September 20, 2011

Howards Take On Hawaii: Day 3

Day 3

We took the scenic route through the Hawaiian fresh & so green, green.

Chinaman's Hat

Breakfast @ Kono's

A little shopping on the island...
I can haz?

We spent part of the afternoon at Waimea Bay...

... & the other half of the day at Turtle Bay Resort
(may sound familiar...Forgetting Sarah Marshall, anyone?)

What? Your guys don't wear creepy mustaches on vacation?

I solely blame the following for not remembering the remainder of the night...
Apparently we had dinner at Ola's. THE restaurant where they
filmed a dinner scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall..
...we had dessert??? what the....???

Champagne + wine + vodka = hiccups & piggy back rides on Beau's a maxi dress.

So classy, right?
(& why is my hand on my butt??)

I'm not real sure what happened after this photo was taken but clearly I felt like shi-ka-ka the next morning which was totally grounds for a couple of these babies (& a couple thousand calories too)...
Thaz right.
Red velvet pancakes, ladays.
And I ate every little crumb...
(& then felt even worse afterwards...)
Day 4 we went to my favorite beach of them all...
Seriously. Gorg.
((stay tuned folks))


  1. Beautiful pics once again!!
    Those pancakes look sooo good, I don't blame you one bit for enjoying everything piece of them :)

  2. Red velet pancakes... why have I never heard of these before?!? I'll have to find a recipe!

    Beautiful pictures! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii so I'm living vicariously through your blog :-)

  3. You are so cute Stephanie! Love the pics! And oh my velvet pancakes? Sign me up!

  4. Two Words: That Hat! (= ♥)

    Hawaii is so beautiful! I always knew it was but everywhere ya'll went is breath taking!

  5. OMG! those scenes are beautiful! i wanna go to Hawaii! red velvet pancakes..well i am in heaven! looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. Looks like the perfect day and trip. Love all the photos and I have the exact same cover up. Love Target!

  7. Those pice look liKe postcards! So pretty!

  8. Soo jealous- looks like an amazing vacation! I live on the east coast so I am sure the flight would be even worse from here though :( Looks like eating strictly yeast-free worked out well! :) Where did you get that bathing suit- I love it!!

  9. Oh that bay looks so beautiful! What gorgeous photos you captured. Looks like you all had a blast to say the least. Your hand on your butt cracked me up LOL! Those pancakes, oooh ahhh...looks like heaven!!!

  10. Awww I'm having fun reliving your visit!! Can't wait for the next post, haha! Can you send me the shot of us four on the beach? And the one of you and me at Kono's? Love those! Thanks lady!

  11. I want that beach and those pancakes NOW! HAHA :)

  12. oh i love that picture of y'alls hands :) I have that pinned on Pinterest! And those pancakes look so good!

  13. hahahaha Stephanie, go to the link below, it is a post I posted 1.5 years ago. We went to waimea bay and have that exact same pic of the heads thru that shave ice photo. So funny!!

  14. Love the pink dress you're wearing!!!


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