August 20, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 37 Weeks

Let's be real for a minute here.

37 weeks (&4 days) has arrived and I think it's safe to say as of this week, I am officially over it. Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

I have had a really enjoyable pregnancy so I am definitely not taking any of the first 36 weeks for granted, but my body hurts. My pelvis, pubic bone and back are killing me. My body is exhausted, mentally and physically. Weird things are happening all around. I don't feel like myself at all. And I'm just ready to meet this baby girl and figure out what life will be like with a little one. I'm ready to see Beau be a daddy. I'm ready to see my mom be a grandmother for the very first time. I'm just ready for her to be here.

Paisley and I have had several real serious pep talks in the past 24 hours and she is welcome to join this world any day now.

A few things I don't want to forget about this week:
  • As of my appointment on Monday, I am 4 centimeters dilated, 50% effaced and baby girl is at a -2 position. Like last week, while this could all mean something, it could also mean nothing at all. Aye aye aye!
  • All of this to be said, the doctor didn't really say "when" she thinks D-day will be, but she did say "Babies are born all the time at 37 weeks..."
  • Thanks to lasagna, cupcakes and red velvet pancakes over the weekend, I refused to look at the scale at my appointment this week but I think it's somewhere around 27 pounds.
  • I vacuumed all the blinds in the house this week. Who. Am. I?
  • The carseat is officially installed! I repeat, there's a carseat in my backseat and it's a super weird thing to see back there!
  • Thank the good Lord I do not have any stretch marks as of today. I've recently heard they can come in full force after delivery so I'll still be slathering on the Burt's Bee's Mama Bee for a few more weeks for sure!
  • Labor signs: random contractions here and there but nothing painful or timeable, slight period-like cramping, and I may or may not be slowly losing my plug. (TMI? Sorry...but it's part of the process.) Not 100% sure about the plug part (Google can only help a girl out so much) but it's a possibility.
  • That being said...a trip to L&D may or may not have happened yesterday. Without getting into too many details, everything is fine. Baby girl is fine. And I am not in labor.
  • Watermelon is still my BFF. I cut one up on Saturday and it was completely demolished by yesterday morning. Note to self: Pick up watermelon after work. OH...and I canNOT stop eating crushed ice. GIMME ALL THE ICE!!! Nom nom nom!
  • My roots in this week's bump photo are horrendous. Thank you. I know. My appointment is scheduled for this Friday should I not pop by then.
So here we are. We wait.
(Insert Jeopardy theme song here.)

I could deliver tomorrow. I could deliver in 3 weeks. 

Yesterday when I was in L&D, it was a very sobering feeling. A feeling of "Oh my GOD is this it?", to "Holy crap I'm not ready!" to "Could we possibly be meeting our Paisley girl today?!" back to "No no no, I can't do this today. Not today." When I say every emotion ran through my mind yesterday, I mean every emotion and then some.

I'm completely terrified and excited all at the same time. Terrified of birth, excited about welcoming this precious blessing into our lives. Terrified of not knowing when all this is going to happen, but excited about being a parent with Beau. Terrified of complications, but excited to know that all of the anticipation over the past 9 months could be here any day now.

That's all for today. Only 3 more bump dates left MAX...bear with me people. ;)


  1. Good luck, Stephanie :) Everything will be OK :)

  2. I am right there with you girl! 37 weeks tomorrow for me and I am so ready to be done with pregnancy. I am tired and sore and want my body back! LOL! Its all for a good cause, but still...

  3. You were on my mind a lot yesterday for some reason! Now I know why!! Glad to hear everything is going good still! I can only imagine the emotions you're going through these days!! Will be praying for you, Beau & sweet Paisley that when it is time for her to make her arrival, all goes well & you have a quick & safe delivery!!

  4. Glad you're doing okay sister! I almost texted you last night when I noticed you'd been quiet on Twitter and Insta for a few days! Keep little Paisley cookin as long as ya can, though it sounds like you're making some progress :)

  5. You got this! Sounds like progress is in the works!

  6. Hang in there! I am 39 weeks (40 Friday!) and officially off work, at home, waiting it out. It is THE weirdest feeling knowing you could have a baby in a day, or in a matter or weeks. Enough to drive a person crazy. Hoping for a safe delivery for you SOON!! Any for me too :)

  7. You're so close and looking great!!!

  8. Almost there! Our little babe is 4 weeks old tomorrow, which is really hard to believe! I felt great my whole pregnancy and then the last month hit… holy hell are the last 4 weeks hard! I was so sick of people telling me to "enjoy it" and "sleep now" and "you're almost there" but seriously, try to enjoy it! Once your little baby is here, life gets completely turned upside down! The first 2 weeks were so damn hard and I remember thinking that the last few weeks of pregnancy were nothing compared to L&D and learning how to care for a newborn! We love our little man to pieces, but yes, we some times miss our old life. Best wishes for a safe and smooth delivery and may you ease gracefully into life as a parent! :-) Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your thoughts on mommyhood (especially b/c I'm sure you won't sugar coat anything!) All the best!

  9. Girl - you have this...I promise that labor and delivery (well - if you are medicating) is an amazing journey! It's the hardest thing you will ever do but the most rewarding. Do not be fearful as we were created to do this. :)

  10. oh, wow! Already 4 cm... that's awesome!
    I just recently heard from my friend that girls are usually quick while boys are hanging out down there for much much longer time... I'm 37 weeks almost and feeling like I could do another 1 month or so :)

  11. I have enjoyed reading your pregnancy journey along the way! You are so so close! I promise you that while, yes, labor can be terrifying- it is so worth it. I know it's cliche to say but you really do forget all about any bit of uncomfortable-ness as soon as you hold that baby in your arms. That was hands down the best moment of my life! Best of luck and I hope you get to meet your sweet little girl soon! I went into labor at 38w1d. Walk,walk, walk your little heart out- it works!

    Caitlin :)

  12. So exciting!! Blaire was born at 38 weeks, so babies do come early ALL the time! I was so ready for her to arrive in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but when I finally went into labor and was at the hospital, I freaked out. I just could not believe that was actually she was coming that day. I waited for so long and it was a weird (and scary) feeling to realize that the time had finally come! And (more TMI), my water broke the day I lost my plug...and I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. Get ready!! Oh, PS - we're neighbors now! We moved 2 weeks ago! I saw you and Oakley driving the other day. :-)

  13. The finalllll countdownnnnnnn song plays.

  14. Walk Walk Walk as much as you can!

  15. She's coming.... She listened to your little pep talk and she is on her way! So excited for you both :)

  16. You're almost there, Mama! :) You look amazing, by the way! I will be 31 weeks this Sunday! We aren't too far apart! It's coming so fast! :)

  17. You're so close!! And still looking great! And I'm amazed that you are at 4cm...I think I was getting my epidural about then! :) Hope you guys have a great delivery and a healthy baby girl!

  18. Guess it was "tomorrow"! Congrats girlie!

  19. Saw on Katie's blog that you had your sweet little baby, congrats girl!

  20. No bump update yesterday... thinking you may have had your sweet girl?!? Thinking of you!

  21. I hope all of this blog silence means baby has arrived and not you are too miserable to post! Either way cannot wait for updates galore! A preemptive CONGRATS in case the baby has been born!


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