April 18, 2012

My newest unfavorite word & we ate cake

So the other day Raven did a link up for everyone to find their celebrity doppelganger. I had other important things to blog about, you know....like my wedding, my obvious adoration of my husband, our 1 year anniversary and our Mexican honeymoon and, therefore, I didn't participate. 
(Shame shame shame, I know. Sawwy Ravey pants!)

But, alas, I am here today and am fully participating in the "Who's Your Doppelganger?" link-up. 
Prepare yourselves.

While a few people have recently told me I look like Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory...the "celebrity doppelganger" site I used begged to differ...
(Which is weird because I've watched that show before 
and randomly thought we share a lot of the same features/mannerisms...)

So...here's my first attempt at finding my doppelganger 
(and, by the way, I've decided I don't really like that word at all).

I used this pic:

 And got these results:
Carrie, Mariah, Christina and Melissa

Call me crazy but I don't see ANY resemblance to any of them?

Carrie has a flawless look - I do not. Maybe it's the blonde hair/brown eye thing?

Mariah is 1/2 black - I am not...but she does have brown eyes so we'll go with it...

Christina - what?! Pale? Blue eyes? No.

And then you have Melissa (oh hey, Sabrina!) who is, again, pale with blue eye.


There were a few Asian women thrown in there and an 80 year old women whom I didn't recognize so I saved you some time...

For my second attempt at finding my celebrity doppelganger, I used this pic:

And again...guess who I got???

Mariah? Again?

I can't win for losing. I mean, she is gorgeous and has some major pipes but come on...I really don't look anything like her at. all.

Oh wells. 
In other news, we ate the top of our wedding cake last night and lemme tell ya...not that great. I mean, I guess it could have been a heck of a lot worse but it didn't taste anything like it did a year ago. BUT-we didn't die or get sick and I'm glad we at least tried it. There.
Cute, huh?


  1. HAHAHAHA! I got Steven Segal. Not kidding.

    We have two wedding cupcakes in the freezer, and every time I see them I do NOT get excited about eating them. HAHA :)

  2. Hmm I don't see the resemblance either. (You're prettier, DUH)

  3. How funny!!!! I got one for you - I got stuck with BETTY WHITE!! I about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.
    BTW - I LOVE the dress/shirt you are wearing. Please do tell where you got it!

  4. I got Jay Leno. And Al Pachino. And Mariah Carey...haha. Weird. How is possible to look like all three of them?

    I'm sad the cake wasn't good! I'm so excited about eating ours! :)

  5. Maybe that is why I like the BIg Bang Theory? Subconstiously I think it's you.


  6. Ummm...I got JACKIE FREAKING CHAN as my doppleganger...oh, and Queen Latifah, some ROnaldo guy and one other bad one. Girl, you should be happy with who you got! P.S. I'm a white country girl from Montana...not black, asian, or a dude...LOL

  7. Hahaha! I was matched up with Robert Duvall. Come on. He's male and in his 80's. I've never been one to think I'm gorgeous or anything, but I like to think I look a heck of a lot better than an 80 year old man!!! Ugh!

    And we pulled out our wedding cake last year for our 1st anniversary and it looked disgusting. My husband ate several bites and I tried one small one and it tasted about like I expected soggy, one year old wedding cake to taste like... Happy Anniversary by-the-way :)

  8. i see kaley cuoco for sure. mariah? no. but i got Queen Latifah...so i win.

  9. Hahaha - I got all MEN for mine. HOW? I don't know what criteria they use...but it's WRONG. hahahaha. I love that y'all had your cake last night. Jason let me pick Red Velvet for our top tier...just so on our year anniversary I could eat my favorite flavor. :)

  10. carrie underwood YES! u do look like her!!! stephy youre gorgeous!!

    AHAHAH Funny story. Kurt was perusing instagram last night and saw your wedding cake pic and was all

    Kurt- "whose your friend eating year old cake! who does that!!!"

    Me- "its her wedding cake! TRADITION! you eat the top tier! a year later!"

    Kurt- "why!. I would puke. and puke again. and again. no no no"

    HAHAH men.... sorry kurt...you're eating that effing cake if i have to shove it down your throat

    xoxox LOVE U!

  11. You do resemble Kaley Cuoco!! Although I have to be honest, I think there's something with you and Christina Applegate, I can't pinpoint what though! I get compared to Cameron Diaz or the Olsen twins, haha!


  12. I'd rather be voted 1/2 black MAriah ..... THEN ALL MEN. Not to mention who are bald. Really? Am I that bad? Whoa.

    Even Aaron scored hotter women than I did.

    I'm depressed.

  13. PS... Super jealous of the Carrie look. I mean she is supa-fly. Such a gorgeous hottie!

  14. I got suuuuper sick after eating our cake. My husband didn't, but he also didn't eat as much as me. I left work early the next day because of that cake! Hopefully you are still feeling great today! ;)

    Have a great anniversary weekend!!

  15. I can totally see Mariah. Jk. I got OPRAH once. no joke.

    I see Kaley for sure my love! Gorgeous!!!

  16. I will SO take yours over mine ANY DAY.

    I got dealt the shitty look alike card. :(

  17. I definitely see it with Kaley Cuoco!!! The rest... not so much. I think those generator sites use stuff like lip/smile, face and eye shape to find your doppelganger so that might explain the randomness!

  18. you got awesome ones! I got asians...

  19. I got Price Harry for mine... WTF. Haha! I can totally see Kaley Cuoco for you, and oddly enough I think you look like a younger version of my mom! I love that last picture of you, by the way. So cute!

  20. I can see Kaley Cuoco for sure!

  21. Haha about the wedding cake! My mom took the top of ours home after the wedding while we were on our honeymoon. When we got back and went over to see my parents to show them pictures from the honeymoon, we totally dove into our cake! We ate it 2 weeks after the big day and it was de-licious! :-P

  22. your face says it all :) but at least you tried!

  23. I see that you resemble Kayley, butttt you are MUCH prettier! obvi! :) happy friday, girl!

  24. I don't see Mariah Carey either! But I do see Kaley Cuoco!

  25. The fact that you got FOUR gorgeous women in your results makes me want to fly to Texas and punch you in your tiny blonde gut. I apparently look most like frickin Oscar de la Renta! He's a bald old man...who designs fabulous clothes, but that's besides the point.

  26. I did mine a while back and I got all asian people! I guess that's a hint that my cheeks are too big and squash my eyes when i smile?? haha

  27. Yeah, I definitely see Kaley more than those other gals. When I did my picture...it gave me several Asian results. Who knew?! (that said, I did not blog my results, ha)


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