December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013: A Few Of My Favorite Things

I know it's really cliche to say this but honestly, the best part of Christmas truly is being around allllll of your family. Whether they're completely normal, or not. ;)

We don't get to spend a lot of time with my dad's brother and sister and their families but we do every Christmas eve and I really cherish that time with them. Christmas morning is always spent in our pjs with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, aunt & uncle. Mimosas are flyin' at 9am, along with eggs and bacon and gifts. Christmas morning always has been and always will be my most favoritist day of the year. 

Later on Christmas day, we always venture over to Beau's parents' house to eat dinner and open gifts with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law and of course, the triplets. Now that the triplets are involved, it's already so much more fun! 
Me & Sam

Whew! Got all that?! I can't imagine what Christmas will begin to look like once we have our own kiddos to throw into the mix!

Anywho...all that to be said...while quality time with the family and a mimosa-infused breakfast is the absolute best part of Christmas, the presents given on Christmas day also make it pretty freakin' sweet, too. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. I still wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning because I want to know what's in all those packages!

I don't know if I really was a good girl this year or my family just tried to be extra nice to me but I'd like to think I made it to the "nice" list. I was truly spoiled this year.

Here's a look at my top contenders:


Under Armour Micro G Pulse Running Shoes : I've had all kinds of running shoes and Under Armour continues to be my favorite. I'm no marathoner or anything like that, so I really don't even know what to look for in a good running shoe but I like that these are super light, make my size 10 feet like smaller than most tennis shoes and Under Armour always has to cutest color combos. Always an added bonus!

The Fit Bit Force: I swear angels sang when Beau gifted this to me on Christmas morning! I've wanted an activity monitor for a long time now and after doing a lot of research on the one that was right for me and my workouts, the Fit Bit Force could not be any more perfect. I will be doing a full review of it very soon (hopefully this week) but you should know I was sold on the following features: watch function, silent alarm clock (vibrates on your wrist), tracks calories burned, steps, distance, active minutes, flights of stairs climbed, and...the best automatically syncs to your smart phone. At any point in time, I can look at the Fit Bit on my wrist or the app on my iPhone and they will always be accurate with one another. It's magical. I swear.

Kate Spade Bright Spot Darla Wallet: I snagged this beauty in our annual girl's gift exchange and let's just say it's been the perfect addition to my purse. I love that it's nice and small (smaller than my iPhone), but fits credit cards, cash and coins. Plus-it's hot pink. #winning

You might be a redneck if....Si-Cology 101 by: Si Robertson (and all the rest of the Duck Dynasty books) is at the top of your Christmas list. I really don't think this one needs much explanation so lets just say I can't wait to put my nose in this baby.

You might also be a redneck if the "Sweet Tea" necklace is on your Christmas list, right underneath 'said' Duck Dynasty books. It is what it is and I LOVE it! Thanks, mom! :)

There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it...if you get the Uncle Si book, a sweet tea necklace and a "Hey Y'all" pillow for Christmas...consider yourself to be president of the Redneck Association. Kidding. I love being from Texas...I just find it hysterical that most girls ask for heels, purses and clothes for Christmas and I'm all over here like "I just want the Duck Dynasty books!" The adorable "Hey Y'all" pillow is a gift from my "Midwestern" (as she calls herself) bestie, Katie. I know it's from Hobby Lobby but I couldn't find it online to link to it. Just know they have them there and it makes the perfect addition to any living room.

Ahhh...The North Face Shell Jacket: I've had my eye on one of these for a while now but never wanted to bite the bullet and buy it for myself. I love that fact that it's so can wear it with a t-shirt, or even with a cute top and it doesn't look tacky. Not to mention, it's the perfect weight for the Texas "winter" weather we are currently having. Now if only they would go on sale I could grow my collection...

This baby.....THIS BABY....I swear is God's gift to every woman in America. With tile floors and a dog that sheds like cray, vacuuming 2+ times per week got real old real fast. The Roomba 780 has been and will be quite possibly my favorite gift of all time. Here's a quick video of the first time we played with it so it doesn't show much but just know this baby is too legit. Too legit to quit, actually. It cleans any room you choose, you can block rooms off with these little tower things and you can set it to run every day at a certain time. Y' even leaves the vacuum lines on the carpet! Perhaps I'm easily amused but I am already obsessed with the fact that I have clean floors every day at noon.

