September 7, 2011

Miss to Mrs: 24 hours to go!

The Day Before: April 15, 2011

I remember it like it was yesterday. 
I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep due to chronic weather checking syndrome.  (If you're a bride with an outdoor ceremony or reception, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout...) 

 The second the sun started peeping through the blinds I hit the ground running! Packed up all the bags, clothes, suitcases, gifts, accessories, etc and lined them up by the front door. Our parents were picking us up at noon and we wanted everything to be ready to go the minute they got to our house so we could head straight to the venue.

Beau, in the meantime, went to pick up some friends from the airport. (Guys...always get the easy job!)

Mother missed her exit (what's new?) but nonetheless we arrived at Northwest Forest in one piece, checked in and start unloading the 4, yes four, vehicles that we had filled up. You would have thought we were taking ownership of the place...

Me & my groom <3

Wedding Dress: Check!
Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Check!
Veil: Check!
Happy Anxious Nervous Stressed Bride-to-Be: Check! Check! Check!

I was terrified of the guys being late to rehearsal so I told them all it was an hour before it was really scheduled. Yes, even Beau thought it was at 5pm, not 6. ;) Tricky, tricky bride.

All the boys made it on time and were rewarded...with alcohol, of course.

Me & Ashley
(Check out the baller practice bouquet she made me)

Kristen & Julie (MOH)
Thinking to myself "Holy shizz. This is foreal!"

Baby brother walkin' me down the aisle :)

"We're supposed to do what? and when??"

Sand Ceremony Practice

Purrty Girlies

Stinky boys ;)

Clearly we needed to practice the kiss...

Beau's last chance to run....  ;)

Up next...rehearsal din din! 


  1. so cute and exciting. loved reading this. i have a new outfit post. would love to know what you think. thanks love. xoxo

  2. I love reading about other bloggers' weddings. I know what you mean about checking the weather. Everyday up to the day of my wedding, it rained. I did not want to move the wedding inside and get married inside. I would have been pissed. LOL. Luckily, there was sunny skies. I didn't get any pictures from my rehearsal. We had ours around 1pm, because the venue was booked. At that time, it was so humid. I was ready to get it over with and go eat at the rehearsal lunch.

  3. Aww thats where we had our ceremony after the wedding - in the La Hacienda!!! Loved it there. You were such a beautiful bride =)

  4. I loved your dress here! gorgeous. I remember not sleeping AT ALL the couple days prior. It was like my mind was in knots!

  5. Aw this was fun to read! I am no where near marriage considering I'm as single as they come, but lately my mind has been set on an outdoor wedding on a ranch. I just don't know if my nerves will be able to handle the fear of rain. Love your rehearsal dress! So cute!!! And that boquet was def baller. I've only made one and mine looked really janky. HA!

  6. Aw, I can't wait to read more! I'm 9 days away from my wedding, so I love hearing and reading others wedding stories.

  7. cute I love the pix of the boys and girls

  8. EEK! I have been waiting for these posts!!! :) I love the rehearsal dress!

  9. awww love this post!

    i'm getting married in 2 weeks and am already praying for no rain (outdoor gazebo)... we have a back up plan but it def won't be as nice...

  10. Awh love the recap!! You rehearsal bouquet was so cute!

  11. I love your rehearsal dinner dress!


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