May 23, 2012

a BEAUtiful hijacking.

Katie from KC&CO here.

This blog has officially been hijacked for the day.
As most of you know, tonight the husband and I will be picking up Steph and BBFT Beau from the Columbus airport. Yes, the Columbus (as in Ohio) airport.

2 Texans here in the OH...
I'm not so sure the Midwest knows what's coming.
Steph actually asked us while we were in Naples, "do you have cacti in Ohio?"


Cactus in the midwest?
That'd be a giant NO, dahling.
{the closest thing to a cactus that I have is my aloe vera plant in my kitchen.}

Atleast this time at the airport, we won't be complete strangers.
We've got that going for us.
...if you aren't sure what I mean, read back about "Blacation" in Naples.

Anyhow, I'm SO beyond excited to have both of them here in my city for my birthday and get to hang out with them for the next 5 days. I'm also counting down the hours until Erica and Jess arrive, and join in on the fun!! We've got a full house, friends.

You know you're preparing for a good time

a) You've been excessively counting down the days with pictures/texts/mass group emails.

b) The refrigerator/wine cooler/and basement is stocked with booze
...of all types.

c) the pantry is full of foods you never typically buy on a week to week basis.
(ie: really fatty but "good" party foods)

d) you stalk the weather...
and are completely ecstatic when this is what it's telling me....

e) most of us have been detoxing our bodies for the past week to prepare.
(ie: Erica, Jess, Steph, and myself)

Well, don't worry, Steph will be back next week with (hopefully) some amazing posts to recap our time together! But, if you just need your Stephanie *fix* and you need it now, then pop on over to my blog, where she's dishing about overpacking one too many zebra print items, and her thoughts on coming to Ohio.

ps: Steph and Beau-I can't say thank you enough for flying to see my Ohio ass over my birthday weekend! I love you both so much!
pps: Momma J (if you're reading)-we will take good care of her! xoxo!



  1. How exciting!! I hope they enjoy their time here in Ohio :)

  2. When you say, "fatty foods" do you mean like fruits and veggies? I am going to need those with my vino ;)
    Can't wait to see y'all!!! As in ALL!!

  3. cacti in ohio!! hahahha i die

    i love you all! this is literally making me sooo antsy to leave work and just drive there TONIGHT!! psshhh who cares about work!

    i was thinking to myself I need to learn the song from Drew Carey show and I was all "cleveland rocks!!" (like they do at the end) then i was like OH WAIT we are going to Columbus. DOY. Clearly I need to step up on my ohio knowledge...that, and the fact that i effed up the bucks in that trivia question!!!! hahah!!

    EEEEEEEK 2 days till squeeze time!


  4. How fun! I'm so so so excited for you ladies! Can't wait to see all of your pictures! :)

    Speaking of pictures, Steph - I posted about my bachelorette party, it's a photo overdose. you'll love it!!!

  5. You know I'm reading this! Yall are gonna have a blast! No worries here she's just like her momma... She can handle anything!

    Momma J

  6. That looks to me like a nice weather forecast!! You all are gonna have so much fun :)

  7. Safe travels to the O-H! Hope you guys have SO much funnnn!


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