Eeep! Navy blue Fiestaware!! Never in my life did I think I would ever ask for Fiestaware for Christmas...that's so 1990...let alone dishes in general...until I laid eyes on these pretties. I can't wait to mix them with other colors in the collection and brighten up my kitchen!

And finally...the Canon 50 mm lens!! My heart exploded when I saw this! Though I still need a little practice (judging by all these photos taken with it), I can't wait to see all the possibilities I can create with this puppy! Do you have a 50 mm lens?! Tell me your secrets!!

My cup runneth over this Christmas. Quality time with friends and family and pretty sweet gifts...I cannot complain one bit.

How was your Christmas?! Did you get everything you asked for?


  1. I love my 50mm lens!! Does yours auto-focus or is it manual? Mine is a manual & it just takes practice to train your eye to see when its perfectly in focus. Otherwise, it just takes some time to get used to the new range of it!

  2. I have a fitbit and I love it. It always motivates me to take extra steps or the long way places. I am completely in lust over your cannon and accessories! I hope to get one soon. I completely agree that spending time with family is the best part of Christmas!

  3. The iRobot does wonders with our pups, too! And I got the 50mm 1.4 for Christmas. And judging by my pictures, I could use some practice as well!

  4. Yes please review the fit bit!!! I have been wanting one! And that has to be girls best friend!!!!!! I love the Fiesta ware also, the red is beautiful!!!

  5. Your pictures look good! :) I love every thing you got!! So exciting!!!!

  6. Such neat gifts! You are going to love the roomba! We have for our home and it makes cleaning the floors 90% better!

  7. Dang girlfriend! You got some awesome presents, and I have to say, I'm jealous of the NorthFace, lens and sweet tea charms :)

    I've never tried Under Armour running shoes, but I am due for some ones! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. You made out good, girl!! I want that Roomba!! I gotta ask for it for my birthday (in September, lol). happy new year!

  9. Ooh how exciting about the new lens! Have fun with it! I'm jealous about your roomba... Never thought I'd want a vacuum for a gift. We have the dyson, which I love, but the thought of not having to actually vacuum sounds glorious!

  10. You WERE a good girl for Christmas. I have the Fiesta dishes too. All different colors. The best part--they are durable! I have the lens but not sure I know how to use it really. I need to teach myself more. Your pix look great. I think you have it mastered.


  11. Can't wait to read your fit bit review! Our anniversary is in Feb and I've been looking at the fit bit and the nike fuel band as a gift for my man. I'm not sure which to go with!! I want a roomba badly...I should have put that on my Christmas list! HA! I also got a 50 mm lens and started using it's GORGEOUS! I haven't taken mine off auto focus though haha.

    Enjoy NYE!!!

  12. I got mom mom all the Duck Dynasty books for Christmas (and fully intend on borrowing all of them) - too funny!

  13. I have had the I Roomba on my list for a few years and can never convince my husband to buy it! :( Not even on groupon. Poo lol I got my 50mm 2 years ago I have the 1:1.4 very close to the 1:1.8 and it just takes a lot of practice to get used to. I find myself having to switch out the lens since this lens is primarily what photographers will call a "Portrait" lens. It's not one you'd shoot far away or group photos with.

  14. Ohhhh I want a Roomba. Our friends have one and it's amazing. My pups don't shed much at all but it'd still be nice for everyday dirt. The Mr. Says maybe in March! I can only hope!! Also, love the shoes! I'm an UA fanatic!!! Looks like you had a good Christmas!!

  15. Love my 50mm! I just picked one up (due to a coworker shattering my standard lens) and it's amazing! My boss covered it so I upgraded to the f/1.4! Still learning, but what a difference.

  16. This is a great list!! We have the navy Fiesta dishes and I LOVE them!!!! :)

  17. What a precious baby!

    The fit bit thing looks too cool! I wonder if I ha one if it would make me move more...hmm! Could t hurt, haha!

    Also the floor cleaning robot, I SO need one of those for all the dog hair in my house, ugh!

    I really wanted a white North Face jacket, but I just found out that they use live-plucked down in their jackets, and I'm not on board with cruelty! :( There's actually a petition going around online for anyone who wants to sign to tell them to cut it out and use humane methods instead.

  18. Huh.. Hope you're enjoying that wallet!! ... I'm just a bit bitter about it. ;)


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