May 4, 2010

Wedding Dance

As you can see,from the Scissor Biscuit pictures, we have a pretty RoWdY group of people we have chosen to be in our wedding party. If you don't know, here they are:

Julie Waddill (Maid of Honor)
Ashley Bright
Destiny (Perry) Inman
Kristen Grube
Brooke (Bowans) Filson
Angelica DeVries
Julie (Howard) Patterson

Jon Yager (Best Man)
Brian North
Adam Watters
Scott Wright
J.W. Wright
Christopher Wright
Chris Joffrion
Brian Patterson

Jared Shuler
James Thornton
Irvin DeLa Cruz
Mark Cortez
Ben Munnell

Bride & Groom:
Me & Beau (DUH!)

Ok. Now that you are wondering why I listed all those people, I would like to roll out what Beau and I have in mind for our wedding party entrance...

This was actually done during these people's ceremony (GUTSY!) but Beau and I want to do this for our reception entrance! Talk about getting the party started! This cracks me up EVERY.TIME.

After a few beers and a pair of sunglasses to make us feel "invisible", this is something we would could totally pull off!

Playing choreographer,


1 comment:

  1. Please pair me with a strong guy and let me do the running superman lift thing from Dirty Dancing followed my the robot!!!!


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