April 13, 2012


So last night I tweeted the following...

And in reply...SO many people told me they had NEVER heard of a diaper party.


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Ok so where was I?

Oh ya..the diaper party.

Essentially, it's a man-shower. (No girls allowed!) You invite all the dad's friends over to show that "not all the attention is being given to mom & baby". (Whatever. If I'm carrying a baby for 9 months, gaining 30+ pounds AND pushing a child out of my vajayjay, you can bet your sweet arse that I will demand ALL the attention...)

How it works: all the guys bring a case of diapers and a case of beer and depending on the theme, depends on what they'll be doing.

I've seen all different themes:

Pampers & Poker
Babies, Beer & BBQ
Dad's, Drinks & Diapers
So on and so on...
Per usual, I couldn't fathom doing something so "typical" like a poker theme so I stumbled upon probably THE most genius "man-shower" theme ever...


Awesome, right?! I'm not really sure what exactly it means but what I do know is that it is the most perfect theme for guys. (The girls will be lunching & shopping while the guys shower it up and then we plan on joining them a few hours later...) If I had to guess, they'll probably be doing "man" things like swimming, grilling by the pool, smoking cigars, playing washers and drinking. Shocker.

Anyways, you already know I've been pinning the shizznit out of mustache stuff on Pinterest and have already got some FAB ideas up my sleeve!

In case you're wondering how to throw thee most perfect Mustache Bash, I'm here to save the day:

Thanks to Kristen and her amazing design skillz,
we'll be mailing something like this out to all the guys!

(So manly, right?!)

(Note to self: make mustache onesie)



Stoked is an understatement.

Who knew throwing a "man-shower" could be so exciting?!


  1. LOVE THIS FOR A MAN PARTY!!! So So fun! We are doing Mustaches and Margaritas in Nashville for my friends bachelorette party on Cinco De Mayo. Sombreros, Mustaches, Mexican Sash, Margaritas and Mexican food. It will be ridic! Pin the mustache on the fiance... Pinata full of goodies!

    I had heard of a "Baby Sprinkle" which was for boys and gals and you had a cookout and everyone just brought diapers... But this..with a theme... This will be so fun!

  2. I stinkin LOVE this idea!!! It's Super dude-esque, and cute! Love the mustache straws! :)

  3. we just got invited to a diaper party / baby shower, such a cute idea! I had heard about them on the radio a few weeks ago and am excited for Mychael to attend one hehe.

    THIS is a super cute idea though!!!! Love it!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it! I have never heard of a diaper party, but I have a pregnant friend and I'm so sharing this post with her!

  5. gosh I love this!! I hope we have a boy so we can have a mustache themed baby shower haha

  6. We threw a diapers and drinks for a friend one time.. it was actually co -ed, but it turned into quite the party. I think his wife said 'you would have thought it was his bachelor party.'

  7. Whoever started the diaper parties is sooo smart because from what I head diapers are crazy expensive nowadays. Such a great idea, I love your theme so much!!!

  8. um this is the awesomest idea freaking EVER!!! You know i would be disguising myself as a dude and showing at this party!!

  9. Genius. You are going to throw the best diaper party in existance :) Good job to Kristin on that AMAZE invite holy cow! looks legit!

  10. Super cute! I went to a mustache and lips couples shower a few months ago (blogged about it) if you are looking for ideas. Have fun planning and TGIF.

  11. Ahhh so cute! I am in charge of my sis-in-law's baby shower and it's going to be a little man shower full of ties and staches. Can't wait! Muah!

  12. i love this idea. so cute! can't wait to see how it turns out.

  13. I LOVE this!! So awesome! Will definitely be keeping this in mind. Such a great idea!

  14. Im shocked on how many people have not heard of diaper parties also! My husband is going to one next weekend for our neighbor/friend. I doubt it will be anywhere near as cute as the one you are planning. Love the theme!!

  15. I LOVE this idea! There are so many great things you can do! I especially love the "wet your whiskers"! Too perfect!!!

  16. OMG this is so freaking cute! i love it!!! your blog is adorable! love the kiss lips! are those yours? new follower!

    Happy Friday!

    xo Kelly


  17. We do man diaper showers! Ive never seen a themed one...so cute.

  18. I was in the middle of planning a diaper party before Olivia made her VERY early appearance! I was going to do a "golf theme" for Jer and his friends as a surprise! DEF doing one if there is a next time! :)

  19. Weve always called them man showers here in cali, but i like yours much better!

  20. That is awesome! Down the road when I get pregnant I'll have to make sure someone puts something like "Bring a case of diapers for the mom-to-be, or a case of beer for the dad-to-be!" Lol, just in a less tacky way ;) It'd be perfect because my husband LOVES beer and brews all sorts of things.

  21. Amazingness! I'll definitely have to tell the hubs about this when our time comes. I guilt him all the time about how much weight I'll gain, sleep I'll lose, how uncomfortable I'll be, oh and the morning sickness... lovely! But he's the one who will put up with all that and the mood swings lol.

    Thanks so much for posting this! :)

  22. What a great idea! So much fun.

  23. Shut up! This is a splended idea... how fun!


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