September 6, 2011

Because anyone who lived with me for over 4 years deserves her very own post...

Happy happy birthday to my very own Ashley!! 

...the girl who's always had her head on straight when I didn't know where mine was. ...the girl who let me sleep with her when I was too lonely to sleep by myself.
...the girl who taught me that you can't put liquid soap in the dishwasher.
...the girl who's known for using a hand-vac to clean up her own puke.
...the girl with twin nephews who lets me call them "my boyfriends".
...the girl who lets me play on her Facebook since I don't have my own.
...the girl who moved a bazillion times with me so we could always live together.
...the girl who stood by my side on my wedding day.
...the girl who knows any and everything about me and still loves me.

I love love love you and hope you have a fantastic 26th birthday!!

 Remember: NO crying this year!


  1. how sweet!! Best friends are the best!!!

  2. aww that's such a super sweet post : )

  3. you are a gem to post this for her :)

    .....can I get one now?? jk. kinda.

    You look beautifulll in that pic!!

  4. Aw how sweet! I think you need to ellaborate on the hand vac vom story, though!

  5. how sweet...happy birthday to your buddy!

  6. Happy Birthday to Ashley!! What a fantastic tribute to her.

  7. I loveeeee your rehearsal dinner dress! You look amazing. Can't wait to see more pics.


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