Schmersey Schmore".

2009: Beau was a smurf & I rocked Tom Cruise from Risky Business. 
What? You don't see the resemblance?

2009 (round 2): Hippies

Freshly rolled toilet paper joints.

2009 (round 3): I was a Beau Hunter (get it..."Bow Hunter") & Beau was my deer. 
(Are we rednecks or what?)

2010: Beau was Case Keenum, the UH quarterback who was out with a 
torn ACL, and I was a kittay. (Reeeeeall original, I know.)

Aaand there you have it. 

Here's to hoping I never piss any of you off enough to use these against me. ;) 
(Don't you EVEN think about it!)


Happy Halloweenie, gils!!


  1. bahaha my fav is Beau as the deer and you as the Beau Hunter...AMAZING! Can ya'll reinact those when we come visit?

    PS-What is a white tail?

    A cat?

  2. I love your BEAU Hunter! Aaron would LOVE to do that.

  3. These costumes are all SO cute!!!! :) my favorite is the sailor or the one of him being the deer and you being the hunter! Love! Happy Halloween! :)

  4. AWWW K so I was totally trying to make my fiance be the hunter and I'd be the white tail deer on Saturday!! He didn't go for it! ARGH!

  5. I love the sailor outfit!! i love halloween!! i want to do the hunting one... then b can't talk about spending money on his costume he can just go in his closet and pick anything from the left over lol... happy halloween!!

  6. how cute! i'm boring, i never dress up haha! the hunter one looks the most comfy ;) i'd do that one haha!

  7. YOU are precious!

    BTW... in the sailor pictures, is that girls name Tristan (sp?)?!? she used to date one of my friends! small world :)

  8. Cute! The toilet paper joints cracked me up!! Love where he was the deer & you were the hunter!

  9. hahaha LOVE your costumes girl. love love love

    i am totally sporting a fishing pole length belly ring #stuckinmyteenyears

    your sailor costume is adorable i kiiinda want it

    in 9th grader i was a biker babe. HOLY SHIZNIT i was hideous. glasses, braces, and i thought i looked so sexy


  10. Cute costumes! You look great in all of them!

  11. Love the Beau and Beau hunter one!! That's hilarious! haha

  12. Love all of these... but my favorite has to be the deer and the "Beau" hunter! :) SO CUTE! LOVE IT :)

  13. Aww I just love all the pics. They are all so cute...

  14. Such cute costumes! Happy Halloween honey! Kori xoxo

  15. You are so adorbs!!!! Happy Halloween pretty lady!!!

  16. BEAU Hunter? HAHAHA That's awesome! I liked his Case Keenum costume and your sailor girl dress! Super cute! I think I dressed up all slutoween-like for most years except one where I went as Pam from the Office...bahaha. Fun stuff!

  17. Love your costumes! The Beau Hunter and the Deer is my fave :)

  18. Beau and the Hunter is definetly my fav. You are so creative. I would never ever think of anything like that! lol

  19. Are you a Southern Gal? Only Southern Gals could think of Beau Hunter & Deer LOL! Yep, I'm from Kentucky & I think it's the most adorable thing EVER!!!!


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