May 14, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect. (Right?)

It just recently occurred to me that I'm really bad a wearing white. Not that I look bad in white (Hello! It accentuates my tan!) but because I always seem to find a way to spill something on it. It never fails.

An example.
At my job, I wear a black suit everyday. And yes, this includes a long sleeved suit jacket as well. I typically wear a cute color shell underneath but every once in a while I'll wear white. And every time I do this, I find myself asking "WHY!?" because every time, I leave work with some type of new stain on my white shirt. How can I get highlighter, or pen, or coffee on a white shirt that barely shows??? Let me reiterate that fact that I wear a long sleeved jacket. Therefore, I would estimate that there is only about 5 square inches of the white shirt that actually show yet I still manage to find the perfect place for a stain.

So my point in all this is the fact that I really need to practice wearing white. According to my wedding countdown clock, I have 337 days to get it right...(or white?!) I always thought I would have an ivory wedding gown, which wouldn't show dirt or stains as much as a bright white dress. Boy was I wrong. My dress is definitely "diamond white" (A.K.A.-white white). I don't plan on using a highlighter or a pen or drinking coffee on my wedding day but I'm pretty capable of doing anything so it should be interesting to say the least.

To be exact, I have 337 days, 1 hour, 5o minutes and 35.2 seconds to practice and boy do I have my work cut out for me! Ready? Set? GO!


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