December 19, 2011

I promise this is the last post about my iphone

(for now, anyways)

Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that if you are the owner of any old iPhone(s), Target will buy them back from you and pay you in Target monies.

'Tis true.

So I took my 2 year old iPhone 3GS to Tarjay's electronic department and scored mah-self a giftcard for $105! Do you know what sister can DO with $105 to TARGET?!

Who am I kidding? 
Of course you know what kinda damage a girl could do with this!

 (Red skinnies? Yes please!)

I also went to Radio Shack who only offered $100 in RADIO SHACK gift cards. Radio Shack? Uhhhh yaaaa....thanksbutnothanks. I hear other places will buy them back as well but it was love at first gift card so Target stole my heart uhhhh-gain.

 SO! Happy iPhone selling, kids!

And don't forget to check out my this pretty girl's blog for a legit giveaway. 
(But don't enter because then you'll ruin my chances of winning.) 
(This is what happens when you're the backseat driver of a 2.5 hour roadtrip-don't ask.)

Happy Monday, gangstas!
& Happy Christmas Week!!!


  1. Love the skinnies, if I wis as tiny as you I would pick up a pair too!

    xx Emily @

  2. let's be didn't purchase until confirming with your fashion guru's (aka group text) if they were we just need to post OOTD's together when we wear them haha dorkkkkkss. you did make me send you all those pics last night and my room is still a disaster from it you hook face.

    aw you think i'm pretty? so sweet

  3. Um... you are totally rocking those red skinnies! Wonder if I'd look that hot in some colored skinnies? (Well, that sounded creepy. I promise it wasn't meant to be creepy haha)

  4. Love those red skinnies. Wish I lived in the states for Tarjay deals!

  5. your hair is always so pretty in all your pictures.

  6. Say whaaa?!? Although, I think I'm going to keep my old one just in cases I lose the new one.

  7. LOVE the red skinnies! And that's good to know about Target! I can do some major damage there!

  8. I now want to buy an iphone just to sell at target.. OMG OMG LOVE tar jet.... You go girl looking cute in those red skinnies!!!!

  9. Whaaaaa!!! I have the original iPhone sitting in my drawer..wonder what theyd give me for it lol

  10. love love LOVE the red skinnies - perfect for this Sunday! :)

  11. So what are your favorite apps so far?? I'm alway curious as to what everyone else has

  12. If I had an iphone, I'd go sell it to Target immed. That is awesome! Love the red skinnies with the green top. So Christmasy, friend!! Reesey makes an appearance in today's post. Just thought you should know.


  13. There is nothing better than Target!! I just get so excited everytime I go in haha

    oh and could you use it at the target starbucks??

  14. That's so awesome that they buy them back!!! I love the jeans!

  15. sheer amazingness, you look like an adorable little elf with your red skinnies and green tank. :)

  16. Cute pants! I just took a risk and bought myself a pair from GAP and they are SO soft. I'm not really bold with my outfits usually but these can be dressed up or down so that's why I liked them.

  17. WFLKNSDSDNso;ihwefns;s;odi;LKJFKDUIAWHTNJWEFLJKAB!!!!!! I ASKED SANTA FOR RED SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!! HE BETTER STILL BRING THEM TO ME!!! pray for me on those red skinnies ok! ok?!!

    I think that is freaking fantastic about the iPhone..fiance has S....3G...super old school I would be surprised if they gave him $10 for it, but now i am going to see and if Santa doesn't bring me those pants...I will buy them myself!

    Looking hot girly!

  18. Ohhhh girl. I need those pants. In Kentucky Blue. I need Target to make that happen immediately :)

  19. So good to know about turning in your old iPhone to Target! I have an old 3GS and I'm really going to need to upgrade's starting to fail me :( But I'll have to keep that in mind about bringing it to Target! That money would be very well spent!!

  20. I LOVE those red skinnies! So cute!

    I had no idea Target would buy older iPhones. I should have done that when I got rid of my old iPhone 4. Bummer!

  21. OK I love these red skinnies. I thought of you in Old Navy Sunday...I saw red skinny jeans there too. I obviously want some royal/KY blue ones! Do you think they'd take an old iPhone that might (uh for sho has) have water damage?


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