April 25, 2012

One Year Anniversary Celebration {Part 2}

'Ello friends! So glad you're back for the second half of our anniversary festivities today! (If you missed yesterday's recap, you can read it here.)

So it was no surprise that eating year old wedding cake would be part of our 1 year anniversary celebrations. Beau's parents and sister have their wedding anniversaries within a few days of ours so we went to dinner to celebrate ALL 3 anniversaries. And lucky for the in-laws, they also got to "share" our old wedding cake with us. (They were just thrilled, lemme tell ya.)

I was anxious to try the cake because I've heard both good and bad but I'll tell you one thing...it definitely doesn't look like it did a year ago! HA!
So un-appetizing, right?! 

Fast forward to Friday...where we took a nice long weekend-trip to Horseshoe Bay Resort located right smack dab in the middle of the hill country. Oh-and next to a bay. Duh.

Thanks to having to get a tire replaced along the way, a pitstop for Redbull and my lack of navigational skills, we got lost three, yes THREE times, so 5 hours later, we were finally there and both in desperate need of booze. No joke, I think Beau was about to strangle me at this point. Or maybe I was about to strangle him? ;) (Haha. Happy anniversary, right?!)
We checked into the resort, didn't even stop to take a tour and headed to the nearest vineyard, where we proceeded to down 2 bottles of wine and hang out with a couple of senior citizin golfers from Missouri. Typical.

Perhaps I drank too much and forgot to take pictures from the rest of the night but that's neither here nor there.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go check out the property (7,000 acre property, mind you). I had my heart set on spending the day at the pool and that's exactly what we did. Poor Beau...he really doesn't stand a chance when the sun is out and I'm around any body of water...
(This would be the hot tub)
(The bay/beach)

We're still not sure why the hell there's an iron eagle in the middle of the pool but I guess it made for a good conversation piece...the pool was amazing, if that's any constellation!

Meet our friend, the eagle?

The bay area right behind the pool...

Later that night, we FINALLY got to open the bottle of Dom we had been saving for over a year!

Honestly, for a bottle of champagne to be THAT expensive,
we both agreed that it tasted the exact same as the cheap stuff. Don't waste your dime... ;)

Dinner @ Treehouse Bistro

Sunday morning we waited in line for close to an hour to eat at the infamous Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, which is well worth the wait, followed by a little antique shopping.

All in all, it was an incredible, relaxing anniversary spent with an incredible man. :)
(Sorry for the picture vomit.) 


  1. Geez women take any pictures last weekend? LOL photo dump! haha love you hope you are having a good day.


  2. Looks like a great trip!! :) A glass of wine sounds AMAZING right now. HAHA!

  3. I just love all of your pictures!! Such a perfect little trip for you two :) So fun.

  4. love it!! I have heard amazing things about Horseshoe Bay, and my in laws live near Marble Falls - love that area so pretty! Congrats on a year! Our cake actually tasted fantastic after a year - who knew!

  5. looks like an amazing first anniversary celebration. You guys did it up right. We went to Disney world for ours...Ha :)

    Such great pics :)what kind of camera do you have? and btw Love love love reading your blog!

  6. Our road trips usually turn out that way also. hahah Im not the best at giving directions. Im a bad navigator, but yet Im the one that gets crabby when we take a wrong turn.

    Love me some white wine!! Sounds like you had a good first wedding anniversary.

    Im guessing by the look on your face you were let down by the one year old wedding cake. hahah

  7. That resort looks amazing! Looks like ya'll had an awesome 1st anniversary :)

  8. Looks so fun! What a perfect place and weekend.

  9. I've been loving these Anniversary posts and I loooove your hair at the vineyard!! I'm begging for a Steph-curls tutorial! ;]

  10. You take the cutest photos! I love it.

    Also, not trying to be like, grammer nazi or a brat here, but I LOLed at this: "if it's any constellation"... I think you meant colsolation ;-) ... I've totally done that before, and your mind was probably still by that beautiful pool! Anyway, I thought it was a cute slip. :)

  11. great pictures! looks like yall had a great anni. One of my friends just recently got married at horseshoe bay. The place looks wonderful.

  12. omg. and clearly I meant "consolation"... wow. time for a mid-morning nap.

  13. We didn't care for our one year anniversary Dom champagne either! SO glad you guys had a fun anniversary!

  14. My first time commenting :)

    Looks like a fun trip! Where did you get that white lace dress in the last pics? I'm getting married in September and it would be perfect for all kinds of festivities!

