June 1, 2011

The one that got away

Still just as stunning as when I tried it on.
Maggie Sottero - Ambrosia
I loved this gown.
Who wouldn't?!

That Maggie sure knows how to tug at a girl's heart strings.

And yes...I'm that girl who thinks it's perfectly normal to still look through bridal magazines after the fact. I've got single girlfriends, okay?!

Oh! && by the way...I stumbled upon the newest edition of my ring. I may be just a leeeetle bias but is it not gorgey??!!

Scott Kay - Tiara

Yours truly,
Wedding Obsessed


  1. Honestly, I love your dress much more!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love love love this dress! I actually wanted to try this on once i fell in love with it in the catalog, but they said i had to buy it to try it on. i was like no thank you. lol. very beautiful!

  4. Oh, I totally know what you mean. I'm still always checking out wedding mags:)

  5. OMG I want this beautiful wedding gown. I love the tiered-ness of it

  6. That was the gown I picked out for myself but it made me look like an Umpa Luma when I had it on.

  7. I'm wedding obsessed, too! The sad part is that I have a good 5-6 years before I get married, and I have no boyfriend haha! A girl can dream though, right?

  8. I LOOOOVE Tone it up! I just checked it out and it's awesome! :) Thank you for posting. And I got married 5 years ago and I still love looking at wedding dresses :)

  9. I tried on this dress!! Too funny! But I have to agree with a previous comment, I loved your dress much more!


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