May 27, 2010

Last night WAS a fairytale!

Besides the day Beau proposed and the day I say "I DO!", yesterday was probably one of THE best days of my life! Like I said in my last post, Julie, Ashley and I had tickets to Taylor Swift.

We made arrangements for Beau to drop us off and pick us up so we didn't have to worry about parking or driving intoxicated. We arrive at Toyota Center, get an adult beverage (or two), and started making our way to our seats. They were in section 411. Being the typical confused girls we are, we asked R.D (the man checking tickets at one of the aisles) to help us find level 400. He told us to get on the elevator and take it to the 4th level (DUH). As we were about to walk off to get in the elevator, R.D. asked Ashley,"Is it just the three of you?" Ashley replied "Yes" and R.D. then preceded to tell us to come back in 30 minutes because there were seats closer than where our tickets were and that he would let us sit in them. WHOA?! Wait a second! R.D. was offering to move us from the nosebleeds to sit on the FIRST level! We made our way to our seats on the 4th level and stayed for about 20 minutes and realized that we should probably take up R.D.'s deal. So we did. We went back to the first level and found R.D.. He was taking care of some other patrons, helping them find their seats, etc, and told us to stand to the side for a second. All of a sudden a tall man in yellow walked up to us. He mentioned that he had wristbands and pit passes to get all the way down in front of the stage but we couldn't make a scene about it or we couldn't go. We thought he was kidding. I flashed him my left hand and said use the old excuse that it was my last "hoo rah" before the big day and that I was dancing to Taylor Swift at my wedding. He slapped on the wristbands, gave us some of Taylor Swift's guitar picks and told us to follow him. Julie was almost in tears, I hugged him, and Ashley was beside herself. Then he goes on to tell us that he's TAYLOR SWIFT'S DAD and that he would personally walk us down there!!! (And he really was Taylor's dad...we googled him!) Good ol' Scott Swift followed through. He literally walked us backstage, where we saw Taylor's backup dancers, walked us through a black curtain and straight up to the stage! Two hours into the concert we kept asking each other "What the hell just happened?! and HOW did it happen to us?!" It was absolutely fabulous!! I must add that Julie, Ashley and I were the only girls down there old enough to drink so we definitely enjoyed ourselves (maybe a little too much!)

Everything was camera AND my phone died. WTF? Seriously? Not only did my camera die but apparently it had a mind of it's own and deleted everything on my memory card (ya-it's time for a new one). But here are some pics I took from my iPhone, prior to it's death. For any of you who have an iPhone know there is NO zoom...this is really how close we were!

These are the ONLY pictures I have...I'm so sad...but I will NEVER forget this night! Thank you R.D., whom I will never see again, and thank YOU Mr. Swift for an unforgettable night!

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