April 29, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A Gypsy

So I have this ongoing "joke" about me being a gypsy. I make comments all the time about never being home, always having an extra set of clothes, permanently affixing a clothes rack in my car, etc...

Well, this has now become reality. I am now going on 1 month of not having a car. (Well, I have a car. It's just sitting at the service department of the Mazda dealership waiting to be fixed but I refuse to pay to fix it since I didn't damage it.) Anyways, I have really become a gypsy. (Or a nomad, migrant, whatever you want to call it...) You see, I have to have someone take me to and from work every day, and anywhere else I need to go.

Every. Single. Day.

In saying this, Beau typically drives me to and from work Monday and Tuesday. Then my mom takes me Wednesday and Thursday, which means I have to stay with her Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And Beau usually carts me everywhere on Friday, Saturday & Sunday...which means I have to stay with him all weekend. I don't have a problem staying with him, or my mom for that matter, but the problem is that I am never at my own place these days. I work hard to pay my rent and my bills to only use them about 50% of the time. But what else can I do?

I am so thankful for both my mom and Beau taking me to and from everywhere...literally...and for them letting me borrow their cars when I need to go somewhere but I HATE being dependent on someone else. I have never been the type to depend on someone else 24/7 so this has been an adjustment...to say the least.

I have two sets of everything I use on a daily basis (leave in conditioner, razor, perfume, deodorant, etc...you name it). One set stays at my apartment (just in case I might be home) and the other set stays packed, because I never know where I am going to end up. Luckily, I wear a solid black suit to work every day so I don't ever have to worry about lugging around 8 different outfits for the chance that I might want to wear one. I simply pick out a different color shirt and jewelry and am on my merry way. I also wear the same pair of black heals everyday, which makes life a little easier. Now the weekends are a totally different story. I literally live out of a bag. On a good note, it's kind of like going on a mini-vacation every weekend. I pack my bag on Friday afternoon, head to Beau's house, and don't come home until Sunday night! (Ok, I made that sound ALOT better than what it really is...)

My point here is that I hate not being home. I know I sound like "poor, poor pitiful me" but this whole "not having a vehicle" thing is really starting to take its toll on me.

Fortunately, this time next year I will be happily married and will have a place to call "home"! I am SO happy to say that. I have moved 9 times since 2004, thanks to college and sorority life, and I am looking forward to being "Home, Sweet, Home"!

As for the next 352 days, I will remain "gypsy girl"...

Packing my bags,


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  1. I totally understand! I was like this for about a month and a half before my wedding (my actual wedding). My lease was up so I lived with a friend for the three weeks before my Almost Wedding. Then when Hurricane Ike hit I lived with three different people for two weeks and bounced around until we were finally able to get married two wks later. I lived out of my car (at least I had one). Car trouble and hurricanes stink! Hang in there chica!


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