May 2, 2010

My Weekend-In A Nutshell

Well, this weekend ended up being not so bad after all...

Friday afternoon, after I had my crying fit, I hung out with Beau-who always makes me feel better. The poor kid cannot do anything...and I mean anything!

On Thursday, he had his third knee surgery (you would think after the first two he would learn his lesson.) He had to have his ACL and lateral meniscus operated on. They took out his ACL because it was shot and put in a cadaver Achilles tendon GROSS! He is hooked up to this hammock looking machine that moves his leg for him. Everyday he has to turn the machine on for 4-6 hours to workout his leg so the muscles don't get tight. On top of that, he has to have an ice pack air cast thing on his knee 24/7. It's basically a mini-cooler with a hose attached to an ice pack. The bad part about it is that it runs out of ice every hour...seriously. So guess who had to fill it up? Every.Hour. Yep-me! And guess who had to remind him to turn his machine on to work his leg? Yep-me! And guess who had to set her alarm every 2 hours-even through the night? Right was me! Every time he had to go to the restroom it was a 20 minute production. We had to take off the ice pack, gently take his leg out of the machine and put it in a brace that goes from his groin to his ankle. Then, since he couldn't lift his own leg, he would scoot to the end of the couch with me lifting his leg. I then lowered his leg to the ground slowly, he hoisted himself up onto his crutches or walker (he changed his mind a lot), then I had to follow him to the restroom to turn on all the lights so he didn't trip and I would close the door behind him. Phew! As if that's not a job, I had to do the whole process but in reverse when he came back. Nine times out of ten, the second I got him comfortable again and I finally get comfy again...he would look up at me with this sad pouty face and hold his big ol' mug in the air. Yep-time for a refill. Don't get me wrong-I will do anything for him. But I thought I was going to go insane if he did that one more time. It's like he was waiting for me to get all cozy to tell me he needed more water...(or food, or medicine, or remote, or cell phone...)

Friday night, I made Beau homemade chicken noodle soup (mom's secret recipe!). I was delicious-to say the least! After dinner, Marsha & Ric made me my FAVORITE cake-in-a-box...FUNFETTI! It was amazing!! So bad, but so good!

Saturday, Beau got a bath. I won't go into detail but I will tell you that after that, I have a whole new appreciation for nurses.

It may not sound all that exhausting...but it is. Trust me. Especially the part where I had to wake up every 2 hours throughout the night to give him his pain meds. So this is us on Saturday afternoon...

I told you...exhausting!

After doing wayyyy to much laying around/napping, I snuck away and ran some errands. All I went out to do was get Beau's oil changed in his truck. I came back with new hot pink Under Armour tennis shoes, a new book: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, a single serve blender and Mother's Day cards (yes, for next weekend...I'm ahead of the game!) I was so excited about my new tennis shoes I wore them to the gym today. They completely clashed with my outfit but the guy that scanned my card noticed them! They look like this...but like I said in PiNk!

My book of choice was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks...LOVE!! I just got it yesterday afternoon and I am already more than halfway through. Pretty impressive for me! (Any book with Channing Tatum on the cover has to be good!)

My single serve blender was by far the best $15 I will ever spend. It's the perfect size for a smoothie and only has one setting so you can't screw anything up! We have one of these at work that I use almost every day and I FINALLY found one so I am thrilled to have my very own at home now!

Nothing too exciting. Just a relaxing, fiance-tending, reading kind of weekend.

Sorry if I put you to sleep!



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  1. This post deserves a comment!! Thank you for taking care of me when I am a big Baby!!

    Love you


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