August 6, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 35 Weeks

Dress found here.

Hey friends! Happy Hump Day Bump Day!! I'm so glad to be here, at the 35-week mark, that is...because I'll be real honest...I'm finally starting to understand what they mean by the last couple of months being "uncomfortable". I LAUGH at the word uncomfortable because that's putting it lightly...

Ok so it's not that bad...yet...but I can definitely see why women get so anxious towards the end of pregnancy...

A few notes I want to remember from this week (AKA: a mini novel because I couldn't stop typing):
  • Baby girl is the size of a pineapple! Considering I've been demolishing an entire pineapple every week, the fact that I'm growing a human being inside of me that's the size of the ones I've been cutting up blows my mind. The human body amazes me! 
  • Speaking of food, while I haven't had any "cravings" in a while, I 'm definitely still on the watermelon train. Ice cold cut up watermelon...gah. I can't get enough of it!
  • Paisley girl LOVES stretching out across my abdomen, fully extending her legs and pushing her feet against my right side. It's the craziest thing to see a little foot poke out and to be perfectly honest, it hurts! She also enjoys storing herself under my rib cage which is not an awesome feeling either. Alas, I still love the movement because it lets me knows she's doing alright in there so I say bring on the kicks and the long overstayed welcome in my ribs. You've only got 5 more weeks MAX to torture my insides so I'll take it! ;)
  • Though I feel good overall, my body hurts. Like aches...and in places I never knew existed. While it's bearable, it's definitely not enjoyable, and I know I'll probably never feel completely "normal" again, I will be glad when the shooting pains in my pelvis are no longer a daily concern. 
  • No one ever told me my bones would hurt. And they do. 
  • I officially have an outtie and it's weird! The more I eat or the harder I laugh, the more it sticks out. (See above photo.) See it?!
  • My veins are out. of. control! Thankfully, they aren't of the varicose variety, just regular ol' veins, but because you produce so much extra blood and I guess because they're closer to the surface of your skin, you see veins you never knew existed! My stomach, sides and boobs look like road maps! It's almost as weird as the outtie.
  • Next Monday afternoon is my final, I FINAL ultrasound, and is also when I'll start going in weekly to be checked for progress. Holy mother of guacamole.
  • This past weekend I had my family shower and it was seriously the best! There really is nothing better than friends and family surrounding you showering your little girl with so much love! The food and decor was nothing short of perfection and the cake...oh my goodness gracious THE CAKE was fab!! (Pics to come soon!) Not to mention, this little girl of ours is so loved and spoiled already because we came home with an entire truck full of baby swag. And when I say an entire truck, I mean we had stuff piled to the brim and only had room for Beau and I in the cab and still had stuff in our laps. We came home feeling very grateful for everyone's love and support!
  • My work shower is tomorrow and I am SO excited about it!! I work with such a fun group of girls, err-women, who have pretty much guided me through this entire pregnancy so I'm excited to spend time with them outside of working hours! :)
  • Also to be noted, my hospital bag is packed. And so is Paisley's. Well, we're sharing a bag so I guess I should say "our" bag is packed. I'm still waiting for dad to pack his (ahem...hint hint...if you're reading this). I've also picked up quite a few snacks to keep in the hospital room for visitors (aka: Beau). Shizz is getting real. And REAL quick!
  • Sleep is still good so no complaints there. Though it takes an act of congress for me to get in and out of bed to make my normal trips to the bathroom, the sleep in between is awesome. (Thank you God!)
  • I cannot stop thinking about meeting this baby girl of ours! I just want to know what she looks like, if she has any hair, what her little personality will be like, if she'll have brown or blue eyes, what her little fingers and toes will look like and whether or not she'll have chubby cheeks. Ah! So much to think about! I just keep envisioning Beau and I seeing her for the very first time and it literally makes my heart swell up like a big ol' balloon!
My dress in this week's picture is probably one of my favorite dresses I've ever owned to date...and even more so because it's NOT maternity! I'm really trying to not buy any more maternity clothes so when I found this gem I knew I had to snag her up immediately!

I got SO many compliments on it at my shower and I just felt good wearing it! (It takes a LOT for a pregnant girl to "feel good" in anything at almost 9 months pregnant!) Plus, it's uber long which means it not only suited the belly, but I was able to wear wedges with it!

Dress found here in navy and coral.

This time next week, we'll know if I've made any progress in the dilation and effacement departments. Whoa. Just WHOA.


  1. I know I tell you this every week but, you really do look great! I cannot believe that you are about to start visiting the doc every week & soo soon your baby girl will be here!! Way to be prepared by buying snacks for the hospital ahead of time! Such a great idea!!

  2. That is a beautiful dress and it suits you wonderfully. I understand completely about the discomfort of the third trimester. Sofia was a doozy then and she loved to cozy up under my hip and ribs. Hang in there, Mama! Your time is almost through!

  3. we are sooo soo close! and I can't wait for our babies to meet! I'm sure they will all the wedding festivities. andddd labor and delivery exams! crazy, crazy stuff. I go to my second this friday! and yes the achey bones. achey, achey bones.

  4. Congrats! Not long now :) I had NO progress at my 36 week appt, so good luck to you! Fingers crossed I have something to report on my 38 week appt in a couple days!

  5. 35 weeks?! Holy bump! Didn't you *just* tell us you were pregnant?! Regardless, I'm so excited for you to finally meet your little girl! So crazy that it's almost just around the corner!

  6. Ahh! So excited for you! And that dress is amazing on you! I'm pretty much full of baby fever after reading this! :)

  7. I can't believe how close it is for all of us baby mamas due within weeks of each other. You're looking great!! Hang in there!!! I have 13 days left (eeeeeek!) and it's just so surreal. I also have not packed a bag. At least I almost have the nursery finished? Haha

  8. Hi Stephanie! Congrats on making it thus far and looking radiant! Would love it if you considered a post on what to pack or rather, what you packed, in your hospital bag! :)

  9. So pretty!!! Glad your schedule is filled up with fun showers and parties!!!

  10. It will go by so fast and before you know it she will be here :) So exciting!

  11. Wow, this is crazy! My name is also Stephanie, I craved watermelon during my pregnancy with my daughter who was also due on Sept. 8 of 2012 (she ended up arriving Sept. 1). Are we the same person?
    o_0 I just stumbled upon your blog, I like it! check mine out some time if you like ; )

  12. Gorgeous dress! It'll be here before you know it! Good luck in the next few weeks!

  13. You look fantastic and I love that dress! :)

  14. You look awesome!! :) Enjoy your last few weeks - even if they're "uncomfortable!" :) Jake didn't pack his bag until I was actually "laboring" so Beau has time - but BEAU PACK YOUR BAG! hahaha


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