April 23, 2012

Good news/bad news

Bad news first, ok?

...and I'm talking something other than the fact that it is, indeed, Monday and yet another weekend is officially over. Damn it.

The real bad news is that I was 10 kinds of excited to recap our entire week of anniversary festivities but, alas, I have been let down. You see...my pics didn't upload last night. :( Yes-all 450-something that I sat and edited one-by-freaking-one are back at home, waiting to be uploaded to this sweet, so unpredictable site we love, called "Blogger".

The GOOD news is that since I know you've all just been chomping at the bit wanting to know what all went down for our 1 year anniversary...you're still in a little bit of luck because I captured some on my phone. DUH. (And If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these. Sawwy!)

Yes. This happened. (More on that later...)

Fabulous, amazing & incredibly memorable sums it all up.
(But I PROMISE-a full recap WILL presume...whether you like it or not.)

In other good news...I am FIVE followers away from 1,000!

Did you read that???


Like...WHOA! I love each and every one of you!! 

Oh! And ONE more tiny bit of good news...

In exactly ONE short month...I'll be reunited with my these two!!!!

And TWO days after that, Jess & Erica will be knocking on Katie's doorstep to join the par-tay!!!!

Seriously. One big fat blogfest. Excuse me while I go pee on myself with excitement!!


  1. I still need a recap even though we chat on the daily and I am disappointed no pics?!?!?! ;) Beau looks skinny minnie in that pic. Is he eating? Tifey wants to know!

    You are beautiful. the end

  2. I love your lacey dress! LOVE IT! Gorgey :)

  3. I love that lace dress dress in the bottom picture.

    I have read your blog on and off for a few months, and it seems like the perfect time to become a follower. Yay for so close to 1,000!

  4. It looks like you had a great weekend. Can't wait for the whole re-cap :) Yay for almost 1000 followers, that is so exciting :)

  5. Love that lace dress!! Congrats on getting to 1,000 followers- that's amazing! Can't wait to read all about your anniversary weekend!

  6. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm can I just say you FORGOT ABOUT ME!?!?!?!? :) LOL! I am oodles excited about our weekenddddd coming up! Holla! And yes, I just said oodles. You know you love me. K BYE!

  7. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!! I wanted to creep!!

    you are gorrrgeous lover in your dress! ugh! picture perfect.

    and ok that pic of you holding wine glass...you look 50000 shades of adorable! just wannna squeeze your lil face! OH WAIT I CAN...in a few weeks

    and you and beau...cute couple alert! btw love that phone case SO MUCH

    xoxox happy almost 1,000!!! when you get to 1,000, im going to unfollow you, and then follow you so i can be the 1,000th. Imagine if i did that haha im weird


  8. I say this everrrrrrrytime, but you guys are just TOO cute! Love that lace dress, work it girrrrrrrl.

    PS. just scrolled up, you already hit 1,000. WOOHOO

  9. Congrats on 1,000 followers! I was excited to just get one (which I am still at) ha! :)
    I can't wait to see the recap from your weekend! I just love reading your blog!


  10. I was # 1001. I've been stalking your blog for a couple of weeks, no idea how I found ya. But now it's official!

    What's your UN on Instagram? I'll folla. @mirandaeccles

    You are too cute!

  11. do you REALLY love EVERY SINGLE ONE of your 1000 followers? I mean, do you REALLY? Like, love means being willing to do anything for someone, so would you do ANYTHING for your 1000 followers? Would you? Would you?

    maybe you should just say you "like" each and every one. But you can still love me.

    BUAHA! kidding kidding. I can't wait to see all the pics. I love that you still fit in your wedding dress and look BANGIN'! I don't think I even know where mine is.

    Happy Anniversary you little love bugs.

  12. I LOVE your iPhone cover!

  13. Okay - you look absolutely AMAZING in that picture in front of the pond, wine in hand. It is no wonder you still fit in your wedding dress!

    Give me deets on the anny! I am dyyying!

  14. I need to see more pics from the weekend! You look so cute in the jumping pic in your dress! haha i love it!

  15. You look amazing in your dress! Hope y'all truly enjoyed your anniv weekend.

  16. frickin blogger! i wanna see the pics! i hope you two had a fab anny weekend!

  17. that's so funny that you tried on your dress, i'm totally going to do that in two weeks on our anniversary. no joke. maybe i'll take a pic too...

    congrats on almost 1000 followers, that's awesome!

    happy anniversary!!

  18. Looove that you tried on your dress-- I'm hoping mine still fits in a few short weeks! Did you preserve your dress? My mom did it for me as a 'gift' and I'm wondering how jacked up it will be if I get it out to try on and attempt to put back in the box?! LOL

    Cant wait for your recap!!! :)


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