August 13, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 36 Weeks

Well, people. I made it. 9 months! 9 whole months, which means only one more to go! Whoever said pregnancy was only 9 months was full of it! I'm glad I prepared myself by learning a few years ago that's it's actually 10 months...otherwise I'd be driving myself absolutely insane right about now thinking I was past my due date!

So what's going on with this baby bump?
  • I started having weekly appointments now, which is absolutely absurd to me. First they were a month apart, then two weeks and now every week!
  • We had our final ultrasound this Monday and baby girl is still doing great! We got to see her little heart flutter and watched her suck on her bottom lip, which is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! The doctor said she's measuring just a little bit small but she's already 5 lbs. 12 oz. which absolutely BLOWS MY MIND! They say she should gain about half a pound a week from here on out so the the longer she stays in, the meatier she will be! ;) 
  • That being said, though she's measuring a little small...I'm already 2 cm dilated! I know that can mean a lot, or it can mean nothing at all so I'm just taking it day by day! Do I feel any different? Nope! My doctor was actually surprised to see that I had already started making progress seeing that Paisley is "a little small" so I'll take it!
  • Also blowing my mind...the next time we see our baby girl she won't be black and white dots on an ultrasound screen...she will be a real life, breathing, pink baby girl in our arms and I absolutely cannot WAIT!! 
  • Perhaps I'm oblivious to the world but last week I started taking Epsom salt baths for my bone pain and dang it does that stuff work! I definitely knew it was working, but I guess I didn't realize how well it was working because I ran out yesterday and am totally feeling it today. WHO KNEW?? For ANYONE having pain, whether it's pregnancy-related or not, I highly HIGHLY recommend an Epsom salt bath! 
  • I know I said this last week but mine and P's bag is packed! 100% ready to go, with the exception of the stuff I'll need to toss in the day of. The reason I'm saying this again is because tomorrow I'll be posting a "What's in my hospital bag?" type post. I know they're all over the interwebs, but I've received a ton of requests from preglet friends and readers so I hope someone finds it useful!
  • My face is really getting round. And so is my butt. I feel like I've definitely "widened" over the past week or so. What a joy! ;)
  • Total weight gain so far is right around 27 lbs. and I'm okay with this. I know I'll lose it after the baby comes so until then, I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. After all, I'm pregnant. I'm not going to get ANY skinnier between now and delivery so I'm going to enjoy every single bite and calorie up until then!
  • My only fear/anxiety right now is not knowing when any of this is going down. I don't consider myself to be a crazy, type-A planner person, but I mean, bringing a child into this world IS a big deal and it would kind of be nice to have a general idea as to when it's going to happen. Unfortunately, something tells me Paisley will be like "someone I know" and will have a mind of her own when it comes to making her big debut! According to my doctor, at this point, we just wait to see when she wants to come or if I get to 39 weeks and I'm just "done", she said we'll have a different conversation at that point. ;) 
  • Someone at work the other day told me "You're waddling! And it's so cute!" Scuse? The last time I checked waddling was only cute on ducks and penguins, which I am not. Thanks?

Overall, I feel good. I feel really good. Some days I'm a little more uncomfortable than others but I know it's just a part of this whole beautiful process and will one day be a distant memory! I am reminded daily of just how incredible the human body is and I just feel incredibly blessed to be able to house a human being in my belly for as long as I have!

And that's all I got for today! I'm off to waddle myself around the office today! ;) Happy hump day party people!


  1. Waddle or not, you look great!

  2. I can't believe you're so close to having her... & the next time you'll see her will be in the flesh!? O. M. Ggggg!!!!

  3. You're so close!!!
    Talking about waddling - months ago two of my co-workers told me they were "taking bets on me." I guess I looked at the confused and they said something to the effect of on whether I was going to be a "waddler." I didn't think that was funny and I agree with you, I don't think I'd find it very "cute" if someone said it to me! Throat punch for the win!

  4.'s time you pack a towel in your purse! 2cm dilated could mean water breaking any minute! A towel between the legs is a life saver. TMI? Perhaps, but beyond true. :)

  5. Of course you look gorgeous and definitely enjoy every bite of food you can because who knows once Miss Paisley is here you might now have time to actually enjoy your food! I cannot wait to see pictures of her, she is going to be so precious, no doubt!!!!

  6. You're getting so close! I am about 10 weeks behind you so it has been fun to follow your pregnancy and see what's ahead : ) I am with you on being completely blown away by what the human body is capable of! Enjoy the rest of the journey! xO

  7. All I can think about when you say "waddle" is that dang Wobble Baby song! Haha! Getting so close!

  8. I nominated you for a liebster award, because you're one of my favorite blogs to read! Check out my latest post for more information!

    Bethany @ ClassySassyCarolinaLady

  9. I was also told at 35 weeks that our little guy was a bit small measuring at 5 lbs 10 oz. I ended up being induced 4 days after my due date and our "little" guy was born at 7 lbs 11 oz. He had to come c section for he was too big for me to deliver. So just a heads up that she may not stay little in these short weeks you have left.

    good luck! hope you have a smooth delivery!!

  10. Oh my gosh, she could be here at any time! I am so excited for you, parenthood is such a beautiful experience and it flies by!

  11. I seriously feel like you just announced you were preggers and now it's like, here! OMG I can't wait for little P updates!

  12. Oh my gosh, totally any day now! ;) I am falling even more and more in love with her name. It is precious! I can't wait to see photos of the little one! If she's anything like you, then she is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Eeeep!

  13. Haha, work that swag mama :)
    You look gorgeous and I cannot believe you are so near the end (and 2cm already!!) I am so excited for you x

  14. I didn't know i was in labor until i had my dr appt the next day. I thought i was just having braxton hicks contractions. But once my Dr said i was in labor i started timing them and then later that night i had a baby. I went and worked all day and just kept track of them. I went to the hospital after i was off work and 5 hours later i had a baby.


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