April 17, 2012

Excuse Me While I Reminisce...

Not gonna lie...it was a little hard to wake up to an alarm clock, get dressed, put on a suit and heels and head to work this morning when exactly one year ago today...

I was here.

With this guy...

Who may or may not have danced on a pole or two to win a free t-shirt...

Where we also ate too much...

Drank too much...

  And downright enjoyed our first few days as Mr. & Mrs. Howard!

The resort was incredible...
...and so were the views.

We met some other honeymooners and spent the day with them on the island...

...where my husband also persisted he buy me hot pink sunnies off the side of the road.

We had breakfast delivered to our own private terrace...

We spent wayyyy to much time in the Mexican sun...

...which resulted in me looking like a Mexican myself...

We both agreed that our last day there was the most depressing day of our lives...

But we were excited to go home and start our newlywed lives together!

Now who wants to take me back there???
PS: thank you ALL so so much for all the anniversary love yesterday!! I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to me/us! And dontchu worry...I will have a FULL first anniversary recap up next week...you know...after our little getaway we have planned for this weekend. ;)

P.S.S: sorry for the awful picture quality today. I had to get these from off my 
Shutterfly account and apparently the images get a little distorted...


  1. O my goodness!! What I would do to be back in Jamaica!

  2. uggghhhh gorgeous!!! i love your jamaica pics i LIVED THROUGH YOUUUU when i read them all last year! so jealous!

    i want to look Mexican. Note to self. Dont look like a pale mother effer in Ohio.

    beaus pole dance???? CAN THERE BE A REPEAT!!!??? must see!!

    and loved your bikiniii :-)


  3. That looks like so much fun! Love your bathing suits. And I'm sure you'll be able to go back there soon :)


  4. Looks like such a fun trip! I want to go back on our honeymoon too!!!!!

  5. Looks like you all had a blast!!! congrats on the anniversary!! I have been married for 5 and i still get SOOOO excited when it rolls around...i hope 10 years from now i am still excited!! and you as well!

  6. I miss our honeymoon tooo when reading this! wahhhh. let's both go back! I say cabo!? are you down? Beau dancing on a pole? not surprising. AND OH MY GOSH YOU WERE SOOO DARK! HAHA wow!

    loves you

  7. Your Honeymoon looks amazing - and damn you got SO tan! I wish I could tan like that! :) Hope you have a fabulous getaway this weekend!

  8. AMAZING pictures!! Its making me so excited for my own honeymoon!! I can't get over that tan...I'm sooo jealous!!

  9. I love love your blog! It's so neat that you are from Houston too! GO COOGS \\n/ Have a fan-tabulous time this weekend!

  10. oh my goodness I can't get over how dark you look in that white dress- too funny!! I hope y'all had the BEST anniversary ever CONGRATS & many more!

  11. wow...i still cannot believe that was one year ago! what a fun trip.

  12. Congrats on a fabulous year!! These pictures are amazing..I don't blame you for wanting to go back asap!

  13. Great photos honey! It looks like an amazing time. You should go back every year on your anniversary! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo


  14. But you didn't tell us WHERE in Mexico you went. AND OMG ARE YOU TAN ENOUGH? I am in shock at that one picture. The place looks amazing!! You can take me there with you if you'd like.

  15. Looks HEAVENLY! In less than a month we will be on the beaches in Maui and this post has me SO ready to go!!
    And let's talk about what a BABE you are! Rockin' that swim suit!

  16. Im so MAD AT YOU for not including my photoshopped pictures from this



  17. Oh how I wish I was there! And that tan!! ha:) Loved that white dress with a bow!

  18. Your honeymoon looked amazing!! Where did y'all go and what resort did you stay in? It's beautiful!

    Congrats again!!

  19. Looks like an amazing place for a honeymoon!!

  20. Looks like y'all had SOOOO much fun! Two years ago at this time, the hubs and I were on our honeymoon! April is a good time to get married :) Happy anniversary!

  21. What a fun honeymoon, your last suit, the "newlywed" one is soo cute.

    I'd also like your tan, thanks.


  22. Looks like so much fun! super jealous of all that sunshine and warmth!!

  23. Ugh- Isn't Mexico amazing?!?! Looks like you guys had just as much fun, food and pampering as we did on our honeymoon! I keep thinking that this time last year I was shopping like a crazy person for Mexico!!!

  24. stef!!! i havent commented in so long, but these last two posts have gave me butterflies! you and your hubby make me so excited to be a newlywed. ahhh i cant wait :-)

  25. Looks like an amazing honeymoon! LOVE Mexico!!

  26. i've loved living your anniversary with you today through instagram! wishing you guys all the best.

    you are so freaking glam!! and dang girl - you can tan!! haha

  27. Looks like so much fun :)


  28. ok, the pool pole dancing is by far the best thing ever! love it!!!! I don't blame you though I would want to be back there too!

  29. that picture of you sitting on the beach is so cute. FuN!

  30. DANG you got tan!!!! can I ask what resort you stayed at?

  31. I think we are going back to EPM in September. I think you guys should go too! :P

  32. I am sooo behind in the blog world but I hope y'all had an amazing anniversary weekend!!! :)


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