December 17, 2013

Christmas Ova Here. Christmas Ova There. Christmas Everywhere Shake Yer Derriere.

Whoop there it is! 

Ok back to 2013...

So the very second I saw this on Pinterest, I knew, without a doubt, I would be recreating it for my kitchen table. I love that it's so farmhouse-y and simple, yet festive. Not too big, not too small. Not too short, not too tall. Just right.
I just so happened I already own the soda crate, so that part was easy. (I bought it from an antique market 2+ years ago and has been shoved in a closet ever since...) For those of you who don't have an old Coke crate laying around your house, you're in luck because Etsy has you covered for days...

I purchased mason jars in stock when we moved last year because, well, who doesn't need 36 pint-sized mason jars in their kitchen at any given point in time?

The little flameless votives are from Target. I like the Threshold brand, because the wick is black, giving it a more realistic look, if you will. Mind you, turning on all 6 of these babies takes longer than it took for me to create this entire thing, but hey...whatever it takes to complete the look, right? Do yourself a favor and buy remote control flameless candles if at all possible...mmkay?

I stuffed the mason jars about 1/2 way full with fake moss to lift the candles a little bit. (Beau's genius idea, actually. Hey-he's good for some things, I guess...) The greenery, shimmery garland, cranberries and white pinecones are all from the Target Christmas section. They were el-cheapo and the cranberry twig things (what ARE those really called??) came in a pack of 48 so I added the remaining 40 to my tree. Well...more like 30 by now thanks to a fake cranberry twig eating ridgeback...not to name names...

I shoved a little burlap under her and voila! I know I say this every. single. time but I really mean it this time...easiest project evvvvva.

Thanks to a bazillion and one gifts to buy and lack of time to do, well, anything these days, the poor outside of our house is just plain naked when it comes to Christmas decor. Sorry, 27 foot tall Santa...maybe next year? All that to say, I've really been enjoying our little bit of Christmas we have going on inside Casa de la Howard. It's not much, but it means a lot to us. :)

Yes, my dog has a monogrammed stocking. Get over it. ;) Yours can, too

CHRISTMAS. IS. NEXT. WEEK. in case you forgot.
2013....where did you go!?


  1. Super cute! And kind of project! I'll have to keep my eye for a crate like that so I can re-create this look next year.

  2. I did the exact same pin on my dining room table! Sadly, I was strapped for a cute crate like yours and just covered a shoe box in some burlap, I will definitely be hitting Target for those candles, I hate the ones I have from Walmart because they look so fake, so I am glad to hear there are better ones out there!

  3. Love that last picture with the Noel banner! Did you make that?

  4. I have the exact same stockings as you! And our dogs have monogrammed ones too!

  5. CUUUUUTE!! Mason Jars are seriously the best invention!
    PS the title of this post is cracking me up!

  6. Love this and I already have all the items at home! Winning!

  7. That project is adorable! Thanks for sharing a great idea. :)

  8. This is so cute and really does seem so easy! Also, super random but, if you combine your initials and Beau's initials, they're mine :) wHn! haha

  9. SO beautiful steph i love it!! Your house and all your interior decorating/little decor pieces are exactly what I want in my future home! Except...I might need to come to Texas to kill an oryx for my wall because the only things around here wall-worthy are black bears! And even that allowed!??! #NoClueAboutHunting


  10. LOVE that centerpiece! So cute/creative, but simple enough that even someone like me could recreate it :) that's my kind of craft!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I need to do more hunting around for one of those crates. It would come in so handy for lots of my idears ;) (or in this case, your idears that I steal, ha)

  12. Um, I'm obsessed. You already know that I'm a fan of the rustic/farmhouse vibe - as half my house has burlap. This is PERFECT. I've already done two christmas crafts, I'm thinking this will be my third :)

  13. How cute & I also love the Noel photo at the end of you two! How adorable sweet girl..

  14. Love your Noel photo at the end and my cats each have their own stocking with their names so no judgment here.

  15. Oh PERFECT! Finally a DIY I can handle ;) So cute. Definitely hanging on to this idea for next Christmas.


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