  15. These pictures are gorgeous! and now I want to plan my 1 year anniversary...but I am not married yet, so maybe tht will have to wait. or maybe not. That cake looks awful and I bet tasted 10X better a year ago!

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. looks like a great time girl and thanks for saving the rest of the some $ to not get dom champ. eeks!

  17. 1. Your pictures are amazing.

    2. I did not know Horseshoe Bay had a resort of that caliber. Fancy.

    3. Love your outfit for the wine tasting.

    4. Only 2 bottles of wine at the wine tasting?

    5. Next time take me with you.

    6. Last time I was there was for my friend's bachelorette party. We stayed in a house on the bay and rented a party boat. I puked on said boat and had to be dropped off in someone's front yard thanks to shots and shots and shots of straight bubble gum vodka the night before. after puking in this person's front yard, i rejoined the boat. It was either that or spewing puke while the boat was moving and i didn't want to puke on the other girls.

    ok, my story is over. Happy one year, that cake looks sick! BTW - I'm with you. All champagne tastes the same. Just give me some Andres and call it a day.


  18. Looks amazing!!! I had no idea Texas had such a beautiful resort. I am originally from Austin and have spent so much time in Marble Falls, never been to that cafe either! You just gave me so much to do, Steph! Thanks :)

  19. I'm glad you had a blast. My parents live in Spicewood - so we go to the Bluebonnet Cafe every chance we get! Love it there!

  20. 1) LOVE your nail polish color! How weird is it that i noticed that immediately! haha what is it!!

    2) You guys have the cutest/best/amazing/love life!! This looked like a BLAST

    3) your pictures are so gorgeous! love the sunlight you capture!

    that hot tub is phenominal! looks like it has some places that you can hide and no one can see you ;-) ;-) WINK WINK!!

    DOM!! oh you fancyyyyy huh! love that you guys shared that a year later. AND i have to agree...fancy champagne tastes just as good as barefoot bubbly! hahah

    seriously love these anni posts :-)


  21. What a fabulous weekend! Isn't Horseshoe Bay gorgeous? My parents have a house on that lake (Lake LBJ) and we love taking the boat to see the mansions in Horseshoe Bay. And did you love the Treehouse Bistro...I went there last year and loved the atmosphere!

  22. Looks like a fabulous little escape!!! & I just love your picture taking abilities!

  23. so im assuming by your face the cake was not good? ive heard its fabulous haha! i LOVE how your hubby comments on your blog, that is SO cute!!! you guys are adorable. wonderful pics!

  24. I have heard so many great things about Horseshoe Bay!!!!! I want to go so badly!!!! Y'alls anniversary looks like is was WONDERFUL!!! Happy Anniversary again!!!!

  25. Holy smokes!! I need to go there, its gorgeous and that hot tub is SICK!!! I'm way jealous!

  26. wow steph! what a great way to ring in your one year anny with the hubs. you look adorable as always. and btw - you are getting fancy schmancy with those photo skills. i am super impressed :-)

  27. Love picture vomit posts :)
    Looks sooo nice! What a happy first anniversary!!

  28. I am lucky enough to have grandparents that live in Marble Falls. I grew up on Bluebonnet Cafe!

  29. What a BEAUTIFUL place.
    You take some amazing pictures...I need to learn ASAP!

  30. I have just started following you awhile ago and I love how you are your hubby are so in love. Congratulations on a year and here's to many more!

  31. (1) Our wedding cake didn't taste too good a year later either.
    (2) We need to check out Horseshoe Bay! That resort looks so nice!
    (3) We opened up a bottle of Dom when we got back from our honeymoon and I totally agree with you...the cheaper stuff tastes the same (or better)!

  32. That resort looks AMAZING! I think I could live in that hot tub!

    What a great looking trip!!

  33. congratulations!! 1 year down, a lifetime to go!

    what a fabulous trip! matt and i are celebrating next weekend and going to palm springs, i'm super stoked.

  34. First of all, how sweeeeeet of your hubby to leave a comment!? My hubby just stalks my blog and sends me a text. Boo. You are so beautiful and it looks like you had a great anniversary!! We are celebrating our 6 year in 3 weeks in Key West and I CAN'T WAIT!

  35. You guys are so cute! I suck at directions too! That looks like such a fun trip! :)


  36. Awwww, seems like such a great anniversary trip!!! Y'all are so cute!

  37. Looks like you had SO much fun! I LOVE that white dress with the brown belt! Adorable!

  38. Sounds like it was the perfect anniversary! congrats!

    I absolutely love the crochet dress you wore for dinner!! Where did you get it?


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