June 26, 2014

Personalized Gifts for Baby (Ok, But Really For Mommas-To-Be!)

If there was a way for me to monogram my baby, I would.

Ok. That's a lie. 

But really...isn't it like an unwritten rule that baby girls should automatically be born into a world full of monograms, initials and personalized items galore?! I rest my case.

Because I've spent more time researching all things monogrammed than I've researched hospitals and daycares (#truestory), I wanted to take a quick minute to share them in case any of you are in the market for similar items either for yourself, or for a mommy-to-be! Also because giving things like diapers, wipes and butt cream are just far too practical to give as gifts... ;)

And also because they're just too stinking cute not to post about. Le duh.

First things first, the baby book. Ahhh. Something I couldn't WAIT to buy, but at the same time, the thing that took what felt like forever to find! (Sidenote: did you know that people pay anywhere up to $200 for a freaking monogrammed baby book? Ya. Me either.) I knew I wanted something timeless and not modern, yet soft and girly but not outrageously expensive. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I stumbled upon The Sweet Rhino's personalized baby memory books and it was love at first site. 


I meannnnn....everything I was looking for...

She has all types of prints of fabrics for the outside of your baby's book, several different options as far as the inside page design and you can buy allllll the extra pages you want. Not to mention...she doe custom jobs, too! The cover is lined with fabric, in case any of you are wondering, so say you had some fabric that matched baby's bedding, she could make a book out of that!

Also to note: I placed my order on a Thursday and had it in my hands at the beginning of the following week. Definitely a plus!

As a writer, naturally, I cannot wait to sit down and take the time to fill in every single little blank line on every single page!

Ok moving right along.

Besides a baby memory book, I knew I wanted some type of journal for baby girl so that I can write notes to her as the days go by and so that she will always have something to look back on when I'm old and gray and can't write anymore. I knew I wanted something simple, yet again, something that was personalized for her and her only and that I could always buy more of , should I fill the first one up.

Insert: the May Designs custom May Book.

I hope I fill this one with so many little love notes that I have to buy a new one for each year, but I'm trying not to put to much pressure on myself and just take it one letter at a time. To say I'm anxious to sit down in the rocking chair in her room and write her the very first letter would be the biggest understatement of the year! Now just to figure out exactly what I want that first letter to say...

This next one is incredibly near and dear to my heart: the monogrammed hospital gown. Seriously...when I got this out of my mailbox, I instantly thought to myself,"Ok I'm pretty sure this is the most precious piece of mail I will ever receive!"...besides a puppy, of course. But please don't mail me a puppy. Oakley is enough to handle right now. ;)

While I'm not 100% sure if she will be coming home in this or if this will be the very first real outfit baby girl wears outside of the womb, knowing that I will have a precious little pink bundle wearing this little number in less than 11 weeks makes my heart skip a beat. I know that's "so cliche" of me to say, but it's an honest to goodness feeling that I just can't explain!

And last, but definitely not least...something that will make cleaning up baby puke cuter than EVER...personalized burp cloths! So bright and cheery and hello...they scream girly girl! I just can't handle it. Who knew getting burp cloths in the mail could literally make your week?!!

Know what else can make your week? YOU get a chance to win your very own set of personalized burp cloths! And you can personalize them ANY way you want!! No really...ANY way you want!

The ever-so-sweet Susanna with Sweet & Simple Stitches has offered to giveaway a set of personalized burp cloths to one lucky follower!! She was seriously a JOY to work with and her products are nothing short of adorable! (DUH!) She also makes the most precious monogrammed sippy cups that I cannot WAIT to get my hands on once Paisley is old enough to drink out of one (though I'm definitely not trying to rush any milestones here!).

To be entered to win a set of personalized burp cloths, all you have to do is 'like' Sweet and Simple Stitches on Facebook ! That's it! And even if you're not a momma or momma-to-be, don't be shy! Go ahead and enter...you can always gift it to one of your momma bear friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So ya...I used to talk about happy hours and booze and here I am talking all things burp cloths and baby books. My how things have changed... ;)


  1. I am in love with the circle monogram. My little girl is due in November and I would love to win a set of these for her. Liked on FB!

  2. I LOVE that baby book! I am going ot have to 'pin' that one! I just liked Sweet and Simple Stitches on FB!

  3. My daughter is due in August and I would love a set of burp cloths! I liked them on FB!

  4. My little lady is due the same day as you. I would love to have some of theses adorable personalized burp clothes for her. Liked on FB.

  5. Well of course now I'm going to have to look into these baby books :)
    It's funny you posted this because just last night I was thinking, I hope I can find a baby book that I like, so I can start working on it soon. Hooray for your shower this weekend! Exciting :)

  6. I love May books! I've bought one of the planners the past two years. And that baby book is adorable. Good choices!

  7. Paisley's hospital gown is absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait to see pics of her in it!

  8. I love her hospital gown! I am going to have to check the site out for our little one.

  9. I love sweet and simple stitches! I ordered all my gifts for all ages from susanna. Her talent and creativity comes out in everything she makes!

  10. Love, love, love all of these!! Especially the memory book! For our future babes I plan on turning bumpdates into a picture book but, I love this for all of the extra stuff you would want to include!!

  11. Some of my coworkers bought Jack personalized burp clothes and we love them! I love the letter notebook, too! Such a great idea that she can keep forever.

  12. All of that stuff is beyond cute! She is def going to be the most stylish baby on the block for sure!

  13. All of this is SO CUTE! I love the idea of the journal... precious!

  14. Everything is so precious & girly! I love it. So happy for you! :)

  15. I don't really know how to react to the fact that I just almost entered a giveaway for monogram burp cloths because they're precious and monogrammed and cute. Except I'm not preggo, no where near it. I have reached a new low.

  16. That hospital gown is PRECIOUS! I'm not even married and I could easily order one right now, it's so stinkin' cute! Your baby will be super loved!

  17. I have a Sweet Rhino baby book too and love it! I'm about to order done pages to add in like the calendar with stickers for milestones. Oh and love that adorable onesie!

  18. I won't lie - everything personalised is adorable and we love it too! x

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  21. I just ordered a baby book for my arrival due in October! Thanks for sharing, I've been looking all over for one that I liked! I can't wait to get it!

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