April 27, 2010

Most Current Addictions

I go through these phases where I fall in LOVE with certain things. Who doesn't? As for now, here are a few things I am absolutely in love with...

As you know, I am "carless" at the moment so I'm sure you can understand my obsession with anything that has 4 wheels and an engine. I stumbled across this car in the parking lot the other day and it was love at first site. It's a Kia Forte Koup. Yes, I said KIA. Who would have ever thought I would want a Kia? And who would think I would want a coupe after totaling my micro machine Celica a few years back? But just look at how adorable it is?! Who wouldn't want this?! (Especially someone who doesn't even have so much as a bike to pedal at the moment...)

I am a country music kind of girl. It's all I listen to. Although I am not a HUGE Joe Nichols fan, I can't help but love his new song "Gimme That Girl". It's such a down to earth, fun song that would make any girl feel good in jeans and a t-shirt!

Yes, this next one is an apple. I have this crazy obsession with apples right now. I'm not talking any ol' apple. I'm talking the half yellow, half red, crunchy Gala apple. It's the most perfect piece of fruit I have ever put in my mouth! It's crunchy, sweet and high in fiber! Not to mention apples are really good for your hair!

The Ellen Show-don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I know some people throw up controversy over her and her marriage to Porshe De Rossi but Ellen is a wonderful person. She is so kind and giving and is absolutely HIL-A-RIOUS! She comes on every day at noon, which I tape religiously to watch when I get home from work every night. If there is one T.V. show that I must watch, it's Ellen!


Lastly, and most important, I am LOVING wedding planning!! Most people think of it as stressful, but so far my experience has been very pleasant! (...ask me how I feel 6 months from now...) But who wouldn't want to spend an entire day trying on wedding gowns, or get all dressed up to take engagement pictures, or play 007 in Bed Bath & Beyond registering for all the COOL stuff YOU want?!? I LOVE IT!!

Ok-that's all for now!




  1. I will NOT let you but a KIA. We will talk about this later!

  2. Confession: I DVR Ellen every day. I put it on while I'm cleaning on Fridays. She cracks me up!!


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