August 4, 2014

Because It's Monday...

And because though I may be a tiny bit bias (ya think?), I firmly believe every Monday morning should be celebrated with uber adorable pictures of none other than my dog. Duh.

Also see: I'm really soaking up these last few weeks of giving her my undivided attention as much as possible.

Sweet treats from Oakley's German Shepherd friend, Lilly. Seriously? I die.

Because the coffee table is obviously the most comfortable sleeping option here... 

If the words "Poor thing" come to mind when you see this, don't worry. I completely agree with you. Until Paisley is here, she's been submitted to be my baby bow/headband/clothes/hooded towel guinea pig. And the only reason she submits to my idiotic decisions to do so is because she knows that treats always follow...

I can't make this one up. Sister laid down next to me and instantly put her hand up on my belly. Naturally, I had to snap 13 photos.

Our newest Saturday & Sunday morning rituals. I sit in the glider thinking of all things baby, while she stalks any person, dog, cat, bird, bug or leaf that passes by that front window.

 ...because this is what I really want to be doing right now.

OK enough of my dog. 
Back to Monday... #ick


  1. Ew, I don't want to go back to Monday. I'd rather just look at more pictures of your dog, please and thank you!

  2. The words "Bless her heart" came to my mind when I saw the headband pic ;)
    As long as she got a treat momma! She said she'd oblige you ;)

  3. I love the awkward laying on the couch/coffee table picture

  4. I think I need to steal Oakley, ok? Thanks ;)

  5. How sweet of her fur friend to send treats!! Where do pups come up with all the cute & funny stuff they do!? She's precious & is going to make a great big sister!!

  6. Oakley girl is just too precious for words. I love the pictures of her paw on your belly. Makes my heart melt. Hope you are feeling great and looking forward to sweet baby girls arrival.

  7. She is adorable, and going to be the best big sister x

  8. I just love Miss Oakley! She is such a pretty girl and I absolutely LOL'd at the pic of her in the headband. Too cute. Oh, and the treats and card? I die.

  9. So cute!!! Love all the pics, what a little sweetie! :D

  10. I just died a little from all this cuteness. She's just too cute!

  11. SOOOO CUUUUTE!! She's going to make a great big sister!


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